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Des Loups et des Femmes

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Sirius Black has found himself in an awkward position... he's fallen in love with his friend Remus Lupin.

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Chapter 1: Sirikins’ Dilemma

Sirius Black was a peculiar boy. He was tall and very handsome with dark black hair and onyx eyes. He was best friends with Quidditch star, and equally handsome, James Potter, who had messy black hair and hazel eyes. Remus Lupin was the third boy of their group. He was shorter than his two friends with shaggy dirty blonde hair and brown and he was one of the two misfits of the group. Peter Pettigrew was the other misfit. He was short and rather fat with mousy brown hair and small squinty brown eyes. Now Sirius was what one might think of as a “babe magnet.” He had a new girlfriend every three weeks and they all happened to be extremely attractive.
His girlfriend, on the week in which this story begins, just so happens to be Monica Wilson. The interesting thing about this girlfriend was that she was Lily Evans’ close friend. James was after Lily, much to the amusement of his friends and the annoyance of her.
“Sirikins, can we go for a walk by the lake this afternoon?” Monica crooned to Sirius as she sat on his lap. He looked at his girlfriend in irritation. Everyone knew the only reason he was dating her was so Lily Evans would be forced to be around him and his friends (mainly James) but that did not mean he liked her or her displays of annoying public affection.
“Monica, get off me, and for the last time, my name is Sirius! Not ‘Siri’, not ‘Sirikins’, and definitely not ‘Blacky princey pants’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sirius said, pushing her off his lap. James sniggered and Remus looked pointedly at the page of the book he was reading, trying not to laugh. Monica pouted at him, crossing her arms.
“You know, Sirikins, I don’t think you really like me! I think we need to break up!” Monica sobbed storming off. Sirius put his hands behind his head and sighed in relief.
“Thank god that’s over with!” Sirius exclaimed to his friends happily, “Sorry, Prongs, I know you wanted me to keep it up with her until you got Lily but I don’t think I could have lasted another day!” James shrugged and grinned.
“Oh don’t worry, Sirikins, it’s ok!” James sniggered. Sirius looked at Remus pointedly trying to get back up.
“Now don’t give me that look, Blacky Princey Pants!” Remus said, with a solemn look on his face and a laughing twinkle in his eyes. Sirius glared at them both.
“Siri, Siri, Siri, there’s no need to brood!” James said, clapping his best friend on the shoulder, “Let’s go into Hogsmeade for a drink or two at the Three Broomsticks! You can have another go at Madame Rosemerta!” Remus and James roared with laughter and each took Sirius’ arms, dragging him to the gate of Hogwarts.

The three Marauders entered the Three Broomsticks just in time to witness this scene:
“Lily, let’s go back!” Monica cried, “I don’t want to be here, this is where Sirius and I kissed for the first time!” Lily glared at her friend.
“Monica, YOU go back, I don’t want to waste a perfectly good Saturday because you broke up with your boyfriend!” Lily snapped. Monica’s eyes filled with angry tears.
“But you’re my friend, it’s, like, your job!” She said, pointing at Lily. Lily smacked her hand away.
“No it’s not, it’s your job not to make me deal with a boyfriend of yours that didn’t even like you!” Lily yelled. Monica’s eyes widen, “Oh yeah, that’s right Monica, Sirius only dated you so that James could try to get close to me!” With that Monica ran out the door, her shoulders hitting Sirius and Remus on the way. James and Sirius looked at each other awkwardly. The whole bar, which had been silent during the argument, burst into sound.
“Well, James, I think it’s time for you to make your move, Lily’s all alone,” Sirius nudged his friend in the side, smirking. James put on his charming smile and strutted over to Lily. Remus sighed and shook his head.
“Doesn’t he realize that when he acts like a cocky jackass she likes him less?” Remus muttered. Sirius grinned and wagged his finger at his friend.
“That, Moony, it the beauty of it!”

“Lily?” James said, with the air of just seeing her, “I had no idea you were here!” Lily gave him a look that said ‘you-jackass-I-SAW-you-by-the-door,’ “Mind if I sit down?”
“Does it matter?” Lily asked in a tired voice. James grinned and shook his head, sitting down next to Lily.
“This round is on me, Evans,” he said, waving his hand for Madame Rosemerta to bring them butterbeer. Lily looked at James with annoyance.
“What do you want, Potter?” Lily asked, turning toward the boy. He grinned wider.
“I just saw you had a fight with your friend Monica and I wanted to know if you were all right! Don’t make it seem like I’m scheming something!” James faked hurt on his face and in his voice. Lily rolled her eyes and took a drink of her butterbeer.
“This better not have love potion in it, James,” Lily said, smiling slightly at him, “Or else I’ll be seriously pissed.” James returned her smile and drank from her mug.
“There, now if it has love potion in it, we’ll both be in love with me!” Lily giggled and James grinned at her.
“Not much of a change from right now,” Lily remarked. James was slightly taken aback, unsure of how to proceed. He could make a joke at his expense or he could brag. He chose bragging.
“Well you know, there’s just so much about me to love! I’m good looking, I’m funny, I’m an incredible Quidditch player,”
“And you have an insufferably big head that can shield us all from the rain,” Lily muttered, looking out the window. James took her hand.
“Go on a date with me tomorrow night,” James said out of the blue. Lily looked unsurprised.
“No, James,”
“Lily! Please?”
“C’mon, please?” James pleaded. Lily thought for a moment and sighed.
“Fine, one date. Tomorrow afternoon. Meet me in the common room after lunch,” James’ face lit up with excitement.
“Thanks Lily, I promise you’ll have a good time!” And with that James bounded out of the Three Broomsticks, quickly followed by his friends. ‘Dear God I hope I didn’t just make a huge mistake,’ Lily thought.
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