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Chapter 12:Is it possible...Can He Forgive Me?

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Sorry I kept you waiting. I may have noted there is going to be more romance (or not) at least one more pairing etc, Well read and find out

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Monday came around quickly. Frankie and I felt like sisters again and I couldn’t wait to introduce her to everyone. The cool thing was Frankie was in every one of my classes (except Art) but I decided to wait till lunch. At lunch I headed for my usual spot. I saw Mikey scrambling thorough the dirt picking up his glasses, he looked up when he noticed me. “I….the jocks….took my glasses” he admitted shyly.
“Have you talked to Gerard yet?”
“No. He ignored me all weekend” I patted him on the shoulder.
“He’ll come around.” Ray was calmly lying under a tree by the bleachers; the others hadn’t shown up yet.
“Hey Buffy. Was that party insane or what?” I laughed remembering the pictures.
“It sure was”
“Oh.” He said noticing Frankie “hey, new here? Names Ray” he said with the same bubbly attitude I see every day in him. She shook his hand
“Frankie. Yeah I’m one of Buffy’s old friends.” He laughed
“Frankie. Frankie. That’ll get confusing.” I felt the weight of someone jump on my back and two hands pushed on my head knocking me forward. It was Frankie.
“Frankie! Get off” I protested.
“I will once you give me you’re Red Bull.” He laughed. I squirmed throwing him off me. He laughed rolling on his side at Frankie’s feet.
Frankie I’s p.o.v
I looked at this girl. She was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. With beautiful long black hair. I stood up wiping the dirt off my pants; she was taller than me, like everyone else. “Hi. I’m Frankie.” She giggled, she has the cutest laugh.
“Hi Frankie. I’m Frankie.” Ray laughed out loud.
“Frankie and Frankie, Mikey and Buffy, Bob and me” me pointed as Bob walked from the Gym. “But where oh where has that liar Gerard gone” he mocked in a sing song voice. I shrugged. Buffy sat down told us all to gather around her and she held up her phone.
“I can’t believe you Buffy!” I screamed at me once she shown the picture of me stripping, drunk. Ray was laughing long and hard.
“Hey I got some blackmail on you too Ray.” Buffy waved her phone in the air and switched to the videos. Ray was swaying back and forth half asleep with a beer in one hand; he screamed ‘I’m horny’ into the camera followed by hysterical laughter. Everyone was laughing except Ray.
“Okay. Why Buff? What have I done to you” he pouted trying to look innocent. Buffy patted Ray on the back.
“Oh come on Ray. You know you’re like a brother to me. But you were drunk and I was bored” I laughed. Buffy shown us all those, pictures after humiliating picture. She shown us the picture of me kissing Ray, I saw Ray stare bug eyed at me.
“YOU ARE SICK BUFFY!” He screamed, everyone laughed even harder Ray kept scrubbing at his face where I kissed it.
“Oh come on Ray, admit it. You enjoyed it, I’m a great kisser aren’t I” I joked. I threw myself at Buffy trying to grab the phone but she had the whole height thing over me.
“You want it? Then you need to play nice, now go make up with Ray” she taunted me like we were kindergartners and she was our teacher. I crossed my arms and pouted until Buffy pushed me over. Frankie was laughing a lot, I might have a chance with her if I keep her laughing and she likes me.
“Man, your right Buffy, the guys are hilarious” she sat down next to Buffy; I smelt some weird perfume on her, sweet just like her. What the fuck are you doing Frankie? Keep your cool.
“Frankie” Buffy asked me again.
“Anything new with your parents this week?” I shrugged
“Who knows, I snuck in last night around four and my mom was just there crying, who knows where the hell my dad went. Probably drinking.” I acted like it was no big deal because it wasn’t anymore, it was when I was like ten but I don’t really give a damn anymore.
“So. Go on. Admit it Ray” I asked leaning on my heels. Ray cocked his head looking at me.
“What? What now Shorty?”
“That I’m sexy and a great kisser” I bragged. Frankie giggled a bit, yes!
Gay” Ray screamed out loud. “If you want a gay boyfriend go and get Gerard”
“Gerard isn’t talking to anyone” Buffy cut in.
“I-I think it was because of me”
“Why? You didn’t do anything wrong. That Gerard is just a pain” Ray explained, he always has to be the big brother to Buffy, always knows best.
“Yeah I think it is.” She looked at Mikey and they started telling us that they made out under a tree in Ray’s front yard, I already knew this but it wasn’t hard to act surprised. Then Mikey told us about the fight that he and Gerard had and that he isn’t talking to anyone.
Buffy’s p.o.v
“Then, no offense Mikey but your brothers a dick” Ray exclaimed. Mikey nodded his head.
“I know, I hate him so much right now, he thinks there’s so much wrong with me loving someone. After what happened with him and his old girlfriend.” I sat on my heels
“Exactly what happened with Gee and his girlfriend” I asked, my voice had a tone of curiosity. Mikey sighed.
“He’s going to kill me for telling you this. Ok, her name was Talia. Gerard and her were so happy together. One night they got drunk and were messing around and Gerard got Talia pregnant. They got in a huge and I mean huge argument when Gerard said that he wouldn’t take care of the baby and told her to get out. I was watching from the next room, I was only eleven and you can’t image how scared it was to watch them fight. Gerard threw their picture on the ground and smashed it with his foot. He screamed and cursed the loudest I ever heard him. Then he told her ‘go to hell Talia I don’t want to take care of your baby. Get out and don’t come back.’ And she called him ‘a mixed up fucker’ and ran out.” A single tear rolled down his cheek “the same thing I said to him. He is never going to forgive me. He hasn’t even forgiven himself yet.” I patted Mikey on the back.
“He’s going to forgive you. Give it time”
“But is it possible….for him to forgive me? When he hasn’t ever forgiven himself.” he gave me a peck on the cheek.
“You know I love you” he whispered in my ear. I loved him too but with all of the things that has gone wrong I wonder, are we really right for each other? I saw Gerard across the field glaring me down. With a lit cigarette in on hand, he looked like he hadn’t slept in days and his face was locked in an angry sad expression. "Now come on, is it so hard for him to smilw?" I asked outloud.
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