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An Epiphany of Sorts

by SaveTheDay 4 Reviews

Everyone knows my opinion on summaries.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Erotica,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2009/01/18 - Updated: 2009/01/19 - 2616 words - Complete


  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) canustakemyheart 2009-01-19 02:45:12 AM

    Wow. I thought this story was so dead. So insomniac me was happy to see the update.

    I thought this was a great chapter though. I mean, it was very in character for her to freak like that ... for him not to push her.

    And if you wanna read random shit about me, I suggest you click on my screen name, and then click some more and read all the random author's notes. And if you do read, leave me some reviews! LOL


    Author's response

    Honest truth, I don't know if the story ever dies with me or not. I just seem to have to walk away a lot before I can get anything productive done. My writing has changed even in the relatively short span of time I've had this going, and sometimes it's hard for me to reconcile my style now with my style then. But I hope it's not too terribly different.

    It is very Egan to run and not quite be able to follow through. But she shouldn't force herself at the same time, not with sex, you know? And Gerard was the perfect gentleman in this because I wouldn't let him be anything else. You may be interested to know, though, that originally they went through with it. There was no apprehension.

    I already clicked--You're a dude, did you know? That's crazy! There are never any guys on here.
  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) lacerationgravityxxx 2009-01-19 04:21:12 AM

    i'm glad you updated! this was really good!

    poor Egan and good on Gerard for being so understanding! i'm so glad she went back upstairs and explained.

    bless her!

    a little bit about me...

    i am female and i live in England. and i unashamedly like reading fan fiction!!

    and some of you guys who post here are very talented!

    keep up the good work!

    Author's response

    Yeah, yeah, poor Egan...I'm just kidding. You're right, bless Gerardd for being understanding. But he wouldn't be anything else, right?

    Egan's indication of things to come.

    I always wanted to go to England. Some of the greatest authors originated there. And it snows there too! And obviously, I like fanfiction too, though none of my friends know I write it. And I agree, some of the writers on here are mad cool.
  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) canustakemyheart 2009-01-19 12:26:28 PM

    LOL Yeah, er, I'm a dude.

    And no one irl but my lovely wife knows I write this stuff and it has to be like that. You should stop by this message board a few of us from over here made. It's really mellow and we all talk about random stuff (it's not all MCR stuff). We have a pretty nice group of folks there now

  • As Of Yet, Untitled.

    (#) shysmile 2009-01-19 08:38:39 PM

    This was unexpected, but I'm still happy to see the update! I missed this story so much.

    This chapter was so sweet, and I always want to read more. However, it didn't have the usual humor. It was a serious chapter so I understand, but don't think you can get away with no jokes (or Frank) in the next update.

    You asked for randomness, and I couldn't come up with anything interesting until you wrote, "she gripped the railing to keep from tumbling to the landing, just like she had not so very long ago." Guess what I did yesterday? Fell down the stairs! So here is the story: I was texting my friend and my cell phone's battery died so I was going downstairs to get the charger. On about the third step I slipped on my long pajama bottoms and tumbled head over heels all the way to the foot of the stairs. No one was home at the time either. My first thought I had as I was laying there was, "Damn, my phone is dead so if I've broken my hip or something I can't even call anyone." Weird right? Anyway, I'm totally fine except for some major bruises on my back and shins. Wow. I just wrote an entire novel for you.

    Keep up the fantastic writing!

    Author's response

    Good! It's damn good you missed the story! When you miss something, it means you like it.

    And there's Frank in the next chapter. No worries :D I know it was heavy, but it kinda had to be, you know? Plus, I had been in a funky mood lately, so, I guess it showed through my work.

    Aw! My friend fell down the stairs the other day, whacked her foot. Now it looks disgusting. I hope your bruising isn't too terrible! And I'm glad you've got your priorities straight--when it comes to looking where you're going or texting, it's good to know which one you'll choose ;]

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