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chapter 3 [pt.3]

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only contains Bob's pov.

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okay,so here's bob's.

I walked home,after the whole bus accident.I opened the door only to see a tall blond blue-eyed man sitting in the living room,with my mom next to him.She actually was similing up at this man,I've never have seen in my life. I dropped my backpack to the floor,causing a loud noise.
"Oh,Bob good your home,I want you to meet someone," My mom said while dragging me with her to the living room.
"Hi,"I said shaking hands with this unknown guy.
"Hey,"He repiled similing.
"Um..Bob I don't how to say this but this man,right here.Could you tell me how he looks please," She said.
Wow this is weird,I'am looking at him right now,I don't have to describe him.I'am not blind ya know.But either way I decided to obey my mother's wish.
"Well,he's tall,and has blond hair,with blue eyes,slender,"
"exactly,now decribe yourself,"
Wow I wonder if she's okay.
"Well I'am tall,average in weight,and blu-," I stopped in mid sentence when I just realized what she was trying to say.
"Mom,is th-this who I think it is,"
"Yes, it is Robert,it's your father,"
a/n:sorry for shortness.But that's all I came up with.So I'am going to keep this link,until the movie starts lol.I know it's weird but that's what I'am planning of doing.So remember comment the video that is in the link please!
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