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chapter two

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You arrive at Cassie’s house ten minutes earlier then the legal limit would have aloud. You get out of your car, and run to her front door. You pound on the door, very impatient at the moment. When she opens the door, she laughs at you. You were about to ask her what was so funny when she said.
“Bree, you should see your face!” She said, still laughing. You make a face at her, and that makes her laugh even harder. You roll your eye’s and walk past her in her small house. Her dog runs up to you, it’s tail wagging like there’s no tomorrow.
“Hey Sammy!” You say to the big Great Dane. He barks loudly, and you smile.
“He says happy birthday.” Says Cassie right behind you. That reminds you . . .
“Oh! About that! What’s this about Fall Out Boy tickets for tonight?!” You say turning to her and jumping up and down. She starts laughing again.
“The face is back!” You stop jumping, and try not to make a face. You guess it works because she stops laughing.
“Okay, so you know how my brother works at that concert place in Philly?” You nod impatiently.
“Well since we works there he got the backstage passes for free, and a discount on the tickets. Their really not front row. It’s a stand-in concert, so we can go when Rick goes to work so that we do have front row if you think about it like that.” She said smiling. You were smiling to.
“AHHHH! I friggin love you! I hope you know that!” You scream, giving her a big hug. She pats your back akwardly.
“Haha. Love you too Bree.”
“So when’s Rick going to work?!” You ask, letting her go.
“Well it takes about an hour to get there, and he has to be at work by 9:00 and its 7:30 now, so I’m guessing soon.” She said, looking at the clock behind you. At that moment Rick called from upstairs.
“Almost ready kiddies?!”
“Yupp! I think Lucy might need to run home really quick though.”
“Alright well tell her to hurry! We need to leave soon!”
“How bought you just come pick us up at her house?!” Yelled Lucy.
“Alright! Be there in about twenty minutes ready to go!”
“Bye!” Lucy yelled at her brother.
“What do I need at my house?” You ask, confused.
“A sweatshirt you silly! It’s going to be freezing, and you need money so you can buy a Fall Out Boy sweatshirt and leave your crappy one in the car and have them sign your new one when we meet them.”
“You logic is so weird . . . but it makes sense. Let’s go.”

Makyy, so this is the next chapter. Sorry I haven't been writing. I've been kinda in a slump/depressed. I hope you like this chapter as much as the last one. I'm sorry if it sucks as a second person story. I wanted to try it out and see if it was as hard if people said, and it wasn't. It's actually just as easy as first person and third person. But anyway, I hope you like it! Please review, or I will cry. =[
Love ya all!
Erin Nicole
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