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Looks can be deceiving.

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Las Vegas, Nevada. Some people come here to make their dreams come true, while others watch theirs disappear right before their eyes because of selfishness and greed. Some people come to sin city to marry the love of their life quickly and painlessly, while others marry complete strangers after a night of cheap talk and one too many drinks. But my best friend and I are here for completely different reasons; the main one being school. I know, college isn't the first thing you usually think of when the bright city in the desert comes to mind, but it is. We're both students at UNLV and are having the time of our lives, despite the lack of sleep and over consumption of ramen noodles and take out. Thank goodness for the full gym in our apartment complex. I don't know what we'd do without our precious ramen and elliptical machines.

Anyway, before I go any farther I should make an introduction. My name is Cait Avery. I'm 21 years old and I'm working and studying hard to become a psychiatrist. I'd like to think I'm rather studious, I mean I don't want to brag, but I do get excellent grades and I've been on the deans list every semester that I've been I'm doing pretty well I'd say. I'm not boring, by any means, I do go out and party with my girl and my boys sometimes, but school has to come first. I've been told I'm pretty too. I have a fair complexion, blue eyes, and my brown hair reaches a few inches past my collar bones. I'm in shape and I try to follow the latest trends. I grew up in a nice Chicago suburb so I know how to handle myself in a big city. I'm a pretty good catch if I do say so myself. But my roommate, Holly; she's an interesting one.

She's from a small town in Wisconsin so she has that silly accent and she looks sweet but take my word for it, looks can be very deceiving. She's the craziest 19 year old I've ever met, but once you get to know her, she's a total sweetheart. She has big blue eyes and an even bigger heart (and libido, but I never said that). She has weird, choppy long hair that's three different colors. Blonde, black and this strange red and she's beautiful and thin and insane. She's a Biochem student and you wouldn’t know it, but she’s really smart and she has the best boyfriend in the entire world and I'm so jealous, but I'll never say anything; because as long as she's happy, I'm happy. And Brendon is a total and complete sweetheart to her. She's his princess.

Ah, Brendon. He's so handsome. And funny. And perfect. He's also a student at UNLV, but he's only taking general courses. Most of the time he's a land surveyor in the greater Las Vegas area. I've never seen it myself, but according to Holly from the neck to the hips he's very sun kissed and I want nothing more than to see it myself. But he's hers and they're happy so I can't. The way they met wasn't exactly traditional, but it's different. They met in the cafeteria at school one day. Apparently there was only one giant chocolate chip cookie left and they both grabbed for it at the same time. Which led to blushes and giggles and talking and splitting the cookie in half and then dates and then the current situation: A happy girl and a jealous best friend.

And then there's Ryan, Brendon's best friend. But you'll learn more about him later.


"What are you doing up so early?" Holly asked as she walked into the kitchen in a tank top and shorts on a Saturday morning.
"I'd hardly call 11:00 early."
"It's 11:00?" She squeaked before pouring herself a cup of the coffee that I had made earlier in the morning. I think she was too tired to tell the difference anyway.
"Were you out late again?" I asked her as I turned back to the paper I was busy typing up.
"Yeah. I didn't get in until after five."
"What did you and Brendon do?" I didn't let on how curious I actually was.
"Oh I wasn't with Brendon" What? "He had to work early so I hung out with Ryan."
"And Brendon's okay with that?"
"It's not like Ryan and I hooked up." Liar. "We just hung out." Liar. I shrugged before Holly hopped up onto the counter. "I don't see what the big deal is. Ryan and I are buds."
"Yeah, but Holly, Brendon is your boyfriend and Ryan is his best friend. You don't want to come between those two."
"I'm not." She said quietly before hopping down and heading towards our bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower before Beary gets here." Uh, what?
"What time is he coming?" I called as I leaned back in my chair.
"I don't know, whenever his lunch is."


At 11:45 the buzzer went off. It had to have been him. Holly was still in the bathroom doing her hair so I decided to let him in.
"Hey Cait, how are you?" He smiled his perfect white smile at me while stepping inside our obnoxiously clean apartment. Who knew that two college girls could be so tidy?
"Come on in Brendon." I smiled back at him. Only wishing my smile could be as perfect as his. "Those are pretty." I said referring to the bouquet of tiger lilies in his hand.
"Yeah I saw them on my way over here and thought Holly would like them." He shrugged.
"Oh, that's sweet. I'm sure she'll love them." I nodded before heading over to the couch to take a breather from my school work.
"Brendon!" Holly squealed as she came bouncing out of the bathroom looking like she had gotten a full nights worth of sleep. She wrapped her self around him tightly before he picked her up and spun her around.
"Hi baby." He smiled "I brought you these."
"Aww Bden, you shouldn't have. Thank you." She giggled before kissing him. After she broke the kiss she took the flowers into the kitchen to put them in one of the vases we had and I could have sworn I saw Brendon looking at me, but it was probably just my imagination playing a cruel trick on me. "So what do you want for lunch?"
"Grilled cheese please." He smiled another smile. His cute and innocent one. One of many smiles that I was falling hard for.

This isn't my first story, but it's the first I've posted in a long, long time. My very best friend convinced me to post it and I hope you enjoy. Review please. :]
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