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This Is For Real

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Bren's school day. Confrontation with Ryan. Mushy-gushy stuff. Yeah.

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Still Brendon’s POV

I quickly finished off my Zone bar as I pulled into the high school parking lot. I parked in an empty space and could see Ryan and his ‘popular’ friends hanging out by the flagpole. I sighed for what must have been the millionth time as I wondered if, to put it rather cliché-ly, my dream would come true. I grabbed my folders off of the passenger seat and turned off the car. I opened the door and stepped out, immediately greeted by that high school smell. It was the smell of cigarettes and bad school lunches and dirty locker rooms all mixed together. All in all, not a pleasant scent. I locked my car and walked up to the school, looking for an empty bench. Right as I spotted one and was walking towards it, the bell rang. God damn it. I was hoping that maybe it would happen before school. I sighed and walked through the huge double doors of the school, for another day of hell.

First period was math. My own personal hell, just one more place I didn’t belong. As if math itself wasn’t bad enough, I had Ryan in my class. Which was horrible, because I kept finding myself staring at him and missing questions the teacher asked me, or she’d say something along the lines of, “Mr. Urie. Please stop staring at Mr. Ross like he is something to eat.” And then I’d blush, and stare down at my desk. And everyone would laugh because the little reclusive emo guy likes the popular scene guy. And Ryan would just kinda halfheartedly glare at everyone for laughing, which I never understood. But I was sort of grateful.

The rest of the day always passed in a blur for me, and I breezed easily through my classes. Math was the only one I had any sort of challenge in, and that was only cause I couldn’t keep my eyes off Ryan for more than five minutes.

After sixth period I walked quietly out of the room, staring blankly at my feet as I walked. I was kinda surprised by the time I got out to the parking lot, someone usually tripped me by now. It was kinda a routine by now. No sooner had the words gone through my head then I felt a foot in front of mine and I flew forwards into the air. My folders fell to the ground and I could see the concrete quickly approaching my face. I pressed my eyes closed and stuck my hands out, preparing myself for impact. But the impact never came. I felt long fingers wrap around my wrist to keep me from falling. I opened my eyes and straightened up after a moment, feeling a bit bewildered. I turned to see who had caught me and my mouth fell open when I saw Ryan standing there with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you okay?” He was still holding onto my wrist.
“Um, y-yeah, I-I’m fine.” I cursed myself for stuttering. I did that whenever I was embarrassed.
Relief overcame his face and he smiled. “Good.”
There was a short awkward silence before I spoke. “Um, no offense Ryan, but, um, why are you talking to me?”
The look on his face confused me. He had bitten his lip, and he look kind of embarrassed. He mumbled something under his breath, but I couldn’t hear.
“Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”
He spoke a bit louder, but I still couldn’t hear him.
“Sorry. I can’t hear you.”
He let out an exasperated sigh before looking into my eyes. It scared me a little, I never thought that I’d get the opportunity to have him do that. Before I knew what was happening, he had leaned forwards and pressed his lips against mine. I froze up for a moment. Was this really happening? And if it was, then why wasn’t it happening like I had dreamed it? My dreams were always accurate, down to the last detail. Oh well, it wasn’t like I was complaining. In fact, this was better. Because he hadn’t needed to express himself with words; everything that hadn’t been said was conveyed through this kiss. After a moment I realized what was happening and I softly kissed him back. His arms found their way around my waist, and my arms wound around his neck. I was vaguely aware of people jeering at us but I paid them no mind. This is where I was supposed to be. This is where I belonged.
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