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A Little Piece Of Heaven

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Verrrrry short chapter. Sorry. But I ran outta time. And I like where this ends. So yeah.

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Ryan’s POV

In correspondence with Brendon’s wishes, I went home, cleaned up, and went to school. It was early, and I made it to school just in time for the warning bell. I dashed into my first period as the bell rang, and the teacher gave me a sympathetic look. She knew about Bren’s condition. Everyone did. School was uneventful. That is, until I got to sixth period. Someone was just about to stand and read their history report when the intercom came on.

“Students and teachers, please pardon this interruption. I’m afraid we have some rather sad news. You all know of the condition of our student, Brendon Urie. I regret to inform you that he passed away this afternoon. Cause of death was not his injuries, but an unknown virus in his system. Friends are welcome to come to the office to inquire further. I’m very sorry for his family’s, as well as his friends’ loss. He was an excellent student, and I’m sad to have lost him. Thank you.”

My face went pale, my body trembling. He couldn’t be dead. He just couldn’t be. I felt tears cascading down my face, sobs threatening to break from my chest. I quickly gathered my things and went out the door. “E-excuse m-me,” I excused myself and quickly left the premises. Is this why he wanted me gone? Did he know he was going to die and just didn’t want me there? At this point the sobs overcame me and I had to run to my car. I let myself in and collapsed on the seat. Why? Why did he have to die? The only reason he was hurt was because he had saved me! I sat like that for what must have been hours before I finally got somewhat calmed down. I turned on my car and sped off towards my house. I went inside and up to my room, collapsing on the bed. I wasn’t going to move from this spot, ever. Not until I had Brendon back by my side, his warm hand in mine.

-quite a few days later-

True to my word, I hadn’t moved. Quite a few days had passed, and I had slept only one to two hours each night. I hadn’t eaten, I hadn’t drank anything, I hadn’t used the bathroom, hadn’t showered, nothing. I had even refused to go to Brendon’s funeral. My phone rang, a ringtone of Brendon’s favorite song. It brought tears down my face as I remembered. I glanced at the caller ID, and froze, my face going even paler. It was Brendon's number. I shakily reached over and picked up the phone, flipping it open and pressing it cautiously to my ear.
“H-h-hello?” My voice was rough and weak from lack of use.

There was some background noise, a pause, and then a sound that made my heart melt.
A sound that made me go weak with happiness.
A beautiful sound that could probably bring a dead puppy back to life.

Brendon’s voice.
“Hello love.”
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