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Chapter 12.

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Running into an old friend..

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You never realize how small a bus really is when you're sharing it with 5 other people. Especially if you're the only girl. You either have to change in front of everyone (very awkward..), force everyone to leave the area of the bus you're in, or change in a bathroom the size of a Johnny on the Spot. Needless to say, things were a little frustrating for Kinsie.

"Frank, put my bra down and stop acting like a 5 year-old!" She shouted as he giggled and ran around the bus, her purple lacy bra in hand. He'd found it in the small bathroom she was forced to change in this morning, because everyone decided not to leave the room when she wanted to change. Guys.. She thought to herself, rolling her eyes.

Of course, Frank decided to run out of the bus into the parking lot of the gas station they had stopped in. "Seriously, give it back! You're so immature!" She yelled, chasing him down. He just laughed, and took off to another bus, knocking on the door. Well, more like rammed into it, yelling "LET ME IN! PLEEEASE!" Kinsie ran after him up to the door of the bus as Frank frantically screeched, "C'MON, I'M GONNA GET KILLED BY A PISSED-OFF GIRL!" Kinsie jumped onto his back, trying to grab at the bra.

High-pitched laughter came from the bus, she knew that laugh. It couldn't be..him. It's a coincidence. She thought nervously, still trying to grab the under wear from Frank's hands. Someone opened the door and yelled "Iero!" She knew that voice. Her heart rate skyrocketed. It IS NOT him. It CAN NOT be HIM. Beginning to shake, she held onto Frank tighter. The guy poked his face out from the door. Kinsie practically fell off of Frank, seeing his face.

"Purple! You know I have a thing for purple!" Bert said with another high-pitched giggle that Kinsie once loved. "Now, what lovely girl does this belong to?" He commented, looking for the girl who was on Frank's back. But it seemed like she'd disappeared. "Or is this for me?" Frank turned around and looked for her. "Must be embarassed." Frank snickered with a shrug. Bert snickered also.

"A girlfriend of yours, maybe?" Bert said, wiggling his eyebrows. Frank laughed and shook his head. "But man, she's hot. And really cool, you should meet her sometime." Bert nodded and smirked, "Maybe when she's not so shy." A whiny voice came from the inside of the bus, shouting Bert's name. His eyes rolled back in annoyance. "That would be my lovely girlfriend, Kate. Gotta go, man." Frank nodded and chuckled.

"Later." He waved as Bert got back into the bus, and Frank made his way to his own. When he got on, he shouted, "Hey Kinz!" There was no answer. He walked into the bunks. "Are you really that pissed that I stole the bra? I'm sorry, I was just having a little fun is all." Still no answer. Frank climbed to Kinsie's bunk, flinging the curtain aside. Facing the opposite direction, she lay there.

"It's fine Frankie." She said, sounding a bit hoarse. "I'm just really tired all the sudden, I haven't gotten much sleep in a while, and it's all kind of hitting me now." Something seemed wrong, but he didn't want to bother her or make it worse. Laying a comforting hand on her arm he said, "Okay, you get some rest. If you need anything, just tell one of us." Kinsie nodded. "Thanks." With that, Frank closed the curtain and left her to sleep.

But Kinsie didn't sleep. Laying there, she stared at the wall, trying to process everything that had happened without screaming.

Bert and his band were on Warped Tour.
They would be the whole summer.
He seemed to be friends with Frankie, so obviously he'd be close to the other guys.
Kinsie had to spend the entire summer avoiding him, which would probably be close to impossible.

Or, there was another alternative. She could try to be friends with him again. Kinsie almost laughed out loud.Like that would EVER happen.. Sighing, she slowly drifted off to sleep, not wanting to ever wake up. The best summer of her life was slowly going to become a living Hell.

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