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A Dustland Fairytale Beginning

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Constance Walker had never intended to fall in love, she did not believe in such a thing. She had always believed it was something that was made up for people who wished not to grow old alone. Constance had no such fear. She had everything she needed; she would not become a women who depended on a man to take care of her. Love, she scoffed, was for unsuccessful women, and she would be anything but.

Constance had moved to the country side of New Jersey when she was fifteen, and it was already at that age that she had begun to display her beauty. Because her family lived far from others, stories of her beauty were not believed until they saw it, which was rare. She did not go into town very much, her parents had everything they needed at the house, and what they lacked was delivered when needed.

Adelaide Walker believed education to be extremely important for her children, but the remoteness of their location made it a terrible feat for a tutor to come every day, but more so, there were very few tutors available. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how one looked upon it, the Way family, whom they lived closest to, had already hired the most highly recommended tutor. After discussions with Donald Way, it was agreed that Constance and her brother Isaac would join the two sons of the Ways for tutoring in English Literature, Italian, and French. While Constance hated learning, she was eager to make new friends, and although they were boys, they were better than no one.

Gerard and Michael Way were two very different people, despite their relation to the other. Michael had always upstaged Gerard, even though he was younger than his brother. He was more intelligent, better looking, and more pleasant to be around. Gerard was not altogether unpleasant, he was just different. He was never into what interested his brother; he was quiet, although if one struck up a conversation with him he could converse for hours. He knew that in most cases, his brother was preferred, and he accepted the matter with great dignity. He needed not to be accepted by anyone, he believed, he was strong by himself.

Constance got on fine with Gerard and Michael, they were fine study companions. Michael was completely taken with Constance before she had even opened her mouth. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on. Her eyes sparkled at any angle, her smile lit up the entire room, and her voice was as beautiful as a song. It did not take long for him to fall in love with her, and although they were only fifteen, he intended on making her his wife before anyone could.

Gerard had taken to Constance like a moth to a flame, but he never showed it. In his eyes, love was a weakness, and he was not weak.

When Constance turned 17, Michael had already spoken to her about marriage, but she would not hear of such things. She simply told him she was far too young to marry, even though Constance’s older brother by one year, Isaac had been married off to a lovely Parisian girl on his eighteenth birthday.

Gerard knew how much Michael loved Constance, and he had come to accept the fact that, although Constance did not want to get married too young, she would one day give into Michael. One afternoon, however, Constance gave him the slightest glimmer of hope, and that afternoon began one of the shortest lived, most passionate and torrid affairs that one could imagine.
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