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Chapter twelve.

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“So what are we going to tell everyone?” Holly asked as she and Ryan made their way back to the apartment.
“Well that our baby is perfect and healthy and then that we got married.”
“If only it was that simple.”
“It’ll be fine, love.” Ryan said as he gave her a reassuring smile. “And then we have to tell my mom. And then yours.”
“Let’s wait on telling my parents.”
“It has to be done.”
“I know...just not today. Today is a good day and I don’t want it to be ruined.”
“Okay fine, we’ll tell your parents tomorrow.” Ryan said before taking Holly’s keys from her hand to unlock the front door.


“Why do you have this?” I giggled as I held up a CD I found in Brendon’s car. “No Strings Attached.” I read the title right off the cover.
“Uh, because they’re great?”
“I didn’t know you owned something like this, I would expect Holly to...but not you.”
“Well...I kind of stole it out of her car.” I just shook my head. There was nothing I could have said and honestly, I owned a copy of this favored *Nsync album too, but I was trying to look a hell of a lot cooler than I was. Brendon and I weren’t really going anywhere. As usual, we were just bored and decided a drive would be best. “So I told my parents about us.” He smiled as he took my hand. I smiled back before biting my bottom lip.
“What did they say?”
“They were really excited. They like you a lot better than Holly.” I laughed.
“They thought she was nice and all that but she didn’t look...tame, I guess. You do, you have a very classic look and my parents love that.” I blushed. I had met Brendon’s parents once a long time ago and just hearing him say they approved after only meeting me almost a year before the relationship started made me really happy; like it was meant to be.
“Aww, I feel special.”
“You should.”
“I do.” I said before Brendon let out a small chuckle before continuing his drive
“So are we going anywhere?”
“Do you want to go somewhere?” Yeah, your place...if you know what I mean. Cue the cheesy eye brow wiggles.
“I don’t need to go anywhere.”
“How about a movie?” Great place to make out.
“Okay, sure, that sounds cool.” I said shrugging my shoulders trying to make myself go up a few notches on the cool meter. Ha. “I don’t care what we see...just so you know.” I blurted out. Or how about this one movie I keep hearing know ‘My raging hormones and my super hot boyfriend’? I heard it’s a great one.
“Okay, cool.” Brendon laughed before flipping his blinker and pulling into the left turn lane.


“That was the greatest movie. Ever.” I said as we walked out of the theatre two hours later.
“How could you tell? We didn’t even watch five minutes of it.” Brendon laughed before trying to tame his messy make out hair. I wish he wouldn’t. I liked his make out hair. A lot.
“That’s exactly why it was the best movie ever.”
“Oh, gotcha.” He winked. Brendon and I had gone a little far in the back of the empty theatre, sure we made out, but about half way through the movie there was some heaving petting and groping underneath the clothes going on. It relieved so much and it was the best day ever. Whatever movie we ‘saw’ was now my all time favorite.


“Ryan, Holly! How nice to see you! Come in!” Ryan’s mom, Sandra said as she ushered the newly married couple into her lovely little home in one of the nice, quiet Summerlin neighborhoods. “How are you?” She asked as she hugged the both of them, who had huge smiles on their faces and wedding rings on their fingers. Ryan’s mom was a free-spirited woman that loved to paint and make pots on her beloved pottery wheel. It was a rarity to see Sandra Ross without chopsticks in her wavy brown hair that she had passed down to her only son, and paint and dried clay were always evident on her worn jeans and over-sized plaid or striped button ups.
“We’re good mom.” Ryan smiled happily. He really loved his mom. Sandra had always instilled it in her boy that he could be whoever she wanted; do whatever he wanted and she would support and love him unconditionally. She had always worried about Ryan finding someone; being the proud mom she was, she wanted only the best for her son and was more than elated when Ryan introduced Holly to his mom. She knew from the get go that Holly was Ryan’s other half.

