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Chapter 16

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Fistly, I'd like to apologize for taking so long to post a chapter, but I've been more than stressed lately. (lots of personal problems). Second I would like to tell you that I will not be posting another chapter until I get FIVE reviews from five DIFFERENT people. I just want to know if anyone is reading my story or not, and five people isn't that much.




I heard the obnoxious alarm go off. I moved my hand over and shut it off. “Kevin…” I whispered to him. “What?” he mumbled still mostly asleep. “Get up.” I said. “Already?” he whined. “Yes already, or at least before your mom comes in here to wake you up. You do realize that it’s slightly pathetic that a twenty year old has his mom wake him up right?” I laughed. “Oh shut up!” he opened his eyes.
I got up out of the warm bed. “We had our first fight last night…” I thought aloud. “Yeah I guess we did.” he got up. “I hope that out fight last night is the only fight we ever have.” I said mostly to myself. “Well I doubt it will be our last, but surely if we can make it through the first one we can make it through all of them.” he smiled at me. “We better because if we don’t I’ll have to ask for a refund.” I teased. He made an un-amused face. “I’m just kidding. In plus you can’t get refunds on life anyway.” I rolled my eyes.


“Joe, sweetheart time to get up.” I heard Denise waking Joe up. She walked over to my side of the bed, “You too.” she lightly touched my shoulder. I felt embarrassed that she had wake me up in his room. Awkward much? Joe mumbled a few things and then rolled over. I got out of the bed and giggled a little at Denise who was rolling her eyes at Joe.
I walked out in the hallway. “Good morning!” Chelcie scared me. I jolted a little, “Morning…” I shook my head. She laughed, “Didn’t mean to scare you.” she spoke again. “How do you stay so energetic all the time?” I questioned her. Chelcie just shrugged.
I got dressed and all ready, then came back out. I headed downstairs with the rest of them. Today was the last day of the tour, which seemed crazy to me. We all piled onto the bus. I could tell Frankie was still a little sleepy, since he fell right back asleep when we got on the bus.
It really wasn’t to long of a drive, maybe thirty minutes. We all got out. There were fans sitting outside of the building, but most of them were fast asleep. There was a few that were up and screamed. The boys were nice and went over and talked to them for a couple minutes. It surprised me that the screams didn’t wake all the fans.
We walked into the concert theater. “Echo!” Brooke shouted and it echoed back. I laughed at her. “Oh don’t tell me that you weren’t thinking about doing that.” she smiled. “You know me too well.” I said.
We were sitting watching the band set up the stage. “Don’t you have people to do that for you?” Brooke asked. “Yes, but we’re perfecting it.” Nick answered. “Perfectionist!” she shouted at him. “You’re mean!” he frowned over at us. “Nick’s got a point, Brooke. You are mean.” Joe teased. “Oh shut up and get back to work!” she crossed her arms. They laughed.
“You should be up here helping us Aubrey.” Kevin said. “But I’m lazy!” I whined. “I don’t care if you’re lazy. Become un-lazy!” he laughed. “Oh fine.” I sighed and went up on the stage. “What do I need to do?” I asked. “Go help Joe at the top of the stage, I think he’s talking to the firework guy.” Kevin suggested. “Good idea.” I nodded and walked up the stage. Joe and fireworks didn’t sound very safe. I mean he didn’t have the nickname Danger for nothing.
“Hey!” I said once I finally got to the top. Joe turned around, “Oh hey.” he grinned at me. “I think that we should move it over a little to the left so that the sparks won’t get on anybody.” the man suggested. “Alright.” Joe said.
At last everything was set up exactly how the boys wanted it. They sat down in some of the seats and looked at the stage. “I think it’s perfect for the last show.” Kevin said pleased. “Yep.” Brooke agreed.
We spent the rest of the time getting ready, which considering how long it took us to make to stage perfect, was not a very long time to get ready. “Wouldn’t it suck if you messed up tonight. I mean since you have went the whole tour without completely messing up.” Brooke spoke. “Thanks for the support there Brooke.” I said sarcastically. “No prob.” she smiled. “Oh you’ll do fine.” Chelcie assured me. “Now see Brooke, at least Chelcie is a good friend.” I hugged Chelcie. “Psh!” Brooke rolled her eyes.
“Are you ready?” Joe asked me. “You asked me that at the first concert of this tour.” I laughed. He thought for a moment, “I did didn’t I.” he remembered. “Well are you ready this time?” he asked. “I’m more ready this time than I was the first time.” I smiled at him. “Good.” he pecked my lips.
I stepped out at the top of the stage. I heard the loud cheers and I had to smile a little. A light beam came down on me, obviously one of the boys’ ideas. I turned around and the crowd screamed louder. The audience was amazing. I think that all the people there were so excited that they got to go the last concert of the tour.
