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Chapter 18

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Hospital Visit

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We ran in there and Nick was laying on the floor. For a moment we were just in shock. I felt my muscles lock up, what had happened? All the voices seem to fade, but I could recognize that Kevin was yelling and then Joe was calling for help. I looked over at Chelcie, who seemed just as frozen as me. Tears were instinctively falling down her face, but she wasn’t sobbing.
We followed the ambulance to the hospital, all the while Joe was on the phone trying to explain the whole situation. I could hear Denise crying and say that she would be there.
Luckily, Denise, Paul, and Frankie were already there when we got there. Denise and Paul were talking to the doctors, while Frankie just stood there confused and more sad than I had ever seen him. “Oh boys…” Denise sobbed and Kevin and Joe wrapped their arms around her. Paul was also crying and talking to the doctor, giving him all the information he could.
We stood outside the room as doctors and nurses hooked IVs, heart monitors, and other such. Paul held Denise in a hug as she sobbed miserably. Brooke held Kevin’s hand tight, and I could see them both holding back the tears. Joe stood beside me, quietly crying. He wasn’t making noise, but the tears were falling. Joe had his arms around me and I had mine around him, both of us trying to stay strong, but failing.
I looked over at Chelcie; her face was sad and tears fell down her cheeks, but there was something else. Chelcie was always the peppy one, the optimistic one, the one that always seen the sunny side. At the moment she was none of those things, the only things she was now was fearful, scared, sad, miserable, and completely and utterly stressed out. There was no one holding Chelcie or trying to make her feel better, which didn’t make sense. I let go of Joe and went over to Chelcie, she looked at me with the worst look I had ever seen. “Why?” she whispered softly as her lips trembled. I just shook my head and hugged her. Why? Was the perfect question.
We waited forever for them to get his body working again. A doctor came out of the room, “Your son should be ok. His blood sugars were too low and it caused his body to shut down.” she explained. “Should?” Paul asked. “Well right now he slipped into a light coma, probably do to the shock this was to his body.” she said. “Will he come out of it soon?” Denise asked. “He should. Comas like this one are usually pretty easy to come out of as long as we keep his vitals normal.” the doctor assured us. “Can we see him?” Chelcie asked. “Yes.” she nodded.
We all stepped into the room. It was odd being on this end of the deal, having to look at him like this. I hated seeing someone like family like this. Denise hugged him tightly, although Nick’s arms didn’t hug her back. It was like he wasn’t alive and except I could see the heart monitor’s screen and his heart was beating.
Joe sat down in a chair and placed his face in his hands. I sat down beside him and placed my hand on his back, hoping to offer him comfort. Paul stood beside Denise with his hand on her shoulder. I watched him whisper in her ear, but it didn’t seem to make her feel much better.
We were all miserable about the whole deal. Paul woke Denise up and they went to go get some coffee. We all had tear stains on our faces. “Do you think he’ll be ok?” Chelcie asked as she held Nick’s hand. “Yea…he has to…he he just has to.” Joe said and put his face back in his hands. I couldn’t understand why this had all happened.
Paul and Denise came back with their coffees in their hands. Denise gave us all sympathetic looks and then sat beside Nick again. I closed my eyes for a moment, holding in a couple tears. It was hard enough seeing Nick like this, but having to watch everyone suffer along? It was nearly unbearable. “I need some air.” Joe said and walked out of the small room. “Me too.” I said and followed him.


