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Fun in the hospital

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Normal POV

The next morning Ray opened his eyes to see Dr Bryar standing over him with a glazed look in his eyes.

'Is something wrong doctor?' he asked, with a note of fear in his voice.

'No...It's just, I was wondering, have any of your friends got any idea what you are?'

'No why? Should they?'

'No is completely vital that they do not find out. That could have disastrous results...'
Then he turned on his heel and left the ward. Dr Bryar made his way out of the intensive care unit and took the elevator down to the ground floor where Gerard, Mikey and Frank were waiting nervously for any news.

'Gerard could I speak to you for a second' he said with a grave expression on his face. Gerard's face went white. Well, whiter if that's possible.

'Is it Ray? Has he got worse?'

'No, no Ray is absolutely fine its you I was worried about...Mr Way.' The tone of Bryars voice made Gerard look up. Dr Bryar took him by the arm and led him into an empty room.

'What are you doing?' Gerard asked with more than a little bit of anger in his voice.

'You'll see' said Dr Bryar mysteriously.

Gerard's POV

'What are you doing?' I asked again. By this time I was getting a little pissed off at Dr Bryar. After all, he was supposed to be helping Ray to heal.

'Right' said Dr Bryar, he had turned and was holding a cape lined with ruby red velvet. I gasped. It was my cape, the one I had lost over 700 years ago in the fields of the Nephilim. Seeing my reaction, Bryar nodded knowingly and handed me the cape.

'I thought so.' He muttered.

'Thought what? And how did you get my cape?' He held up a hand.

'In a nutshell, you are a vampire. Yes?' I nodded. 'And you have a younger brother called Micheral or Mikey now. Yes?' He didn't wait for a reply before continuing.

'I need the two of you to leave town.'

'WHAT! NO!! We can't just leave, people will ask questions!'

'You don't understand, you are making a big mistake by staying here, you're vampires, you should know when to quit!' A gasp came from behind me and I saw Frank standing, open mouthed in the doorway.

'You-you-your vampires?' he stuttered. Then he turned and ran. I chased after him.

'Frank? FRANK! Please!' But he kept on running. And then he was gone.

What do you think?

Eli. xoxo
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