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Collision of your kiss.

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Gah, yes the chapter title is incredibly unoriginal :/ But hope the chapter is okay :]

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I knocked on Jamias door with a sigh, I had wanted to spend today telling Gee and Mikey all about John and his idiotic notion that I had a split personality, but Jamia was so excited about going to meet my friends that I didnt have the heart to let her down. I'm getting too soft in my old age.
"Frankie! Your right on time! Just give me a second to get my shoes on and I'll be right with you!" Jamia cried brightly after opening her door, I nodded with a strained smile and she grabbed a pair of pink converse, pulling them on quickly and tieing the laces before straightening up and dashing out of the room, hooking her arm round mine.
"I cant wait to meet... Gerard and Mikey was it?" She asked. I nodded and started walking down the corridor, Jamias arm still wrapped round mine. She began talking, not giving me time to talk back but I didnt see that as a problem since I didnt really know what to say to her. I had never had a girl act like this around me, in my old school all the girls had jock boyfriends and if they ever spoke to me it was to tell me I was faggot, Jamia on the other hand seemed to like me a lot...
I glanced at her from the corner of my eye as she gestured with her free hand, completely caught up in what she was saying. She wore light blue skinny fit jeans and simple black jacket, her hair in a loose pony tail so that strands still framed her face. She was pretty, I supposed. Okay... really pretty, but I wasnt sure whether I liked her as much as she liked me. I had never spoke to her much - which I admit is my fault, since I was always trying to push her away. But I wouldnt be able to do that today, unless I wanted her to get lost in the woods. Which might be funny... but not even I'm heartless enough to let a girl get eaten by a bear.

