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Anger issues, and a split personality

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"Good Afternoon Frank, take a seat." John smiled brightly at me and indicated a chair opposite his, we were in an empty classroom and this was in place of my citizenship lesson. I sighed and flopped down into the required seat, folding my arms and giving John a glare. I had definitely not missed this guy. He had a load of notes set out on the desk infront of him and as usual he had a pad and pen at the ready.
"So Frank, how has your first week at your new school been?" He asked with a wide smile, the guy always smiled, it was really annoying.
"Its been about as good as it can be." I said moodily, John leaned forward - a technique he used to make me feel as if we were good pals. Pfft, in his dreams.
"Uh hm. I see, but you dont sound particularly happy about it." He said, in a tone that suggested I should elaborate.
"Okay... Everythings gone fine, people are nice, the lessons are bearable, and my roomies are awesome - but at the end of the day I'd still prefer to be back home with my old school and my old friends." John nodded with a weird hum and began scribbling some notes down into his pad. I watched him for a minute before getting bored and trying to see what he was writing but I could make it out.
"Am I ever gonna be allowed to know what you write?" I asked, beginning to feel curious as to what he said about me. He looked up with a small grin and shrugged.
"Well, your not supposed to. But if you co-operate and are well behaved, when you start making some progress in your condition, then I might let you." He said cheerfully and I frowned, feeling as if he had just slapped me round the face. I thought these were just... talking sessions. What the hell was all this about a condition?
"Err... My condition?" I repeated, shifting in my seat so I too was leaning forward. John continued to smile widely as he nodded.
"Yes, your condition." He said, explaining nothing, I felt my stomach swirl with anger and I took a deep breath to try and calm myself.
"What condition? Theres nothing wrong with me." I snapped. John looked at me as if he felt he had said too much before his smile was back and he put down his pen, clasping his hands in his lap.
"Now, Frank - I never said that theres something wrong with you -" He began but I cut him off.
"You just said I have a condition." I cried and he sighed, suddenly looking solemn.
"Its nothing to worry about Frank, I understand if you feel as if I'm saying you have something wrong but I'm not. What I mean by condition is, how do I put it?... The things we need to try and work on." His huge smile came back but I felt even more confused than before.
"What do you mean?" I asked, sounding defeated. John began to rifle through the papers spread out over the desk and clicked his tongue in annoyance until he found what he was looking for.
"Ah, here we are - Anger problems." He looked at me with raised eyebrows and I concously unclenched my fists with a blush. "Rebellious attitude -" My eyes grew wide and my jaw dropped.
"What!? I dont have a rebellious attitude!" I cried.
"Well, we can discuss this in a moment, just let me finish first." He said brightly before going back to his paper. So far, I figured my 'condition' could easily be labelled as 'teenager'. But then he said something which nearly made me choke on thin air.
"And a possible SPS." He finished, he looked at my confused expression and said gently. "Possible split personality syndrome." I stared at him silently for a moment before damn near exploded, I jumped out of my seat and pushed the chair over with such force the one of the wooden legs snapped.
"How fucking dare you! I do not have a split personality!" I yelled, John watched me with wide eyes before grabbing his pen and beginning to write madly in his pad, muttering to himself.
"Now this is very interesting... Very very interesting..." I heard him mutter as his pen flew across the paper. I felt the anger inside me increase and I knew I should just calm down but just like the time I hit my mom I couldnt contain my self.
"Listen here you little fucker -" I snarled, seizing him by the tie and renching him out of his seat so that our noses were almost touching. "I am starting to get really sick of you spitting out a load of bullshit every time I see you - first I've been molested, then I've got a split personality? I think your the one with the mental health issues here dude." John, much to my infuriation continued to smile.
"Now this is very good Frank, this is excellent. This exactly the sort of thing I need to better assess your condition." He said brightly. I gave an angry cry and threw him back into his seat, nearly causing him to fall backwards.
"I DO NOT HAVE A CONDITION!" I shouted. I could feel the blood rushing through my veins and the urge to punch that motherfucker right in the face was damn near impossible to resist.
"Now now Frank, we've already been over this. Dont be upset about it, now sit down and we can talk some more. Tell me about these erm - 'roomies' of yours." He said brightly, as if being yelled at and nearly punched by an angry teenager was part of his day to day routine. Probably was actually...
"I dont want to talk to you." I growled as he picked up his pad and pen which had fallen to the floor in my rage.
"Why not?" He asked, and I knew he was waiting to take notes on it.
"Because I dont think you and I are on the same brainlength." I snapped.
"Ah I see, and what makes you feel this way?" He asked, starting his note taking all over again. I groaned and fell back into a nearby chair, running a hand through my hair. It was probably going to be easier just to answer his fucking questions and stop arguing, then he'd see who had a rebellious attitude.

"Hey Frankie - Where were you during citizenship? Arent you in all my classes?" Asked Dan when I met up with him and Jay back in the dorm at the end of lessons. They had no idea about my weekly shrink sessions as I liked to call them, and I didnt really want them or anyone else to know. God knows what all the religious kids in this school would think.
"Oh erm... I was... in a different class." I said quickly and Dan raised an eyebrow.
"You were? What class?" He asked, sounding upset that he wasnt in all my classes.
"Yeah, you couldnt have been in citizenship cos' theres only two groups and you werent in mine either." Added Jay and I hurried to think of a believable excuse.
"Oh erm... well, I was taking extra maths." I said quickly and both of them stared at me in surprise.
"But... you hate maths..." Said Jay.
"Yeah which is why I'm failing, so the school decided it was better to give me extra maths lessons instead of citizenship." I said quickly and Dan groaned.
"Really, that sucks. I copy you in maths." He said before laughing and Jay shoved him.
"Ha! Your gonna faiiil." He chuckled. I laughed along with them, thankful that I had got away with that. I felt sorta bad for lieing to them, afterall they were becoming really good friends with them and I knew they wouldnt judge me for having to see a shrink but I saw this place as a fresh start, and as far as I was concerned - John was not a part of that.
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