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Chapter 13.

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The boys are acting odd..

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Kinsie hadn't left her bunk since the moment she saw Bert. All she wanted to do was fall asleep and forget, but sadly, she couldn't. Then, she thought of Adam. They hadn't talk since the night before she left Cleavland, and just now realized how much she missed him. Quickly, she grabbed her laptop from in front of her feet, opening it. As she opened her ichat, she crossed her fingers and prayed his name would show up. As soon as she signed on, a little message screen popped up. She grinned.

kinzhugstreeez: WEBCAM NOOOOW! (:

Automatically, Adam's grinning face covered her computer screen. He waved to her, and she waved back. "Well hello there, gorgeous." He greeted her in a very lame attempt at a British accent.

"Hi fool." Kinsie replied with a smile, which quickly turned to a frown. "I miss you."
"Oh you have no idea how much I miss you, dear." Adam said with a frown. "But, I went out and bought something to make it better!" Kinzie looked at him, worried of what that may be.
"And that is..?" She said, nervously.
"One moment!" He replied happily.

Adam stood up, taking his computer off their kitchen table into his messy room. Sitting the laptop on his unmade bed, he stood up and grabbed something, sitting it onto his night stand. The object seemed to be a yellow cage, and whatever was in it squeaked loudly. Oh God.. Kinsie thought, letting out a laugh.

"I got hamsters!" He Adam shouted. Kinsie shook her head, laughing. "One is named Kinsie, the other is Adam." Kinsie laughed even harder.
"Are you sure this is a good idea, having a boy and girl? They might..well, you know." She said gesturing towards the cage. Adam shook his head, disbelievingly.
"They don't seem interested in each other. No hamster sex here."
Kinsie rolled her eyes. "Alright..well can I see them?" She smiled as he nodded and opened up the cage door, taking out a small brown ball of fur. "Aaaaw!" Kinsie squealed.
"This one is Kinsie!" Adam said with a smile, which quickly turned to a look of panic. "Holy shit!" He exclaimed, "Its biting my finger! Fuck! It hurts!"
Kinsie couldn't help but crack up laughing at her friend, jumping around screaming. He was such a dork.

Suddenly, the curtain of her bunk opened, and a short man jumped in next to her.
"SHE LIVES!" He shouted, and Kinsie giggled. She was in a much better mood now, thanks to Adam.
"Hello, Frank." She replied, poking his nose.
Frank grinned and replied, "Hey, cutie." She blushed slightly. Kinsie wasn't sure how she felt about any of the guys at the moment, but they were all attractive and sweet. They were a bit flirty with her, though. Especially Frank.

Then, he looked at the screen, eyes widening. "What the fuck is that guy doing?!" Frank giggled loudly, and Adam stopped screaming immediately, eyes widening.

"'re Frank Iero." He said in shock, dropping Kinsie the Hamster back in her cage.
Frank nodded. "Yes I am." Adam just laughed strangely.
"Erm, that's met him the other night?" Kinsie said, laughing at her star-struck friend. Again, Frank nodded with a laugh. The sound of a phone ringing came from the computer, snapping Adam back to reality.
"That's my cue to get off, I guess." Adam said with a laugh.
"Aaaaw, alright." Kinsie replied with a frown. "Love you duder!" She waved to him.
Adam smiled. "Love you too, kid." And shut off his webcam. Kinsie shut her laptop.

Frank and Kinsie just layed there together, in a bit of an awkward silence.

"So," Frank said casually. "Is he your boyfriend?" He looked at her hopefully.
Kinsie giggled and shook her head. "No, it's nothing like that. He's just my very best friend."
Chewing on his lip ring, Frank nodded. He looked deep in thought.
"So, you don't have a boyfriend?" He said, with the same hopeful look. Kinsie laughed nervously.
"Nope, I'm totally single."
Frank opened his mouth, then closed it. Opening it again, he said, "Well, you know, I was wondering---"

Frank was cut off by the curtain being ripped open for the second time that night. Mikey and Gerard popped their heads in, looking suspicious of the two.

"HEY GUYS!" Gerard practically yelled in Frank's face. A look of frustration went over his features.
"Hi Gee, hi Mikey." Kinsie said brightly, despite the fact they were acting so odd.
"Hey." Frank simply replied.
"We just wanted to see if you guys wanted to play kickball outside, it's a really nice night." Mikey said innocently, but he looked like he was up to something.
Kinsie smiled and replied, "Sounds good to me." Frank said nothing, but got out of the bunk, followed by Kinsie.

Mikey was right, it was a really nice night. But as soon as she took a step out of the bus and into the empty lot they'd stopped in, she heard a familiar laugh. Kinsie's insides froze, seeing Bert. He started to approach her, and she tried her hardest not to panic.

"I don't believe we've met, but I've heard lots about you." He said, stumbling. Drunk. Same old Bert.

Kinsie just turned and ran into the bus, before anyone could catch her. She slammed the door, hearing the guys yell her name. Tears started to stream down her face as she dove into her bunk, wanting to die. After a few minutes, she heard the bus door open. Kinsie nervously gasped, praying no one came to talk to her.
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