"Yo Gee -" I smiled happily as I saw the older of the two brothers smoking against a tree, he grinned and high fived me before turning his gaze on Jamia with surprised eyes. He knew I was bringing her today, so I didnt understand why he looked so shocked, he recovered quickly however and smiled, placing his ciggarette between his lips and extending a hand.
"You must be Jamia, Franks told me so much about you." He smirked, Jamia looked pleasantly surprised as she shook Gee's hand, smiling at me.
"He has?" She giggled. "All good things I hope." I bit my lip and looked away as Gerard chuckled softly.
"Oh yeah, he didnt have a bad thing to say about you." He said, before turning away so that he could try and hide his laughter. Disguising it with a cough. Jamia looked at me with wide eyes, matching her smile.
"Really? I've told all my friends about you too." She said with another giggle, nudging me in the ribs and I laughed nervously back, glaring at Gerard who grinned back and gave me a mock salute. I rolled my eyes and looked up into the branches of the tree, seeing Mikey climbing down to greet us.
"Hey Mikester!" I called.
"Heeeey!!" He called back, his voice getting louder as he reached the bottom. When he finally dropped onto the ground, he had a grin to match his brothers.
"So, this is Jamia?" He noted, Jamia laughed and shook his head.
"You really have been talking about me." She said as she looked at me and I grinned back.
"Uh huh." I mumbled and Mikey nodded his head frantically.
"Oh yeah. He didnt shut up about you last week, me and Gee were nearly dead with boredom. Not that your boring of course." Mikey winked at Jamia who giggled happily and smiled at me as I avoided her gaze, what were those damn brothers trying to do?
"Mikeys right, he adores you. Its great to finally meet the object of his affection." Gerard added and he and Mikey high fived each other behind Jamias back as she grinned at me with a slight blush.
"Oh... I didnt know he talked about me so much. Ya' know its funny, I always got the feeling he didnt like me." She said shyly and Gerard nearly died laughing. Clinging to Mikey as I groaned.
"Dont worry, he always pretends he doesnt like people he really loves, he has commitment issues." Mikey spluttered, causing he and Gee to fall into more laughter. I clenched my fists and gave them the best death glare I could muster as Jamia blushed.
"Oh..." She mumbled, a smile playing about her lips. "I see." She mumbled to herself and I looked at her, wondering what exactly she thought she was seeing. When she looked back at me she blushed deeply and smiled shyly - she had never been shy around me before. Why start now? I smiled nervously back and she touched my arm before turning to face the two brothers who were still grinning like fools.
"So erm... do you guys always hang out here?" She asked.
"Yeah, we climb the trees and stuff." Said Gerard casually, dropping his ciggarette butt to the floor and crushing it beneath his heel. "Or we go and play video games at one of our houses, usually mine and Mikeys since Franks parents..." Gerard stopped, obviously thinking of what to say as I gave him a warning look behind Jamia.
"Err... his parents are usually out and think we're so retarded we'll set fire to the house." He said quickly, ending with a grin. Jamia giggled and I breathed a small sigh of relief.
"So, Jamia - can you climb trees?" Asked Mikey as he swung himself up onto the lowest branch. Jamia watched him with a smile before shrugging.
"I've never really tried, not since I was a kid. But I guess I could give it a go." She said brightly, undoing her jacket and tieing it round her waist. I could only see the back of her so as far as I was aware she was only wearing a plain back T - shirt but the look on Mikeys face suggested otherwise.
"Oh my god... you like Anthrax!?" He cried. My jaw nearly fell off when I heard him say this, Jamia... like Anthrax? I thought she was more into pop music. Like... I dunno, Madonna or something. I dashed to the tree to discreetly gawp at her T- shirt which sure enough had the name Anthrax written across it. She smiled brightly and nodded.
"I love them, why, do you like them?" She asked. Mikey nodded frantically.
"Hell yeah, I love them. Frank never told me you liked Anthrax." Mikey gave me an accusing glare and I held my hands up in mock surrender.
"Hey - thats because Frank never knew." I said quickly. Jamia giggled and approached the tree, placing a hand on the low branch.
"Well, now you know. Are we gonna climb this tree or what?" She asked brightly, Mikey gave me a final grin before dissapearing up the tree, the branches and leaves hiding him from veiw.
"You coming Frankie? I'm gonna need your help if I'm not gonna kill myself trying to do this." She laughed, I chuckled a little and glanced over my shoulder at Gee who was laughing silently, giving me the thumbs up.
"Why dont you join us Gee" I growled. He smirked at me and shook his head.
"Nah I think I'm gonna draw for a while, you two go have fun." He smirked, sitting down against rock and opening the sketch pad he had brought with him. I shook my fist at him as he laughed before climbing up onto the branch Jamia stood on and continuing onto the branch above it. Jamia watched and copied my route carefully, I could see she was nervous the higher we got and I had to start helping her onto some of the branches as she didnt trust herself not to fall. We got about three quarters of the way before she confessed she didnt want to go any higher, Mikey was already at the top and shouting for us to hurry up, but I didnt want to leave her.
"Come on, its fine, we've climbed this tree loads of times, you'll be safe I promise." I urged, but she shook her head, sitting down on the branch and leaning against the main trunk, clinging to it so tight her knuckles went white.
"I really dont want to, sorry Frank. But you go ahead and join Mikey, I dont mind sitting here until you get back." She said with a frightened smile. I sighed but decided not to argue, so I left her sitting there and climbed up to the top. I felt a little bad for leaving her when she was obviously scared but it was her decision.
"Nice to see you finally made it, wheres Jamia?" Asked Mikey when I sat beside him on the highest branch.
"Down a little way, she was too scared to come to the top." I explained and Mikey laughed.
"She's cute Frankie, you two would make a really cute couple." He chuckled and I shoved him lightly, careful not to push him off the branch.
"Shut up Mikey." I snapped and he grinned at me.
"Dont you like her Frank? She seems cool to me." He said seriously and I sighed, I thought about it for a second. I had got along with her more today than ever before, and I suppose I did like her a little. But I was used to saying I hated her and I didnt want to admit it even to myself, because I'm stubborn like that.
"Well... yeah, she's cool..." I mumbled and Mikey laughed quietly.
"You know what? I wont push it, and just let you figure it out." He smirked. I rolled my eyes at him but I was secretely grateful. I told him quickly about John whilst we couldnt be heard and he found it hilarious, much to my annoyance.
"Hahaha oh my god, thats so funny! He really thinks you've got a split personality?" He asked. I nodded moodily and he chuckled. "Wow Frank, that guy must really be against you. How could anyone say you've got another personality?" He asked, he shook his head in bafflement and I nodded.
"I know, I totally flipped out on him, I almost hit him but I stopped." I said with a grimace, Mikey grinned at me.
"I think you shoulda just punched him." He giggled and I shook my head, punching John would just get me into a whole lot more shit. We eventually climbed back down the tree, Jamia still sat exactly as I'd left her, she smiled with relief when she saw us and I felt guilt swirl in my stomach.
"I was wondering when you'd come back, I was beginning to think you'd just left me here." She giggled but I could tell she had actually been worrying, I laughed lightly and Mikey climbed onto the branch below offering to help her down. So we began the slow descent, my helping Jamia lower herself into Mikeys arms and then joining her on the next branch as Mikey went down one to repeat the whole process.
After a while we reached the bottom of the tree to a round of applause of Gerard.
"Beautiful team work darrlings! Such skill, Oh! I've never seen anything so wonderful!" He said in what I think was meant to be a british accent. I swatted him round the head with a laugh, going to look at his drawing but he shut the pad before I could see, and then he dashed over to Jamia to speak to her before I could ask him what it was.

"Thanks for taking me today Frankie, I had a really nice time." Smiled Jamia, stood just in the doorway to her room after I had walked her there. I nodded still feeling a little shocked, the whole journey back we had been talking and joking as if we were old friends and I was trying to figure out how that had happened.
"Well... I guess I'll see you around then..." She mumbled but she didnt go into her room like I expected, was she waiting for something?
"Erm... yeah, sia." I said, taking a step back only for her to grab my arm and pull me into a soft kiss. For a second I was stunned, and then she had pulled back, blushing deeply with a small smile.
"Goodnight Frank." She said and this time she did go into her room. Shutting the door softly behind her, I stood out in the corridor with wide eyes, placing my fingers on my lips not quite believing what had just happened. And since I hadnt pushed her away or anything, she was going to think I wanted the kiss... but I didnt. Did I? Now what? I wandered back to my own room feeling more confused than ever.

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