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Chapter 3: Baaaaa ba ba ba baa ba ba ba baaaa

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Enter the OC! Enjoy the angst of Sirius and Lupin

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Chapter 3: Baaaaa ba ba ba baa ba ba ba baaaa

Lina Dumbledore skipped down the hallways of the school she grew up in. She was fifteen years old with bright copper hair and blue eyes. At a staggering 5’ 4” tall, she was short for her age (15). All the fifth years, especially the Marauders, were much taller than her. Luckily, she wasn’t actually being taught with her age group. She, in fact, was so far ahead of the students at Hogwarts that she already had her Trace removed.
As she skipped she switched between the form of a cat, a dog, a raven, and a fox. She was a certified Animagus for 10 different animals although she could transform into many more than that. Her tattoos on her arm and her forehead gleamed bright blue for the day. Humming she stopped at the portrait hole for the Gryffindor.
“Gillyweed,” she said to the Fat Lady who then swung open. It was before breakfast so a lot of the students were still in the common room, including the four she was looking for.
“Remmy!” She cried and hugged the dirty-blonde boy from behind. All of the Marauders grinned at her.
“Lina, darling!” James said, pulling the girl off of Remus and air kissed her cheeks.
“Oh James, dear, how simply lovely to see you,” she replied. She grinned as Sirius pulled her over and gave her a giant hug, lifting her off of her feet. Peter merely smiled at her and she nodded at him. Lina and Peter weren’t as close as she was to the other guys.
“You haven’t been around lately, Lina. How are you?” Remus asked. She grinned at him.
“I’ve been really great. Sorry I didn’t pop in last night, Remmy. I hope you’re feeling all right.” She touched the werewolf’s hand and James and Sirius exchanged a knowing glance. It was common knowledge that Dumbledore’s adopted daughter had a crush on the young and handsome blonde Marauder. Sirius felt a little bit of jealously, but mostly amusement. Remus had no idea of her feelings.
“I feel much better now that I don’t have to worry about it for another month.” he replied. She smiled and turned to the group as a whole.
“So are we ready to learn today, my happy Marauders?” She asked in a joking voice, “You have Transfiguration first period, right?”
“Yeah, why?” James asked.
“Because I’m going to be helping out in Transfiguration today. You’re learning about Animagi today.” She winked and turned back towards the portrait hole.
“Where the hell are you going?” Sirius called after her.
“Breakie. I’m STARVED,” she replied.

“NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!” Lina said, jumping up behind Lily who was eating pancakes quickly.
“Heeeh, Leynaaa,” she said with her mouth still full. She swallowed, “Where’s your posse?” Lily was referring to the fact that the Marauders usually follow her around when she’s around Hogwarts.
“Coming down soon, Remmy and Siri were taking forever to get their things together,” she replied. Lilly nodded and gestured to the seat beside her.
“Take a load off,” the red-head said. James appeared and sat next to Lily on the other side.
“Thanks!” He said to Lily who rolled her eyes. Remus sat beside Lina and Sirius and Peter sat across from them. Lina began piling food on her plate and devouring it just as quickly.
“Slow down there, Lina,” Remus said, placing his hand on hers. She blushed and shook her head.
“Haven’t eaten in two days,” she replied and shook his hand off so she could continue eating.
“Why not?” Sirius asked. Lina shrugged and pointed at his plate.
“Are you going to eat that pancake?” she asked him and he smirked.
“No, Lina,” he held the pancake over his mouth, dangling it in a mocking way. Lina’s eyes flashed dangerously. Sirius lowered the pancake into his mouth and left half of it hanging out of his mouth. Lina stared at her empty plate then at the pancake in Sirius’ mouth and lunged at him, biting down on the pancake and tearing it in half. She chewed triumphantly as everyone looked at her in shock.
“He said he wasn’t going to eat it,” She said as if it was so obvious that what she had just done was ok. Sirius’ mouth was open in shock as James, Lily, Remus, and Peter began laughing.

