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I Just Wanna Scream I Love You!!!

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On a suprisingly cool day in June I decided to hang out with Alex. I walked to her house just feeling the need to walk the whole 3 miles, I was just feeling a little depressed, which in real life happends ALOT, especially if I take a bad pic of me and my 105 LBS body looks fat, I KNOW I'M NOT!!!. I opened Alex's door, without knocking, I do it all the time, to see, strangly, Mikey on her couch.

"Uh, hey you two...what's, uhm, going on?" I asked walking in and plopping down on her almost as big, but not as big as William's chair, chair. 'What's with the big chairs? Do I not have one cuz I'm 5'2"?' I thought to myself.

"Nuffin Muffin!" Alex said coming out of her kitchen with a glass of pink lemonaid kool aid, my favorite.

"Hey hey hey, thanks for the kool aid." I said taking a grab for it just to see her yank her arm away, I just stared at her confused, she always gave me kool aid when I came over.

"Sorry, this is for me and Mikey, you can make a glass in the kitchen." She said nodding her head towards the kitchen and handing a glass to Mikey who just smiled like he was in love.

"Uhm...okay?" I said getting up and walking into the kitchen to make some kool aid.

"Why didn't you give her some kool aid?" Mikey asked, I could hear him for the living room.

"Cuz, I only made two glass, and I'm to lazy to go make another." I heard Alex say.

"You are so full of-" Mikey started just to have me interupt by shouting,

"WHERE ARE THE CUPS ALEX? I'M LOST...again." while looking through the cabnets, "Oops nevermind, I found it!" I laughed.

"Bull Honkey!" Alex shouted, "You've practically lived in this house, the last thing I would do is moves the cups just to confuse you!"

"It almost happened." I mumbled pouring some kool aid, downing it, and pouring another cup.

"Second glass?" Alex asked seeing that my upper lip was moist.

"Yuppers." I grinned.

"Wow, you really love your kool aid don't you Jen?" Mikey asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I started getting addicted when I was five years old... yeah isn't it great that a five year old got addicted to something?" I laughed, thanks to the sugar I started doing my hypervintalation/ snorting laugh. Which sounds like I'm hypervintalating then I start snorting near the end, and to breathe.

"Are you okay Jenny?" Alex asked me wrapping her arm around my crouching body. I'm pretty much in an up right fetal possion.

"Yeah, yeah I'm cool. Just the sugar." I said gulping down the rest of my kool aid.

"No more!" Mikey said taking the glass from my hand.

"Ooookay. You wanna know what I noticed?" I asked, here comes something totally random.


"Short people are funny! I mean, look at Frank, and me, we're hilarious! It's like, short people don't want to be considered short so we make up for it by being funny. I swear!" I giggled.

"Okay, I'm calling Gabbie to pick you up." Alex said picking me up and sitting me down on the couch.

"I could just walk home. I walked all the way here." I said calming down a little.

"You walked here?" She asked getting a look of suprise on her face.

"Duh, I felt saders and walked here. Plus I need to exercise." I started getting my iPod out so I could walk home again, but Alex stopped me.

"Why did you need the exercise?" She asked.

"Cuz I've gained almost 10 pounds." I said patting my stomach, "And I've felt sick for a few weeks but I'm pretty sure it's just a stomach viruse going around."

"Jen, go to the bathroom and take this." She said handing a pregnancy test.

"Hell! Alex, me and William havn't done ANYTHING! I swear to you, and if I'm lying may God strike me now." I said standing outside for a few seconds. Nothing.

"Well, fine. I know how you are anyways." She said.

"How I'm what?" I asked walking back inside.

"How your Bi and you want but don't want him." She said in a matter-o-fact tone.

"I'm just not a sexual person!" Geez people are jerks!!!!

"Okay. Whatever Jen...aren't you going home?"

"Yuppers, see ya later Al, bye Mikes!" I shouted starting my journey back home. On my way home I thought about William, wow just the thought of him makes me want to scream I love him, so I did "I LOVE WILLIAM BECKETT!!!!!!!!" I shouted throwing my fists in the air, then William texted me saying that he could hear me from his house, and he's in his bedroom playing his guitar! Then I texted back 'But it's true, I do love you!'

'I love you too.'
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