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Chapter 8.

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Growing up..

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"KIIINZAAY!" A loud screech rang in Kinsie's ears, as she felt something leap onto her once sleeping body. "Get the fuck up, kiddo!" It was her best friend Adam. "C'mon sunshine!" Kinsie grumbled and shoved the tall, skinny guy just hard enough to knock him off her bed. Mumbling something inaudible, but probably mean, she sat up and jumped off her bed, walking out into the living room of the apartment the two shared.

"Fuck, my head kills." Kinsie said, plopping down on the couch. Adam laughed. "Well I wonder why," He stated with a hint of sarcasm. "You only had about, let's say, 8 beers in around an hour? Then I had to carry you out of the bar, into the car, and up 4 flights of stairs to get to the apartment!" She rolled her eyes and looked down. "I did not, I don't remember a thing!" Kinsie said defensively. "Oh..wait..I don't remember..yeah.." She looked up at him with a guilty expression. "I got a bit carried away."

Looking at her with a bit of concern and anger, Adam sat down next to Kinsie. "You need to calm down. You get insanely drunk like, every other day. You're gonna get hurt." Kinsie just bit her lip and looked down. "You've been like this since I met to share your problem? Because it seems like something's bothering you." Her thoughts immediately flashed back to five years ago.

Bert left her all alone, with no friends. So, she made a new friend. Drugs, any kind she could get her hands on. But her parents ended up finding out about that, so she was put into a clinic. It honestly helped her a lot. But then one day, she turned on her TV and saw Bert on the news, talking about how his band had made it big. His arm was around a beautiful bleach-blonde girl, who stared at him like he was the best thing in the world. Not too long after, Kinsie ran down to the gas station and bought a bottle of Jack Daniels. She'd made a new friend.

But, she'd never let Adam know that. She couldn't stand to look so weak again. "It's nothing. You know me, I like to party!" Kinsie nudged him and giggled. Adam didn't look like he believed her. "Honestly." She said, looking into his eyes to add effect. She was a fantastic liar. "I'll try and cut back, I promise." Adam just nodded.

As soon as he was about to open his mouth, Kinsie's phone went off in the other room. Thank God, she thought. No more questions. "I'll get it." She said, skipping off into her room, grabbing her orange cell phone. "Hello?" She said into the reciever.

"Kinz, it's Melanie. I need you down at work within the next hour. We've got a job for you, and I think you're gonna like it." Kinsie grinned and replied, "Alright, sounds awesome!" She worked as a photographer and journalist for AP (Alternative Press) magazine. It was pretty awesome, she got to hang out with a ton of bands and go to huge parties. On top of it she got to do her favorite thing in the world, write and be a photographer.

She shut her phone and quickly got dressed in a tight, faded The Clash shirt, skinny jeans, and her favorite red and black Nike Dunks. She put on a little black eyeliner and mascara, played with her hair a bit and was ready to go. "Adam, I've gotta get to work. Love you kiddo!" She said giving him a quick hug, and running out the door.

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