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Part Five

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A scared teenage

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She stared in shock at the girl lying on the floor, once the killer had rouned the corner she got up and ran over to the girl. She checked for a heartbeat and to her amazment she had one, she had thought for sure that the girl was dead. Although she was very glad the poor girl wasn't, this mad her escape that much more unlikely. It was only a matter of time before he came back, and for all sje knew he was going to kill this girl. She did not know how she was going to get both of them out of here especially since she could not carry the unconcious girl. She figured she could drag her to a safe place so she could run and get help. so she lifted the girls upper body and locked her arms under the girls arm pits. She slowly dragged her behind the crate hiding in the darkness. She turned around a saw a line of dirt on the floor where she had dragged the girl through. The killer would surely find her if he saw this. she knelt down and with her hands she wiped away all traces of where the girl went. She jumped to her feet at the sound of metel hitting the floor. She looked around but no one was in sight, but someone was definatly around the cornner. She quickly jumped in the elevator and pressed the down button, to go to the basement. The door began to shut very slowly, she hid in the corrner as to avoid being seen by the killer. just as the door slammed shut she saw the angry killer come around the cornner with a shovel in his hand.
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