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Chapter 2: The Date! Dun Dun Dununununnnn!

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James and Lily go for a date... for about a paragraph. Enjoy the angst.

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Chapter 2: The Date! Dun Dun Dununununnnn!

James was eating lunch with his friends in the Great Hall, his smile was completely opposite of the depressing end of September rain. Sirius picked at his food moodily, that night was the full moon and it was his turn to watch Moony and he still did not have a new girlfriend. Moony also looked uncomfortable, his pale skin lighter and tinted greenish. Peter was simply eating, enjoying the delicious food that the house elves had made.
“Oi, Peter, why did you miss out on Hogsmeade yesterday?” James asked, oblivious toward Sirius and Remus’ black moods. Peter swallowed his mouthful.
“Detention with Slughorn,”
“Hm, that’s too bad, mate,” James said, not really listening, “Now, I’m going up to get ready for my date with Lily,” His face lit up when he said her name and he bounded giddily out of the Great Hall.

Lily was sitting in the common room waiting for James. She had her hair up in a ponytail and was wearing tight jeans and a blue button down shirt under her black robes. Waving her wand impatiently, she didn’t notice James sneaking up behind her. She gave a little squeal of surprise when he lifted her off the ground.
“James, put me down!” Lily snapped. He did and turned her to face him, grinning. “Lily, ok I have a great date planned for us, we’re going to go sit by the oak tree and play with the Giant Squid, then Professor Kettleburn said there were new unicorns that had just been bor-”
“That sounds lovely, James, but it is raining outside,” Lily said, pointing out the window. James’ face fell visibly. He thought for a moment.
“I got it! We’ll go to the Room of Requirement!” he said, snapping his fingers together. Lily gave him an odd look as he lead her to what seemed to be an empty wall. Her eyebrows rose as he paced back and forth three times in front of it and her surprise only grew when and ornate iron door appeared out of no where.
“This way, milady,” James said, opening the door and waving her inside.
In the room was a white table with roses on it and two plates on either side. A large diamond chandelier hung elegantly above it, glittering like ice. James waved his wand and a row of desserts appeared on tall silver and crystal platters.
“Oh… wow, James, this is lovely!” Lily breathed.

“This is stupid,” Sirius muttered, angrily, glaring at his homework. Remus looked over at his friend and patted his shoulder. They both looked up at the clock and saw it read 5:10. The moon would be rising soon.
“C’mon, Padfoot, the OWL homework can wait,” Remus said, giving his friend a hand up. They put their bags into their rooms and changed into heavy cloaks and left the common room. The entire staff was aware of Remus’s “furry little problem” so they would not be in trouble if they got caught. Both boys were used to this routine and hurried onto the grounds of Hogwarts toward the Whomping Willow. Sirius held out his arm in front of Remus’s chest in a ridiculous act of mock-chivalry.
“Allow me, Monsieur Moony,” Sirius said, morphing into a large black dog that was his animagi. He strut to the roots of the Willow, touching a root with his paw. The Willow’s thrashing stopped and Sirius morphed back.
“After you,” He held his arm in the direction of a wide gap in the roots. Remus grinned and gave a little bow, still looking nauseous.
“Such a gentleman!” He said sarcastically. He sat on the lip of the chute in the gap of the roots and looked up at Sirius. The taller boy touched his shoulder, smiling, “See you on the other side, mate,” and with that he flew down the passage to the Shrieking Shack. Sirius smiled as he watched his friend’s back disappear into the darkness before following suit. Something was growing in the pit of his stomach, something he was a little afraid of.

“James, that was really nice, thank you,” Lily said when they got back to the common room. He grinned and bowed.
“’Twas merely a display of my affections, dear Lily,” James said in a mock stuffy voice. Lily giggled and began up the stairs, “Wait, Lily!” She looked back at him, “Go out with me next weekend?” his voice was hopeful. She smiled at him sweetly.
“Sure, James.” and with that she went up to her dorm room. James settled into a large armchair in front of the fireplace, wondering how Remus was doing. Peter sat at a table next to the window, staring at the full moon, contemplating the same thing as James.

Sirius sat on his guard as he watched the sleeping werewolf in the center of the room. He snored gently, bringing a twitching smile to the great black dog’s lips. Sirius was exhausted but he couldn’t take his eyes off his friend’s sleeping form. This worried him because he was unsure of his feelings at this point. On one hand, Remus was perfect. Already his best friend, he knew Sirius very well, and was totally amazing. On the other hand, he was a guy and Sirius was unsure of how people (mainly James) would react it they went out. Go out? Sirius scoffed at himself. He shouldn’t even think of that yet. He settled his head onto his paws and began snoring peacefully.
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