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Chapter Four: Black Eyes

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Frankie and Ray have a little heart-to-heart.

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Author's Note: I hope you like this chapter. This is where is starts really getting to the story. And, on an unrelated note: I'm looking up bass tabs for THE BLACK PARADE and I don't see WHY the "The End" is the hardest freaking thing to play on the album. Just an observation.

Chapter 4. Black Eyes
I arrived at Ray’s at around seven in the morning. I felt pretty bad intruding, but I didn’t have anywhere to go.
Ray answered the door, yawning. His dull red afro was even messier than usual, his deep chestnut eyes smoky with sleep. “Hey, Frank.” His eyes widened when he realized how I looked. “What the hell happened? You look dead!”
“I…” I had no answer, so I just shook my head.
Ray wrapped an arm around my shoulders and steered me inside. “That’s quite a shiner you’ve got, dude.”
I winced.
Ray sat me down on the couch, looking at me intently. “So.”
I squirmed awkwardly. “So what?”
“Gerard did this, didn’t he?”
I didn’t answer.
“God dammit, Frank! You can’t let him keep shoving you around like this. You know I love Gerard. He’s my best friend. But he’s fucked up. It’s not worth putting yourself through this, is it?”
“He’s worth anything,” I whispered. A lump formed in my throat, and I couldn’t swallow it. I could feel heat in my eyes and knew they were turning red.
Ray just sighed. Everyone keeps saying that I’m too nice. But that’s not true. I just happen to care about Gerard more than myself. Was that bad? Was that the wrong thing to do? It seemed like I was always doing the wrong thing lately. Maybe if I didn’t screw up so much, Gerard wouldn’t be so mad all the time…
Ray glanced up and his expression changed. His eyes softened and he sat next to me. He hugged me gently, muttering, “You deserve better, Frankie.”
Gerard told me that all the time.
A few silent tears strayed down my cheeks. I was worried. What if Gerard was drinking again?
“You look awful,” Ray murmured.
I looked up at him. “Do I?”
Ray nodded. “Do you want to see?”
I shrugged. “In a minute.” His arms were warm around me. Ray always managed to make me feel at least a little better. I closed my eyes and nuzzled into his shoulder, trying to make everything else disappear.

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