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Chapter ten.

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So this chapter is shorter but I think you'll appreciate the end of it. Let me know what you think. :D


“Oh I ate too much.” My dad groaned as he stroked his belly after our Thanksgiving feast. “You girls sure know how to cook.” He said before pulling himself slowly out of the chair just to crash on the couch.
“Thanks.” Holly, my mom and I said at the same time. We had all gotten up early to start the meal and apparently did a good job. We were starting to clear the table top with Ryan’s help before my dad called him into the living room to “digest properly”.
“So Cait, are there any boys in your life?” My mom prodded. I opened my mouth but Holly beat me to it.
“Yes, as a matter of fact there is a boy.” She smiled. “His name is Brendon and he’s very cute.”
“Oh my Cait has a boyfriend!” My mom squealed.
“He might as well be. In my world he is your boyfriend.” Holly said.
“Well he’s not, but I would not mind if he was.” I smiled as there was a specific knock on the door. What are the odds?
“I got it.” Holly smiled before skipping, yes skipping to the front door. “Brendon! How lovely to see you!”
“I came for pie.” He said as Holly dragged him into the kitchen. “Kelly, this is that boy, Brendon.”
“So nice to meet you.” My mom said as she hugged him. He awkwardly hugged her back.
“Who’s here?” My dad yelled from the living room. Not that he would know or anything. It sounded like Ryan had answered his question, because he didn’t speak up again.
“Yeah, hold on a second.” Holly laughed before pushing him into the living room to join the other men. We were outnumbered. Only by one, but still.
“What kind of pie did you get?” My mom asked as Holly and I got out the nicer dishes to serve up the dessert.
“French silk.” Holly said before slicing the pie into even slices. She then slid some slices onto the glass plates before serving them to Ryan, Brendon, Cooper and my dad and then coming back into the kitchen after her two trips only to dig the chocolate syrup out of the fridge and pour a good amount on top of her already chocolaty pie. I think my mom and I had similar expressions on our faces as we watched her drown her dessert. “What? I’m pregnant.” That was the first time she had ever said it out loud since the night she told me she was having a baby. I just shook my head before she picked up her plate and went into the living room to sit next to Ryan, who was half way done with his piece already.
“And so it begins.”
“And so what begins?” I asked as my mom and I picked up our own designated plates.
“The excuse of being pregnant to cover up for weird food concoctions, extra helpings and cravings at odd hours. Are you ready to be the roommate of a pregnant girl?” She made it sound like it was my baby too.
“Well I was never expecting to be but I think I can handle it.” I chuckled as we made our way out to the living room.


Once again bellies were being rubbed and sleepiness was over taking most of the people sitting in our now cramped living room. My dad was in and out of consciousness, Cooper was staring at the TV blankly, mom was reading a probably cheesy romance novel and Holly and Ryan had retreated to her room for nap time while Brendon and I sat at the table talking.
“So how was everything?” He asked as he absentmindedly pulled apart pieces of a napkin.
“It was good. It went a lot better than I had hoped.”
“Where are mom and pops Monahan?”
“Oh they bailed. Don’t ask Holly about it. It gets her emotions all messed up. It isn’t pretty.”
“Oh.” He said before shrugging. “Do you want to take a walk around the block with me?” He stood up, offering me his hand.
“I would love to.” I smiled before we stepped out into the sunny but chilly afternoon. “Was it getting too stuffy in there or what?”
“No, I just felt like taking a walk with you.” He said as he slowly reached down and laced our fingers together. I was blushing by something as simple as holding hands. “And...I was hoping we could talk about something.”
“Oh?” He nodded. “And what might that be?”
“Us.” He said simply before we stopped in front of the bench. He motioned for me to have a seat and once we were situated on the wooden bench he took my hand again.
“What about us?”
“I...I want to take it to the next level.” He said as he looked directly into my eyes. I blinked a few times, not sure if I heard him correctly.
“What...really?” He nodded slowly while rubbing his thumb over the top of my hand.
“Only if that’s what you want.” This time it was my turn to nod slowly.
“More than anything.” I smile crept over his perfectly plump lips before he leaned in to give me the most incredible kiss of my life. Kissing Brendon was amazing; magical almost. I never wanted to stop and I honestly wasn’t sure if I could.
“So we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now.” He smiled while playing with my hands after we broke apart. I bit my lip and smiled before giving him a sweet peck.
“Finally.” I giggled.
“What are we going to tell everyone?”
“Oh, just that everything is right in the world.” I said before placing my hands on Brendon’s soft cheeks and kissing him again. And it was. For once, things were perfect.

There you go.
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