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Part Four

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A Killer's point of view.

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He dropped the metal pipe to the floor next to the sad girl. He had knocked her out pretty hard, there was no way she would be waking up from that one. Killing that girl had not been a part of his plan, in fact he had vowed that if he made it out of prison he would stop violent craving for murdering people.
A small part of him was sad for this teenage girl but his killer instinct felt he had done her a favor, he had put her out of her missery. His only regret now was he had to clean up, but it was not that simple. He could leave no evidence of the crime, if they found her they would surely find him.
He grabbed her by the wrists and dragged her out of the room. Once in the hallway he dropped her and went to find a map of the building. It took him a while to find one, but once he had it was useless since he had found the location he was looking for to begin with, the frate elevator. The elevator went to the basement and the first floor, he decided he woulod burry her remains in the basement, but first he needed to find a shovel.
He turned and walked back to the dead girl, he grabbed her wrists and dragged her to the elevator. It seemed to take forever for the elevator to reach the second floor where he waited with the body. Eventually it did and he pulled her on board and pressed the button for the first floor. It took him even longer for it to lower him to the first floor, and as the doors opened he dragged the body in between the doors to hold them open while he serched this floor for a shovel.
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