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We All End Up Alone

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first frerard, first chaptered frerard at that as well. so please try to be nice if it sucks :)

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Gerard's POV

"arrghh," i moaned rolling onto my side attempting to cut of that incessant beeping coming from alarm clock. it worked but somehow i ended up on the floor and my head was killing me. i shouldn't drank last night. i knew i was going to have to get up today and drag my self through the hell hole, and they were worse on mondays so of course, once again, i drank to try to forget. i don't know, maybe i was hoping it'd kill me, or my mom would walk in on me drinking and send me to a clinic or something, anything not to go to school.

i got up off the floor in a struggle and looked in the mirror. i was pretty pale, well i always was, maybe if i was lucky mom would buy that i was sick. yeah, lets try that.

"gerard," my mom called from the kitchen. "come eat before you go to school."

school hmpf, not if i could help it. "mooom," i moaned pushing my door open and making my way to the kitchen trying to look sick as i could.

"gerard, honey, whats wrong?" my mom asked.

"i don't feel good," i said in what i hope was a weak voice and a moan afterwards holding my stomach for affect. i looked up and saw mikey eating cerial with a smirk on his face, he knew what i was trying to pull. he shook his head and went back to his cerial. he wouldn't rat on me, he was my brother and best friend.

"hmm you do look pale, let me go get the thermometer to check, if you have a fever you're not going to school," mom said going to get the thermometer.

"fuck! ugh i should have thought she would use the thermometer," i said going to sit next to mikey.

"doesn't she always?" mikey said spooning the cerial into his mouth.

"fuck i better just tell her i feel better," i said putting my head down on the table.

"gerard," she said walking into the kitchen with the thermometer.

"hey mom, i feel better, i guess i was just hungary. i feel fine now," i said with a smile. "i'm gonna go get ready for school, i love you mommy," i said running out of the room before she could say anything.

i went to my room and shut the door and got dressed. i went through my room finding my books and my sketch book. mikey walked in as i was shoving it all into my bag.

"i wuv you mommy," he said pinching my cheek.

"shut up! you know she likes hearing that, i was trying not to make her mad," i said throwing my bag over my shoulder.

"yeah, i don't blame you," he said pushing his glasses as far down his nose as they would go.

"mikey whats the point of glasses if you wear them so low you can't see out of them?" i asked laughing and pushing them back up his nose.

"hell, i'll wear them however i want to wear them," he said.

"boys, you got to get going if you don't want to be late," our mom called. her saying that is just as bad as the bell ringing telling me that school had started.

yes i know, it's not a frerard yet but it's getting there i promise! just wait it'll get better.
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