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“Okay.” I breathed. “I think I’ve digested it now.” I so badly wanted to ask him questions, but his face was so worried already, I couldn’t force one upon him.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Horror - Characters: Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] [X] [?] - Published: 2009/03/12 - Updated: 2009/03/12 - 475 words

We came to the forest, the night sky had grew more and more black as we ran further, his hand was weaker on me, and the running had turned to walking, I was still shocked and amazed, I didn’t actually know what was going on, and I was getting bored of examining scenery and snapped out of it.

“What is going on.” I said, it wasn’t really a question, more like a statement, I was staring up at his face, he was tired, I felt sorry for him, I barley knew him but it felt like days we had been together and now I wanted to know.

“ I’m saving you.” He answered quickly, too quickly. He wasn’t out of breath any more, his expression was angry. He stood up straight and walked away from me, through some trees and down a slight slope. I looked out at him as he disappeared down the slope, I scrambled to my feet and walked after him, he was kneeling by a lake he was drenching his face with water, he looked more worried now, and sad. I didn’t want to speak because I was thankful for him saving me, but I had so many questions like, what the hell happened to me? Why is he risking everything to save me? And what is happening to me? He turned his head to the side realizing I was there, he jumped slightly and sighed.

“It’s difficult, to explain. You must be so confused, I know I was too… You just have to trust me, I can’t talk. Not just yet.” His face had screwed up, he didn’t look angry now, just confused, I knew he was concentrating hard on what he was saying to me, making sure it was right.

We both stayed there, in the same position, he looked like he was thinking hard about what to do, and I was just standing there, like an idiot watching his facial expressions change. I never noticed him much before. I figured by now that he wasn’t a doctor, he didn’t look like one either. His hair was quite long, black and matted. His skin was smooth and pale, like how mine had become, and his eyes were dark hazel. Nope he wasn’t a doctor at all.

I decided to move, I slowly and tried to be as slow as I could, I sat next to him, he probably heard me but his eyes were closed, and his head on his hand.

“Okay.” I breathed. “I think I’ve digested it now.” I so badly wanted to ask him questions, but his face was so worried already, I couldn’t force one upon him.

Then he let out a big sigh, and opened his eyes, “Good.” He said breathlessly, “Good.”
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