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Chapta five.

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Brendon finally had it in him to text Ryan back, and they had agreed to meet the next morning to talk. It was late by then, and I wished him luck. Our goodbye was a little awkward, we hugged but I still felt like he was off-limits, even though he wasn’t.
“I’ll call you after I talk to Ryan.”
“Okay sounds good. Goodnight Brendon.”
“Night Cait.” He winked before walking the opposite direction as me. I was definitely in a better mood when I got back to the apartment, I was even considering accepting Holly’s apology, but she was fast asleep in her bed, wrapped in a hoodie that I’m sure wasn’t even hers. The lamp on her desk was still on so I thought I’d be nice and shut it off for her, but not before I noticed a picture peaking out from underneath a notebook. I glanced over my shoulder quickly to confirm that she was asleep before pulling it out. It was strip of four pictures from a photo booth. In the first one Holly and Ryan were making, as she would call them, “scene kid” faces. They both had kissy faces while she was looking up and off to the side and Ryan made the photo by throwing up a peace sign while wearing his blue Raybans with the mirrored lenses. In the second one they were making angry faces at each other, the third one they were just smiling and looking incredibly happy. She was sitting on his lap and he had his chin resting on her shoulder, but the last photo was the kicker. Their foreheads were pressed together and Ryan’s hand was cupping her cheek as they shared, what looked like, a very loving kiss. I couldn’t be angry anymore. That last photo showed me how happy he made her and how much she loved him. I understood what she said earlier now. It made perfect sense. I knew I’d have to explain myself to her in the morning. I carefully placed the picture back under her notebook before turning the lamp off and heading into my room.


“Thanks for coming over.” Ryan said as he let Brendon into his apartment. He didn’t want there to be any signs of Holly, not knowing how Brendon would react, so he stuffed one of her hoodies, sweaters, and a few shirts as well as a pair of her jeans that were laying on his couch into his hamper (I’m sure if he wanted, Ryan could fit into them...they’d be a little short though), as well as the framed photos of she and Ryan under the pillows on his bed.
“Yeah, no problem.” Brendon said sitting down on the couch. “So man, let’s talk.”
“Right, yeah.” Ryan nodded as he sat down on the other side of the couch. “So you aren’t pissed at me?” Ryan was a little uneasy, like Holly, he couldn’t take it when people were mad at him.
“No, no. Holly and I are in the same boat. I only wanted to get closer to Cait.”
“Whoa, you like Cait?”
“Uh, yeah.” Brendon chuckled before running his hand through his dark hair. “A lot. She’s amazing and I feel bad for what I did. I should have gone for her right away instead of wasting Holly’s time. But, eventually that brought her to you.”
“Yeah, yeah it did.” Ryan smiled. “So are you and Cait together then?”
“No, I told her how I felt last night and we’re going to take it slow. She said we both need time and she means so much I’ll give her all the time she needs.”
“Sounds like you’re in pretty deep.”
“Yeah I am.” Brendon nodded. “Waiting will be worth it.”
“Definitely.” Ryan agreed.
“ you love her?” Brendon felt like he had to know.
“More than anything. She’s my everything. She’s the air I breathe, the color in my life, she’s my moon and I’m her sun.”
“That explains that tattoo then.” Brendon chuckled. Holly had a tattoo of a feminine moon on the inside of her right arm. She’s had it for a while, but no one really knew what it meant...until now that is. “Do you have a matching sun or something?”
“Yeah.” Ryan actually giggled. “Underneath my belly button.”
“Why not on your left arm?”
“I think that would have been a little obvious.”
“Ah, right.” Brendon nodded again. “So I guess it’s pretty serious if you have matching tattoos then, huh?”
“I want her for the rest of my life.” Ryan said seriously.
“You got it bad man. So bad.” Brendon laughed. After that they talked about anything and nothing at the same time. They were okay, just like always.


“So I talked to Ryan.” Brendon said as he and Holly at a booth in Denny’s. Grand Slam’s were their thing.
“Yeah, and it gave me a lot of insight about the whole situation, as well as my own.”
“Your own?”
“I have to be honest Holly, I did the same thing as you. I wanted to get closer to Cait.”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, and I told her that last night when we went to coffee.”
“So are there going to be double dates in the near future?” Holly laughed.
“Well, I don’t know. We’re going to take it pretty slow so time will only tell.”
“Good deal. I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you Brendon.”
“Me too.”
“But we’re good, right?”
“More than good.” He smiled.
“Great. I still need my Beary in my life.” Brendon smiled before standing up and leaving over the table to hug Holly.
“You’re a good girl Holly, Ryan’s a lucky guy.”
“Thanks Bden. I’m sure you’ll make Cait really happy.” Holly didn’t even know that Cait had feelings for Brendon. This was news to her.
“I certainly hope so.”
“You will, you’re a great guy B.”
“Thanks.” He said before hugging her again. “Ryan is going to make you really happy.”
“He already does.” She smiled. “But we had a good run.”
“Yeah, we did.” He smiled. They both knew they were better off as friends and were glad they could maintain a platonic relationship.


At this point I was feeling a little better, if not a little guilty. The guilt was for two reasons: one, being so mad at Holly and Ryan and two, for basically denying the love of my life. As soon as I plopped down onto the couch to enjoy some mindless TV, Holly came through the front door. I decided now was as good of a time as any to try to patch things up between us, even though I was still leery.
“Hey, where were you?”
“Oh, lunchfast with Brendon.” Lunchfast. It was their version of breakfast for dinner. Or brinner.
“How was it?”
“Good. We’ll be okay.”
“Oh, good. I’m glad.”
“Me too.” She smiled. “So what are you doing today?”
“Let’s go out and have a girls day. We haven’t had one in forever.” It was true, and I was in need of a manicure.
“Alright, I’ll get ready and we’ll go.”
“Cool.” Holly nodded before I pulled myself off the couch to fix my hair and clean up my makeup a bit.


Needless to say, even though there were a few awkward silences, Holly and I had a pretty good day together. We went to the spa and got mani-pedis and we even got our hair done before heading out for an early dinner that we would definitely have to exercise to get rid of. We ate so much as we talked about everything and nothing. Holly ate more than I did...which I found to be odd, but she just claimed she was starved. I still found that odd, but brushed it off, assuming one again that it was probably nothing...

Or is it? Hmm...
I actually have that moon tattoo that was mentioned. In the same spot too. It's the moon from "When the Day Met the Night". Out of all my tattoos it's definitely my favorite.
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