I walked out of the room. “Are you ok Joe?” Aubrey asked walking up beside me. “Yea I’m just fine and dandy.” I said in a sarcastic tone as I stepped out into the parking lot. She didn’t reply. “I’m sorry I said that.” I mumbled and walked over beside a tree. “Don’t be.” she answered.
She looked at me intently, but never said anything. I felt the tears welling up again. I fought them, but then they fell slowly and silently down my face. Aubrey immediately wrapped her arms around me. I had never broken down like this in front of her. I always wanted her to think that I was stronger, that I didn’t fall apart. “It’s going to be ok.” she whispered in my ear. I pulled away from her, “How? How will it be ok?” I asked my lip still trembling. Her eyes searched for the answer, “Nick’s strong, he will pull out of this. Remember the doctor said that he probably would.” she said encouragingly.
I thought about how strong Nick was and that he had always pulled out of every other thing that had went wrong. She bit her lip and looked at me, waiting for some response. I could see it in her eyes that she was just as worried and scared. “It will be ok.” I nodded. I could see that tears were forming in her eyes. I didn’t want to see her cry, not while I was barely keeping myself together.
I wrapped her up in my arms and held her close. “I’m sorry, I tried to stay strong.” she mumbled. “No please don’t be sorry. I should be the one staying strong.” I rubbed my hand across her back. “I swear to you I will never fall apart again.” I spoke. She looked up at me, “Don’t say that Joe, just don’t.” she shook her head. “Why?” I asked. “Because it’s wrong. You can’t be strong all the time.” she explained. I looked in her eyes and I knew that what I was swearing to wasn’t making her any better. “Ok, I take it back then.” I whispered and kissed her softly.


I looked at Nick just laying there. I badly wished that he would wake up and smile at me. How could this day have started off so wonderfully and ended so horribly? I looked over at Denise, who had her head laying on the edge of the bed. She looked terrible, I had never seen Denise this worried. I knew that I was feeling the most pain that I had ever felt in my life, but I couldn’t even imagine how she felt.
Brooke and Kevin left with Paul and Denise to go get some more coffee and a little snack. This left me alone with Nick. I laid my head down beside him and left myself cry a little. “I love you so much…” I whispered to him, even though I knew he couldn’t hear me. I repeated this about five times, I just couldn’t stop saying it. I wanted him to wake up so bad and I just hoped that if I told him how much I loved him that maybe, just maybe, he would say it back.
Denise walked in the room, but no one was with her. She sat down beside me, “I’m so sorry sweetheart.” she spoke. “You’re hurting more than me.” I sniffed and sat up. “I’m not hurting more than you, I’m just hurting differently.” she looked at me. I sighed and looked back at Nick.
Denise never said another word, she just sat beside me. Inside there was probably a billion things that I could’ve told her, but I didn’t. I had so many emotions, but for me her just sitting there feeling the pain as I did, was enough.


I pulled away from Joe. I looked at his red eyes and I’m sure that mine were just as red. “We should get back.” he sighed. “Yea.” I nodded. Joe held my hand. I could feel that we both squeezed just a little. We didn’t say anything on the way back, there was just simply nothing to say.
When we got back Denise and Chelcie were sitting together. I sat down beside Joe again. I set my head on his shoulder. “Thank you.” he whispered almost inaudibly. “For what?” I asked in the same voice. “Just being there.” he smiled weakly at me. “I’ll always be there.” I kissed his cheek.
Time went by slowly and Nick still wasn’t up. The doctor walked in, “If you want to go home you can.” she spoke. “No we’re fine.” Paul sighed. “Well he should wake up tomorrow.” she assured us. “It’s a good thing too, because tomorrow’s his birthday.” she smiled and looked up from her clipboard. His birthday! In all the stress of things we had all forgotten his birthday, his sweet sixteen.
Denise was a little upset with herself for forgetting, but we told her that it was just because of the stress. “Tomorrow he’ll wake up and when he does he’ll get a present.” Denise thought out loud. “What are you going to get him?” I asked. “We should get him a puppy.” Chelcie answered. “That’s a good idea, a puppy it is.” Paul said.
Even though things were horrible we were all trying to look on the bright side of things. I was trying so hard to stay positive, but there was something that was really scaring me. What if he doesn’t wake up? What if he dies? What if we never get to really be with him again?
I noticed that Joe was looking at me. “You ok?” he asked. “Yea, I was just thinking.” I nodded. He hugged me. It was a random hug, but it still was nice and I still enjoyed it.
Sleeping was really hard that night considering that we were in a hospital, the room was really full, we didn’t have beds, and we were about as stressed as we could possibly get.
Joe and I had pushed two chairs together and were laying on them, but he wouldn’t quit tossing and I couldn’t quit turning. At last I finally sighed and laid my head on his chest and closed my eyes. I slowly went to sleep.
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