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Chapter 2

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i was dragging my reluctant feet through the hallways, just like every day. except this day was worse. why? because, aren't all mondays?

mikey had left me as soon as we got to school to find his friends, he will never know how lucky he is. so here i was just trying to get to my class without josh seeing me. then out of nowhere someone hit me as they were running past and then it was just a blur of black and then josh ran by. and turned around and screamed,

"i'll be back for you later way!" he turned around and chased the black blur. great. so much for lets not let josh see me. damn! good job gerard, you've fucked yourself over again.
the bell rang telling me i was late for class, but i was in no hurry, josh was in my first class.

i walked in five minutes late.

"nice of you to join us mr. way," mrs. williams said.

"i am just thrilled to be here," i said soluting her.

"just take your seat mr. way."

"ok-" i stopped dead and looked at the guy who was in the seat next to mine.

"mr. way!"

"oh sorry," i mumbled sitting down. he was beautiful! jet black hair with a blood red tip. i've never liked piercings, they always scared me but they just complimented his face so well. he wore balck skinnies that just hugged him in all the right places. and his eyes! they were wonderful! i just wanted to stare at them all day, but what if he saw me? what if he was a homophobe? would he be like josh? oh hell with it! i threw my pencil over the side of my desk so i would have to reach over and pick it up, but before i could he bent down and got it for me.

"here, you dropped this," he said handing me the pencil giving me the most amazing smile i had ever seen.

"uh, uh... thanks." oh damn! his voice, his eyes, his smile, his body! he was an angel!

just then the bell rang, ipicked up my stuff and got out as fast as i could.

"yo fag! im gonna kick your ass," josh said tailing me out of the room.

"oh fuck," i said as he hit me across the face. i fell to the floor with blood streaming from my nose. he started kicking my ribs as a crowd gathered and laughed, hurling the usual insults.

then it all stopped, and i saw the new guy come out of nowhere and kick josh in the head. he grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"com'on!" he said pulling me along. i followed but all i could concentrate on was that he had just saved me and that he was holding my hand.

we ran out the front doors together and down the street to the park. we stopped under the big oak tree and sat down. i stared at him for a few minutes.

"are you okay?" he asked.

"yes," i said. then i realized, i didn't know his name. "umm i'm sorry, but i never caught your name," i said looking down, being to overwhelmed by those amazing eyes.

"it's frank, frank iero."

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