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Going to the Movies

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"So Gabbie, do you want to go to the movies after school, you know, for your birthday?" I asked walking with her to Geomitry.

"Yeah sure! Is everyone coming?" She asked refering to...well, I'm to lazy to type the names, you know who I'm talking about.

"If you want them to. I mean I really don't care, I just got paid yesterday and I'll buy everything." I said walking into the class room and taking my seat way in the back, Gabbie sitting beside me.

"Why are you paying for everything?! I think you should just pay for yourself and me, sence you invited me, and everyone should pay for themselves." She said taking out her notes and studying them.

"Well I was thinking that, but, Ray barely eats anything, same with Bob, Alex always forgets to bring money, Fin always pays for herself same with Kari, and Brittany brings money but never enough for what she wants to buy." I explained taking out my Geomitry book.

"What about Gerard and Mikey? And don't you want to bring Will?" She asked taking her Misfits pencil out and writing a few things down on a peice of paper. (Reminders not cheats)

"They just got here last week, who knows, I don't know if I want to go on a date with Will while I'm spending my time with my friends, and plus I see him after school everyday." I said sweeping my teased hair to the side and fixing my neon pink bow.

"Stop messing with your hair! It's fine, it still looks like crap!" She exclamed throwing a peice of paper at me.

"Blech!" I said sticking my tounge out at her.

"So I'm guessing after school we're all going to your house, hang out, leave to get ready and then go see the movie?" She asked pulling on her jacket sleeve.

"Yup, William might come over after you guys leave so don't be suprised if my lip gloss is messed up." I chuckled.

"Oooooh juicy, do tell." She said putting her chin in the palm of her hand and proping her elbow on the desk.

"Nope, what me a Will do is nonya!" I laughed.

"Have you done it yet?" She asked bluntly.

"NO! We've only been going out for 6 days, Gabs! That's a whore move!"

"Okay sorry, just curious." She said looking at the front of the room at the geomitry teacher, Mrs. Boogren.

"Get ready for your tests y'all." Mrs. Boogren said handing a test to everyone.

*After School*

Waiting at the doors of the school as usual, waiting for everyone.

"Hola Trick! Are we leaving yet?" Alex asked me, everyone following her, except Will, he's going to his house by himself.

"Yeah I guess, remember guys we're going to the movies for Gabbie's birthday and she gets to pick what she wants to watch." I pointed out.

"But she'll pick something stupid! She always goes for the comedy stuff, and I want to see a scary movie!" Fin whined throwing her bag into her locker.

"I don't care! I like the movie she picked out last time, The Pineapple Exspress was hilarious!" I laughed.

"And? I'm still mad that we didn't get to see Prom Night!" Fin pouted crossing her arms.

"The only reason I didn't pick that was because that shit could actually happen!" Gabbie shouted.

"It dosn't matter! I really wanted to see that movie, and we couldn't cuz it was your turn to pick!" Fin shouted back, looks like another argument, time to take abasive action.

"HEY!!!!" I shouted getting between them, they were getting ready to throw some punches from what Gabbie looked like, "It didn't matter! It was a freaking movie! And Fin didn't you get it when it came out on DVD? Yes you did! Now both of you SHUT UP! We are going to see what Gabbie picks out and I don't care what you say Fin!"

" got Jen pissed!" Ray said pulling me back a little.

"Nah shit they got me pissed Ray!" I shouted.

"Did you take your meds this morning Jen?" Bob asked getting a flashlight out of his pocket and shining it in my eyes.

"No! I forget to put it in my apple juice!" I said getting the flashlight out of my eyes.

"Jen needs pills?" Gerard asked taking a step closer to me.

"Yeah I do, I'm bi polar, discovered it when I punched a girl in the face for eating my cookie in kindergarden." I explained.

"Wow that's soo cool!" Mikey exclaimed.

"Why? What? How?" I studdered.

"I've always wanted to meet a person who needed meds!" He laughed.

"You must be NUTS!!!" I exclamed.

*After everybody leaves my house*

"Jen I love you so much!" William said kissing me in a passionate kiss.

"I love you too William!" I moaned while he was kissing my neck, finding my sweet spot. He laid me down on the couch in the basement, getting on top of me and kissing me harder. I put my hands on his chest and started feeling his well skulpted abs. He moaned telling me that he was enjoying it. He put his hand up my shirt and under my bra feeling me up. He licked my bottom lip begging for me to let him in, I accepted. Playing a little tounge hocky, he reached for my pants and tied to unbutton them, "Mmph!" I muffled separating from him, "Will what did I tell you about below the waist?" I panted.

"Sorry, baby, just into the moment. You know?" He panted sitting up on the couch and helping me up.

"Yeah, but still, you know I don't want sex, or anything that other stuff, I'm just not ready." I said fixing my rib cage paint splattered shirt and hair.

"I'm sorry baby!" He said kissing my cheek.

"It's alright, hey I gotta get ready for Gabbie's birthday, we're going to the movies and all that fine stuff." I said getting off the couch and getting changed in black and white stripped tights, a black pleated mini skirt, and converse boots, not changing my shirt.

"Why wasn't I invited?" He pouted.

"I'm spending time with my friends! Plus I don't want to make out on my friends birthday." I said pecking his lips and putting my hand on his soft cheek.

"Alright Sweety, I guess I better go home now." He said getting up, grabbing his guitar case, kissing me in a goodbye kiss and going home. I got my cell phone out and called Gabbie telling her to gather up everyone and get there butts to my house, cuz Will just left.

"Alright, be there in a few. Hey! Do you know where Mikey and Gerard live?" She asked.

"They live a few houses down from Ray. The grey house that we thought was haunted when we were kids." I said putting on more eye liner.

