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The Truth Hurts

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The story is told...

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Franks POV

I couldn't believe it. For the 3 years I had known Gerard he had sworn he was just a Jersey boy, nothing special. Admittedly he had never seemed to grow any older, always staying exactly the same, just like a 19 year old boy should right? No. Apparently not. Well, that was it. I was through with people not trusting me with their secrets. My phone vibrated in my pocket. Gerard Mobile showed up on the ID screen. Against my better judgement, I picked up,

Frank: Hello.

Gerard: Frank?

Frank: No this isn't frank its some scary paedo who has stolen franks phone and adopted his voice. Of course it's frank!

Gerard: Look, I'm really sorry about what happened. I was gonna tell you...

Frank: I'm sorry too Gerard, sorry I ever met you, you brainless arse.

Gerard laughed.

Frank: It isn't funny, when we met; you swore that we would share everything with each other, best friends forever you said, you can tell me anything you said. Well now you can't. Its over. Leave ME ALONE.

I hung up and turned my phone off. I couldn't kid myself, the idea of Gerard being a Vampire absolutely scared the shit out of me. I needed to talk to someone about this but no-one would believe me. I know! I thought I'll talk to Ray, he'll believe me. Yes, that sounded like a good idea, I would talk to Ray about what had happened. I stood up from the bench I had been sitting on, brushed down my jeans and set off back to the hospital. When I got there I saw Mikey and Gerard sitting in the waiting room. Gerard rose to greet me but I just held up a hand and kept walking to Rays ward. I went in and saw that all of the lights were off. I flicked the switch and blinked at the sudden brightness. I looked over to Ray's bed and was disappointed to see that he was sleeping. But, just as I turned to go, Dr Bryar appeared in the doorway holding a syringe filled with a translucent purpley liquid. As I stared he didn't seem in the least bit phased. He just continued over to the bed and rolled up Ray's sleeve.

'What are you doing?' It was an innocent question but Bryar turned to glare at me. Suddenly, he was right up in my face. I jumped back in fear but rather than hitting me or shouting like I thought he would, he laid a hand on my shoulder and steered me towards the armchair in the corner of the room. I obediently fell into the chair with a look of confusion on my face. Dr Bryar walked back over to the bed and hooked the syringe up to the IV sticking out of Rays arm. Then, he pulled a stool over to where I was sitting and sat down. With his hands on his knees, he said,

'Frank, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a man. This mans name was Lincoln. Now Lincoln was a good happy man, living in the peace of the world with a happy family and lots of friends. Now, one day, Lincoln's youngest daughter Katya fell ill. Lincoln suddenly became very withdrawn. His friends were concerned about him but there was nothing they could do. Lincoln would visit the infirmary where Katya was every day and every day she would seem just as happy and smiley as the day before. He began to relax more until life was almost back to normal but one day, Lincoln had a dream, a dream of pale faced humans and wolfish men. He woke and ran to the study where he drew upon the paper, all the things that he had seen. Little did he know it but at that moment an angel was watching, an angel called Briarel'.

The young doctor appeared to be struggling to speak so I sat patiently and waited for him to continue.

'Once Lincoln was asleep, the angel drifted down to earth to gaze at the mysterious drawings that lay, misty on the paper. Briarel lifted one sketch close to his eyes as he inspected every detail. These pictures depicted that which he had never seen before and it fascinated him'. Dr Bryar paused for breath but I impatiently urged him on.

'What happened next?' I asked eagerly.

'Whilst he was staring open mouthed at the pictures he breathed onto them. Now, angel breath is a very pure substance and it has the most amazing powers, it can move mountains, make forests burn and...revive the dead.'

I gasped, 'What, you mean...' He nodded.

'The pictures were no longer pictures. All over the world, corpses burst from graves and took new shapes. Your dear friends came from a remote town in the heart of Scotland over 1000 years ago. Anyway, the skies were ripped apart and the souls of the dead (and some of the living) were torn from their bodies and sucked into the void. Unfortunately Katya's soul was among those to be ripped away too early and this sent Lincoln right over the edge into crazed madness. Every night that followed was like the one before and every night a new monster was born. Little did he know it but he alone was creating hell on earth. And all that time, Briarel was watching, waiting for his time to come.'

I sat back in my armchair, mulling things over in my mind. Gerard and Mikey were Vampires and more than 1000 years old. There were more like him! Jesus I never thought New Jersey, or indeed our world was so complicated.

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