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Remove Your Pants

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"I'll grab some floor then." She said pushing the table to the other end of the room....

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Chapter 3 - Remove Your Pants

I'll grab some floor then." She said pushing the table to the other end of the room and laid the black sheet down on the carpeted floor. "Oh, I forgot we need pillows." She walked back to the same closet and took out two pillows. One had rainbow hearts and the other blood red. "Here, take one." So I grabbed the one covered in rainbow hearts and laid it on the end of the couch and fixed up my bed for the night. "Okay." Zach said laying down. I realized she still had her clothes on, so did I.

"Do you have any pajamas or shorts I can borrow?" I asked nervously thinking she night laugh at me at the thought.

"Don't you have boxers or something?" She laughed closing her eyes and putting her arms up and her hands under her head. I knew she was gogin to laugh.

"Yeah, why?" I asked stupidly.

"Sleep in them. My brother does and I don't mind." She said ajusting her head for comfort.

"But I don't want to." I whined.

"Don't be a baby, dude. Take off your pants and sleep."

"What?" I asked shocked. My eyes widened in disbelief to what she just said.

"If you want, go to the bathroom and take off your pants, if your nervous of removing them in front of me."

"No, I'm fine." So I removed my skinny jeans while looking every five seconds at Zach to see if she was looking at me while I undressed myself. But she wasn't. Then I removed my shirt. I walked over to the couch to lay down, then something caught my eye. Zach still had her eyebrow swollen, and her lip. Well not all of it. There was just a small lump. Next to the swollen lumps she had was dry blood.

Now that her hair was all out of her face I could see her. She was so beautiful. I can't describe it.

Then, she asked, "Why are you staring at me?" Weird, her eyes were still closed and she knew I was watching her.

"How did you know that?" I asked in amazement.

"You're blocking the light with your body."

"Oh. For a minute there I thought you were psychic." I sighed.

"I also could feel you staring at me. I have no idea how, but I do." Then she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Nice six pack." She commented.

"Thanks." I thanked her with a grin.
"Does your face hurt?" I asked another dumb worded question.

"No. And you really need to work on your word choice more often." She said gazing at me.

"So, why did you help me?" I asked anxious as I took a seat on the couch.

"Well, I saw you in pain and I...," She paused and looked back up at the ceiling sighing heavily. "I've been there before. I know what it feels like." Then I saw a crystal tear run down her face and land on her pillow beneath her head. "I was picked in before, then I had enough. I was tired of being the loser. So, one day, I burst. I punched them. Punch after punch. It felt so good, but at the same time not." Another tear ran down her face followed by more. One after another falling down to my pillow. "Then I was expelled for my constant fighting. Was sent to another school and got suspended for talking back to the teacher and calling her a bitch. It was really hard to explain it to my parents so the school called them and explained it to them in a way I couldn't. My parents were so pissed. After that, I was grounded for month. While that my parents had problems of their own, and soon after they got divorced. Now my mom is in prison for life and my dad in Chicago, Illinois working as a bar tender/manager. My bro is the only thing I have left. That's why he is protective of me. He doesn't want me to get hurt, and he helps me with school. And I don't want to let him down, so I only fight out of school and only for a good cause." She sniffed and wiped her tears from her face.

"So, what does you brother do?" I asked changing the subjet as best I could.

"He works in construction, building houses and stories. Like the Fred Meyer down the street, he helped build that." Finally, she had stopped crying and wiped away all her snot. I felt sorry for her. She had a bad childhood and she is still strong. Unlike me who thought his life was bad. "Let's go to sleep now. I'm really tired." She suggested and did so.

A/N: i don't know if anybody really reads my stroies, but if u r reading this then can u tell me wut u think. i really wanna know. :)
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