Sandra glanced at the happy couple before something clicked. Call it a mother’s instinct, if you will.
“Holly, you’re glowing dear!”
“What? Where?” She asked as she patted herself over.
“All over’’re expecting, aren’t you?” She already knew, but she wanted them to confirm it. Holly’s cheeks heated up.
“Yeah, we are.” She giggled before Ryan kissed her cheek. Sandra smiled at his sweet gesture. He was always gentle.
“We also wanted to tell you that married.” Ryan said. His mom had a blank expression before the biggest grin crept across her face.
“You did?! Oh my gosh! That makes me so happy! You don’t even know!” She cried as she hugged them both again. “And this” She said as she placed her hands on Holly’s belly “this makes me even happier! Are you going to find out what you’re having?”
“Well, I want to. We just heard the heartbeat earlier,” Holly explained “and Ryan cried.” She smiled as she looked over at her husband. Her husband. They were married. Wow.
“When you find out and when you pick out a name let me know. I want to paint a mural for my grand baby’s nursery.”
“That would be great Sandra, thank you. I kind of have some names in mind already.”
“You do?” Ryan asked.
“Yeah, I kind of...named our kids a week after we started dating.” She admitted as the blush crept across her cheeks again.
“Well what are they?” Sandra asked as they moved to the living room to sit down.
“Okay, well if the baby is a girl I want to name her Brycen Ariel and if it’s a boy I want to name him Schaefer Kade.”
“Those are beautiful names Holly.” Sandra said. “And I have a feeling that little baby will be a boy.”
“Really?” Holly asked. Sandra nodded. The rest of the afternoon was spent in pure bliss as Holly and Ryan stayed in the comfort of Sandra’s home. If only dropping the baby and marriage bomb was this easy for everyone.


Whenever I’m around Brendon I’m never bored. It’s the complete opposite and so much more. He makes everything...better by just being around me. His smile lights up the room, his laugh makes every other sound in the world seem inadequate and just being around him is...perfection and bliss and all of these other stupid romantic words. I know we haven’t been together long, but I was falling in love with Brendon; hard and fast and I felt like I was sitting on this pedestal with him. Nothing would bring us down. We were infinite. So I knew when Holly and Ryan would return with whatever news they had - good or God forbid, bad, at the end of the day I would still have my Brendon; my love.
“So how was the doctor?” Brendon asked as we sat around the living room.
“Uh...good. It was good.” Holly said. She seemed nervous and distant, almost like she was in another world.
“Real good.” Ryan added before smirking and looking at a very smiley Holly.
“Well...what happened? What did the doctor say?” I pushed.
“The doctor said the baby was good...andthenRyanandIgotmarried.” Hold on. Rewind and pause.
“Could you repeat that a little slower please?” I asked.
“Ryan and I got married and before you say anything we decided it was best for our situation.”
“And it might help when we tell Holly’s parents tomorrow.” Ryan added.
“So you guys just randomly decided to get married? Like you woke up and said ‘oh, I think I’ll get married today’. Are you kidding me?!”
“Cait, cam down.” Brendon said quietly.
“How can I calm down Brendon? My best friend got married without me there and now I’m sure she’s going to pack up her stuff and get out of here or Ryan will bring the rest of his shit here and I’ll be out on the street. Thanks a lot guys.” I said before I stormed into my bedroom and slammed the door. I was fuming. How could they be so stupid? I was being put out and I didn’t like it. At all.
“I wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction.” Holly said quietly after a few minutes of silence.
“I’ll go talk to her.” Brendon said before getting up to see what was going on with me. He knocked once before coming inside. “What’s the matter Cait?”
“I think you already know.”
“I know what you said but I’m wondering about what’s going on in that pretty little head of yours.” He said as he sat down next to me.
“You don’t want to know. I’m just mad and if I tell you I’m going to cry and it won’t be pretty.”
“First off, I have two shoulders and if you want, they’re both willing to have some tears on them and second; you could never not be pretty.” He said before leaning in and kissing my forehead. “I mean it.” I smiled a forced smile before taking a deep breath. Here goes nothing. Or everything.

So I'm back. My vacation and then my aunt's trip out here both went really well. It was so good to be home and see everyone I miss. Anyway, read, enjoy and review please. :]
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