“OH HELL!” Lina yelled as she tripped, scrapping her knee, “God damn that hurts!” She grabbed her left leg and hugged it to her chest. Lina was known to be very clumsy and very delicate so no one was really worried by this. Sirius dragged her up by the back of her robes.
“You should probably beat us to transfiguration, as you ARE helping today,” he told her. Her eyes widened, remembering this.
“Hell, you’re right!” she turned into a butterfly and flew through the halls quickly.
“Not that WE need to know about Animagi,” Remus muttered to James who smirked.

“Mr. Lupin, I trust you and Mr. Black have been listening?” Professor McGonagall asked. The two boys, who had been playing a game of hangman looked up in surprise at their names, “Good, now pay attention. Miss Dumbledore is going to perform a transformation into either a cat, a dog, a raven, a fox, a butterfly, a bat, a wolf, a horse, a peacock, or a red panda. Usually, a wizard can only transform into something that corresponds with their personality in which they have no control over. In the case of Miss Dumbledore, her personality is so diverse that she has ten different transformations, depending on how she feels. You may begin, Lina,” she said to the girl. Lina grinned at her friends and closed her eyes for a moment before transforming into a large reddish-brown wolf with a white mark over her left eye and white markings on her back. Everyone gasped (everyone except the Marauders, of course). Sirius and James exchanged a look. That she changed into a wolf meant she was focused completely on Remus at this time. Padfoot glowered inwardly and felt another rush of jealousy. Not that it actually mattered for anything, but it was just the fact that she thought of him the same amount-if not more-as Sirius did that bothered him. He shrugged and began doodling pictures of her exploding. She (in her wolf form) walked up to Sirius and settled her head on his knee. He grinned at her and showed her the picture. She glowered and bit him.
“OW! LINA!!!!!! GOD DAMMIT YOU COW!” He yelled. She phased back and grinned at him.
“Oh c’mon you big baby.” she said. McGonagall smirked and walked over to Sirius.
“She didn’t even break the skin, Mr. Black,” the professor said dismissively, “Settle down.” Remus, James, and Peter sniggered at Sirius and Lina who were glaring at each other, knowing they would be chummy again in a few minutes.

“You’re a cow,” Sirius told Lina after they left the classroom. She grinned at him.
“And you’re a selfish ass, but that’s why we get along, Sirikins,” Lina winked and skipped off.
“Did James tell you to call me that?” He yelled after her. She laughed and waved over head which Sirius took as a ‘yes’, “I’m going to kill him.” he muttered.
“Aw, Sirikins, don’t be so cruel,” James said, flinging his arm around his best friend’s shoulder, “Besides I have something to ask you about,” his face was serious, “Do you like Moony?”
“Er, he’s my friend,” Sirius said evasively. James gave his friend a look that said ‘you-just-answered-”yes”’
“Well I think that’s good. Although, if you continue to provoke Lina, you may end up in the hospital wing.”
“Aren’t you weirded out by that?” Sirius asked his friend in confusion.
“No, not at all. You’re my best friend, Sirius. It doesn’t matter if you like guys or girls or animals. As long as you’re cool with it, I’ll do whatever to make you happy.” The boys exchanged a grin and continued to walk together, “Besides, the only girl in this place who’s good enough for him is Lina, and he’s so thick he hasn’t figured out how much she fancies him.”
“Wait, how did you figure out that I like him?” Sirius asked. James rolled his eyes.
“Well you’re only my best mate, I’ve seen you go through at least 50 girls, I know what you get like when you like them.” They grinned again and walked to their next class. What they didn’t know was that Remus had heard everything they had just said. The dirty-blond boy was surprised. He had no idea Sirius-or Lina-felt that way about him. It wasn’t like he was disturbed by it, he was just surprised. For the rest of the day Remus seemed enveloped within his own bookish realm in which he thought of every single possibility of how this could go down with either Lina or Sirius.
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