"Oh, the old Manson house?" She asked.

"Yeah that one!" I exclaimed, "Now hurry up we don't want to miss the movie." I said shutting my phone and putting it in my Skulanimal Dax the Dog purse.

After a few minutes of waiting on the couch in the living room I heard my cell go off with Shake It, the text ringtone, I dug in my purse and found my cell in the verrrrrrry bottom, looking at the screen I saw that it was Gabbie telling me that she was on her way and she would be there in a few minutes.

"Alright i'll b waitin =]" I texted back. Just then I got a text from William, but he's labled in my phone as 'Huggy Bear', saying that he just wrote another song, and it was just for me and that he wanted me to call him and listen to it.

'Mmkay, is it a breakup song?' I texted back.

'God no!!!! I luv u 2 much 2 do tht! U r da luv of my life & i would b nuthing without u!'

'Aww alright i'm callin Cuddle Muffin.'

'OK i rly want u 2 hear it Honey Pie!' I called him and he answered in his normally sexy voice,

"Alright I actually have a name for this one 'About a Girl' it might sound like a break up song but it's not trust me, the words just came to my head and the notes followed. Alright, clears throat" He played a few strums on his guitar and started singing "One song about a girl
I can't breathe when I'm around her
I'll wait here everyday
In case she'll scratch the surface
She'll never notice

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl

Last night, I knew what to say
But you weren't there to hear it
These lines, so well rehearsed
Tongue tied and over-loaded
You'll never notice

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl
I'm not in love
This is not your song
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl

To be loved, to be loved
What more could you ask for?
To be loved, to be loved
Everyone wants
To be loved, to be loved
What more could you ask for?
To be loved, to be loved

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words

I'm not in love
This is not my heart
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl

I'm not in love
This is not your song
I'm not gonna waste these words
About a girl."

"Wow, Hun that actually sounds like a song for an ex girlfrind." I pointed out.

"Well it kinda was for Hayley, but again it said 'I'm not in love' I swear if you say 'Your not in love with me!' I will cut your hair!" He laughed, cuz I actaully was about to say it.

"Heehee how did you know I was gonna say that?" I laughed.

"I know you too well." He said, then I heard a knock on the front door, why Gabbie dosn't use the doorbell I will never know, then I heard the doorbell ring, it wasn't just one ring either, it was Fin pushing the button fifty times a second!

"Will I gotta go, everyone's here." I said.

"Alright have fun, be careful." He said lovingly before he hung up.

"I'M COMING STOP RINGING THE DOORBELL LALA!!!!!" I shouted running down the stairs to answer the door, to see a group of emo/scene/ and goth kids on my welcome mat. I grabbed Fin's hand, cuz she was still ringing the doorbell and said, "Stop with the doorbell!"

"Did you take your meds? We don't want you going all psyco in the theater and getting us kicked out." Kari laughed, I slowly turned around went to the bathroom, grabbed my pills, went back to the front door, opened the bottle and said,

"As God as my witness I shall take these pills!" right before I took two.

"Hoookay then!" Ray said, "Well at least we know that she took her pills!"

"Mkay everyone get in my car, we're going!" I said grabbing my keys out of my purse.

"Wait we're going in your little VW Beetle?" Kari asked.

"No we're going in the mini van." I laughed, "Okay seating arrangments, Ray next to Fin in the back, and then Gerard and Bob, in the middle Kari, Mikey, and Alex, shot gun Gabbie." I said.

"Alright that's cool with me!" Everyone mumbled.

"Okay Gabbie I called the theater, the only good movies they have out are Yes Man, Bolt, and the Tale of Despereux." I said counting them off on my fingers.

"Lets go see Yes Man, I've seen previews and it seems pretty funny." Gabbie said putting her finger on her chin and looking like she was deep in thought.

"Alright...Everyone in the car!" I shouted sprenting towards the car and jumping in the drivers seat.

"Alright, Jen are you safe to drive?" Gabbie asked slamming the door.

"Yup I'm chiiiiiiiill! I said making the seat go so far it looked like I was laying down.

"Sit up Jenny Wenny." Fin laughed getting in the FAR back.

"It's the pills, then make my drowsy...but I'm good, Bob! Get me a Orange Monster out of the fridge please!" I shouted right before he got in the van.

"Uh, yeah, sure." He said running into my house and coming out with my Monster.

"Thanks Bobby!" I said cheesing a grin, and grabbing my Monster from his hand.

"Don't call me Bobby." He whined.

"But it's soooo cute!!!!" I laughed.

"Whatever, can we just go now?" He asked taking his seat in the back.

"Yeah." I said starting the engine and driving to the theater.

*After the Movie*

"Am I dropping you guys off?" I asked stopping infront of Rays's house and letting him out.

"I guess if you want to, but I drove here so you could just take me to your house and I could drive myself home." Gabbie said.

"Alright, who gets off here?" I asked stopping infront of another house.

"That would be me!" Mikey shouted.

"Alright! Mikey and Gerard get the hell out of mah car!!!" I laughed.

"See you tomarrow Kari." Gerard said kissing Kari on the cheek.

"Hmmm, yeah bye." Kari sighed.

"Mmkay!" I said stopping infront of Bob's house, he lived close to Alex so they got off at the same place.

"Anyone else left?" I asked.

"Meeee!" Kari, Fin and Gabbie said.

"Alllllrighty then!" I said pulling up in my driveway. I let Kari, Fin and Gabbie out so that they all went to Gabbie's Volvo and drove off, after saying good bye and good night.

Yay chapter 6!!!! this has to be my longest chapter, anyways I hope you like it...and no i'm not really on pills but I am only SLIGHTLY bi's not major but enough to where I have been labled as emo. sooo yeah

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