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Chapter 3.. (:

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Meeting the family I think.. (:

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So, not only had I shown Gerard my favourite way to get outta school, I had also told him he had my trust, and now, shown him where I lived. I knew I needed to be more cautious. But I couldn't help but trust him more and more. I walked up the few steps to my house, then I remembered that I couldn't let Gerard in. What if one of my parents were at home? So I told Gerard to wait outside a minute, and called into my house. There was no reply so I gestured for him to go in first. He grinned then walked in, looking around him. So, I walked in after him then closed the front door and he turned and smiled at me. I couldn't help but smile back, why did he make me feel so warm? I walked through to the kitchen. And he followed. Then I stopped mid step in the archway that lead to the kitchen. There was smashed plates everywhere, and a few small drops of blood. As I stopped Gerard walked straight into my back.

"Sorry!" We both half-yelled at the same time.

"Wha-what happened?" Gerard asked, walking to my side.

"Parents argued again, don't worry, there's only a little blood." I shrugged, then reached for a brush that I kept just behind the kitchen door for times like these.

"Wow. They do this often, then?" He asked me, sounding really interested and concerned.
"Only after my dad's had a couple drinks, and my mother comes in after 4." I said, again shrugging. But I was really wondoring why the hell I was telling Gerard all this.

"Oh, and four? Is she at work while you're at school then?" He asked, I saw him reading my face through the corner of my eye. I concertrated on brushing the smashed plates to the side of the kitchen.

"No. 4am. She usually leaves at about 11. Or like today, she fights with my father, then stays at someone elses house." I said, then added another shrug to show it was no deal.

"Wow! All night? Where does she work?" he asked. I'de just about finished brushing up so I placed the brush back in it's place. Then without really thinking I told Gerard,

"Prostitute.. oh shit." I muttered, and my reflex action was covering my mouth with both hands.
"Oh, that's, terrible. You can talk to me Frank." He said then took a step towards me. "Are, are you okay with her doing that?" He said. I tried to meet his gaze. He looked honest. I decided I could trust Gerard.

"Not really, but she seems okay with it. And my father's always too drunk to care." I said, moving my hands to my sides. Then I looked down from Gerard. "I'm not okay with it. If I wasn't born then she'de still have the job of her dreams."

"I'm sure it wasn't your fault." He added, and took another step towards me. My thoughts were raceing, then my vision blurred. "Are you, are you crying Frank? It's okay." He said and took yet another step forward. He was one step away from me now. Then he reached his arms out to me and I stepped the last step then he put his arms around my shoulders. I managed to pull my arms from my sides and wrap them around his waist. I started crying, I couldn't help it, here I was in the arms of someone who really cared. For the first time ever. And even though I was straight, it felt right.

"Thanks.. Gerard." I whispered. Then tried to sniff my tears away.

"It's okay Frankie. I'll always be here for you." He whispered back, then hugged me tighter. For the first time ever, I didn't mind being called Frankie. Infact I liked it. I rested my head onto his shoulder. "Frank? Are you okay with this?" Gerard whispered.

"Yes Gerard, why wouldn't I be?" I whispered back.

"I thought you were, straight?" He replied quietly.

"I am." I whispered, then whispered as quietly as I could, "I think." I thought he didn't hear me, but then he rested his head lightly onto my head and replied in a whisper,

"What made you think?" I hadn't expected that. There was a moment of silence. "You can trust me with this Frank, I've been there." He added.

"Actually, you made me think." I whispered. The tears had completly gone now. Just then my front door opened quietly and I pushed Gerard off me gently. We both turned towards the kitchen door.

"Frank, Frank? You in here?" I heard my mother call.

"Yeah mom. I have a, friend over." I called back.

"A friend? Frank, a friend?" I heard her mutter confused. I looked at Gerard and he was still staring at the door, waiting to meet my mother. We heard her drop a bag then walk towards the kitchen. She came into the same room as Gerard and I then looked at Gerard shocked. "And, sure enough. A friend." She said, trying to smile.

"Hello, ma'am. I am Gerard Way." Gerard smiled at her. And held a hand out to shake. She shook his hand briefly.

"Hello?" She said, then added after some thought. "You can call me Karen." Then she walked past us and looked through the cuboard for something to eat. I walked to a different cuboard and grabbed some crisps. Then threw a pack to Gerard.

