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Chapter 11:Frankie Comes to NJ

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Buffy's old friend comes and here to stay

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Buffy’s p.o.v
I was right. All the guys (even Bob who must’ve had some beer when I passed out) had huge hangovers. (This isn’t too much of a surprise considering how they practically drank themselves sick last night.) So I couldn’t hang around for very long. Gerard left with Mikey so quick that I couldn’t even explain anything. He seemed angry; I hope he didn’t see our kiss.
I sat in my room fingering a slow tune on my guitar humming happily to myself. My heart was soaring with happiness. It sounds corny, you know like in any romantic movie but it was like that, my heart was just filled with meaning no, I was occasionally depressed but I threw out the pills and I trust myself around knifes.
My cell phone vibrated in my pocket I picked it up. “Hello?”
“Hey, hey Buffy. Missed me?” I recognized that voice; it was the same loud sweet voice of my best friend from back home, Frankie. I literally screamed into the phone, I hadn’t talked to Frankie in suck a long time. I wasn’t able to say goodbye to her before I moved because she had to go to a private memorial service for Caleb’s family. She is Caleb’s twin sister.
“Oh my god, oh my god, Frankie” I repeated completely ecstatic. She was in the same bubbly mood I remembered.
“I know right? I missed you too. But not for long. Go down stairs.” I strained my ears.
“What? Why?”
“Just go down stairs.” I hopped to my feet knocking my guitar to the floor. I held the phone to my ear but it must’ve gotten disconnected. I walked slowly down the stairs. I stared bugged eyesd at the figure in the door way. A girl my age, my height, with the same heavy eyeliner, with the same greasy black hair as Caleb and beautiful blue eyes stood in the doorway. She stretched out her arms and I ran up giving her a hug literally knocking her down.
“Frankie! Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?”
“Surprise!” Sam exclaimed bursting in the room with duffle bags in his arms.
“My dad and mom talked it over. Since we were so close and since I was missing you there letting me come live with you!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. My best friend who I’ve known since I was three coming to live with us.
“I knew you’d love it” Sam laughed seeing the expression of awe on my face. I locked him in a tight hug.
“You are the best big brother in the world!”
He laughed “I know.” Frankie was sleeping in the guest room now, Sam took her things up there and I brought her to my room.
“So…” Frankie started sitting on my bed.
“So what?”
“Any new friends here? Any crushes? What’s the high school like?”
“Oh. I’ve got a lot to tell you. The high school is great. I met some guys who are amazing and friendly. I have a friend named Frankie here too. And as for boyfriends…”
“You already have a boyfriend? God Buffy, it’s only been three days. What’s his name? What’s he like? Tell me everything”
“Well” I started “his names Mikey. He’s really smart. Cute. Kind and just the sweetest. He said he loved me. And I love him.” Frankie gave me and pat on the back and we both started laughing. I told her everything. It felt good to have my best friend close again. I showed her pics of all the guys.
“Who’s the dude with the piercings and what’s he doing?” I laughed realizing I pulled up the picture of Frankie drunken and kissing Ray.
“Oh! That! You se I took that picture last night. The guys got drunk at a party and Frankie was making out with Ray. It was too good to pass up. All the guys have hangover so I’ll show it to them when I introduce you.” Frankie stared laughing.
“Drunken guys. Partying. You really have been having fun without me” she pouted in a playful mood.
“Oh come on Frankie. You know it’s not the same without you. But yeah” I joked. She hit me with a pillow. “Kidding, kidding” I giggled “Frankie, the guys are going to love you.” I heard a knock outside the window; Mikey was clinging for his life on the sill. I helped him climb in, his face was red and tears coated his cheeks. “You’ve been crying haven’t you Mikey?” He nodded but didn’t talk and hugged me. He was crying softly against my chest. “Mikey? Are you okay?” He shook his head.
“I just got in the biggest fight with Gerard. I said something. I saw the look on his face. He hates me now. I know it. I’ve been walking around for hours and I wanted to come by.” I kissed him on the lips.
“Mikey whatever you said, Gerard will forgive you. You know I love you and you can tell me anything.” Frankie stared in awe at him, I told her to keep her mouth shut. He blinked away some tears, and smiled his adorable smile.
“Mikey. I want you to meet my friend. This is Frankie” I turned him around. He nodded politely.
“Hi. I’m sorry for coming in like this. I wanted to talk to Buffy. I didn’t realize she’d have company.” She smiled.
“You’re the Mikey she’s told me about? Nice to meet you.” Mikey and Frankie and I stayed in my room talking, when Mikey felt a little more confident to face Gerard he gave me a peck on the cheek and left.
“He’s a freshman. He’s four years younger than you. Are you sure he’s what you want?” I nodded
“Yes. I love him. And he loves me.”
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