The boys and I performed a couple songs together and it was great. I loved singing with them, it literally was a dream come true every time I got to sing with them. I said goodnight to everybody and went backstage.
“I’ve never seen the fans this energetic and that’s saying something!” Chelcie said. “I know! Not to mention the boys are going all out tonight.” I agreed. “Kevin looks really hot…” Brooke said out-of-the-blue. “Well that was random.” Chelcie laughed. “Huh? Oh sorry.” Brooke snapped out of her Kevin trance. Chelcie and I just shook out head and laughed.
I loved watching them perform, it was always so powerful. Nick went up to the piano and began the first couple notes of ‘A Little Bit Longer’. I looked out at the fans and some of them were already crying. The fans always cried when he played it. They felt so strongly about this song, which wasn’t too surprising, because anyone with a heart felt strongly about that song.
It was always a tearjerker when he played it live. Brooke, Chelcie, and I always were quiet while he played it, even if we were talking up a storm beforehand we would always stop and watch.
I felt a tear roll down my cheek, simply pathetic. I had watched him perform the song almost everyday since summer started and it still got to me. I couldn’t really blame myself though, I mean the song was already sad enough, but then Nick performing it live on the piano…I mean come on!
The show was just about to end when the boys called me back out. I grabbed onto Joe’s hand and then all four of us did the bow. It was crazy that the fans were screaming the whole entire time, but when it came to the bow they managed to get even louder. We waved and then went back off the stage.
“That was like the best show ever!” Chelcie commented and then hugged Nick tightly. “It was definitely a good finale.” Kevin beamed. Joe pulled me into a hug. It was just a good moment, all of us pleased with the last concert of the tour.
“I say we go get something to eat.” Joe suggested. “Yeah me too.” Kevin agreed wrapping his arm around Brooke. We walked back outside and got ambushed by fans, of course. We finally got through them and got on the bus. The bus into a burger place. “Food!” Joe grinned childishly. We laughed. “What I’m hungry.” he stuck out his bottom lip and rubbed his stomach.
We all walked in and ordered. It was nice that we got to sit down to eat instead of just pile right back on the bus. “Oh my gosh Joe!” I laughed when I looked over at him and two fries were stuck in his mouth like walrus teeth. “I’m a walrus.” he mumbled awkwardly. “Nice…” Kevin high-fived him. “Joe you are so immature.” Nick tried keeping a serious face and then began laughing. Brooke, Chelcie, and I just rolled our eyes and laughed.
We loaded onto a private jet at the airport. “So we’re going home?” Chelcie asked. “Yup.” Joe answered. “That’s crazy. It feels like the tour just started.” she thought aloud. “It really does.” Brooke said sitting down. “Well it was just a summer tour.” Nick reasoned. “Yea, but still. It just feels like it should be longer.” I spoke. “Don’t worry, before you know it we’ll be back on tour again.” Joe sat down.
Frankie came in and sat down. “Hey Frankster.” I turned my head to him. “Hi…” he said, his voice sounding tired. “Sleepy there?” Joe teased. “No!” Frankie answered. He sounded a freakish amount like Nick at that moment. “Well ok then.” Joe said sarcastically.
We all talked amongst ourselves and then I looked over to find Frankie fast asleep. I smiled over at him. We talked for a little longer and then Nick and Chelcie both fell asleep. “Guys I really think that we should get some sleep.” Kevin said. “Yea, we should.” I agreed.
We shut of the remaining lights that were on. I had to move my hand over the side of the chair until I found the button that made the seat go back. I pushed it, nothing. “You have to be kidding me…” I whispered to myself.
I sat there repeatedly pushing the button and still nothing. I was about to get extremely irritated. I sighed. I lost the button. My hand moved over the side again and hit it, my seat swung back. ‘Well that was pleasant.’ I thought to myself.
At last, I was situated and could finally get some sleep. I couldn’t believe the tour had went by quite so fast. Then gain, it really was just a summer tour. I thought about it all for a moment. In just one short tour a lot had happened.
I shut my eyes after a few moments of thinking about things. I felt the jet moving, but I was too tired to care. I heard someone roll over a few times, but I was too close to sleep to wake back up.
At least tomorrow I would get to be in my own bed, in my own room. Thoughts of being back in the Jonas house went through my head while I slept.

In case you refused to read the top, I'm putting it at the bottom too!
Fistly, I'd like to apologize for taking so long to post a chapter, but I've been more than stressed lately. (lots of personal problems). Second I would like to tell you that I will not be posting another chapter until I get FIVE reviews from five DIFFERENT people. I just want to know if anyone is reading my story or not, and five people isn't that much.

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