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Chapter Seven.

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Just a bit of a filler.

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Kinsie didn't stay for Bert's show, she just couldn't stand it. Instead, she layed in bed, staring at the ceiling. She knew Bert wasn't going to talk to her again, and maybe giving up on him would be less painful for her in the long run. But she still couldn't help but wonder why their friendship just ended.

There was one possibility she could come up with; their past. Kinsie and Bert spent all of their time outside of school together. But at school, she thought she had a reputation to uphold. Bert wasn't anywhere near popular, and in middle school he became the outcast to his classmates. A young, naive Kinsie was sucked into all the clique shit that meant nothing to her now. She had to admit she was a complete bitch to Bert all through middle school, but over the summer after their freshman year in high school, she grew up and realized how horrible she was to Bert, and ultimately how fake the people she hung out with were. After countless apologies, and dumping all of her old 'friends', Bert forgave her. Immediately after that they were inseparable again, so that couldn't have been it.

Then, she remembered the night of the accident. That was the night everything changed between them, that whole drunken conversation. What if he remembered everything that went on? She thought worriedly. Fuck, he probably did, and didn't mean a thing of it! Jesus, I probably disgust him now or something. Kinsie practically screamed in frustration, burying her face in her pillow. Now she knew for sure she'd never talk to Bert again, or even come within a mile of him. Bert hated her, she knew it. She came to the decision that she needed to move on from him, and forget. That was something she could do if she really tried, no matter how badly it hurt.


Yeah, that was just a bit of a filler. I'll have more soon!
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