"We're going out for a bit mom, be back later. You'll be okay?" I asked turning to her.
"Fine." She snapped. I left the house and Gerard followed after.

"She seemed nice enough." Gerard said to me after I closed the front door.

"She'de stayed down George's. She'de had a few smokes, mabye sniffs, so she was friendly enough tonight. You were lucky." I said, shrugging again.

"Oh, she does drugs?" Gerard asked, again looking into my eyes with conern. I looked back at him and nodded.

"Now to find your house?" I asked walking down the steps to join Gerard at his side, then I opened my crisps and Gerard copied.

"Should be, left up here I think." He said smiling. Then we started walking side by side again. We silently ate our crisps as we walked round a corner then down another street, after I finished my crisps I went to walk to the nearest bin. But then Gerard offered to go to the bin instead, so I said thanks. While he crossed the empty road to go to the bin I noticed the way he walked. He moved his hips so gracefully as he took each step. Then I pulled myself together. I wasn't gay, so it wasn't right to be staring at Gerard's hips. I focused my gaze on my shoes, then when I looked up at him he was walking back towards me looking up the road. I couldn't help it, my eyes once again wondered to his hips, the way they moved was so hypnotizing. He got about two thirds of the way across then looked up at me. I quickly moved my eyes to his face and saw him smiling at me, looking slightly nervous. I smiled back.

"Have a fun journey?" I joked.

"Was tireing!" He yawned jokeing along. "I might need some help walking..." He said teasingly.

"Haha." I said.. then giggled. He smiled larger as I giggled then moved his eyes to my mouth. He looked interested at the way my mouth moved. "How close is your house?" I asked.

"One more left. I know my way from here, if you want to leave?" He said again looking deep into my eyes smiling.

"Oh, and actually no. I thought seen as... "I said then quickly shut up. It sounded rude.

"Because I've been in your house you get to come in mine? Sure!" He replied smiling more.

"Really?" I asked. He looked serious.

"Yeah! It's just over here." He added then pointed to a house near by.

"No way! Wowee!" I said looking at his house.

"What?" He asked, sounding concerned again.

"I think this is the house that has the back garden which touches my garden!" I said excitedly. I'de always wanted to know who lived behind me.

"Really?" He said, sounding excited also. "Let's go see!" He walked up to his door then opened it slightly, "Mikey?" He called. Then turned to me and explained, "Mikey's my younger brother."
"Gerard?" He called back. He didn't sound much younger than us.

"Yeah, I have a friend over. Mind if he comes in?" Gerard called back.

"No problem! And a friend? On the first day?" He called, exhaggerating the word friend.

"No.. not that kind of friend Mikey." Gerard said, keeping his gaze on me, and still smiling. Then he walked into his house and I followed behind.

I was sure Frank had been staring at my package as I'de walked back across the road to him. But he was straight, well, he thought he was straight so I dropped the thought. I could of killed Mikey for thinking Frank was a boyfriend, but I suppose he's still getting used to my sexuality. I showed Frank to the kitchen and then tried opening the door that lead into the garden. It wouldn't open so instead I turned to Frank and asked, "You hungry?" He smiled and shook his head. "Me neither." I smiled back. "I know! Come and meet Mikey?" I said. His smile grew and he said,

"Yeah, sure!" Then I began to lead Frank up the stairs. I got outside Mikey's bedroom door then knocked the door and said,

"Mikey, can we come in?"

"Sure sure!" He said back. Then I walked in and called Frank in too. Mikey was playing on his computer, then as we came in he paused a fighting game and got up to shake Frank's hand. "I'm Mikey, Gerard's brother."

"The name's Frank. I'm Gerard's new friend." Frank replied, he talked with Mikey so calmly. Why was he so good at talking with Mikey when he still got nervous around me?

"Hey Frank. Play any video games?" Mikey asked him, while he walked back to his computer.

"Nah. Not really. My family doesn't have anything to play them on.. I used to go to a near by library and play them though." Frank explained, as he smiled at me.

"Want a go?" Mikey asked, as he spun his computer chair round to face us, Frank quickly moved his gaze to Mikey.

"No thanks Mikey, another time?" He asked Mikey, with a friendly grin on his face.

"Okay, sure." Mikey said spinning back to face the computer. Then continueing his game.

"We're going now Mikey, see ya later." I called to him as I gestured Frank to leave the room.

"Sure sure. See you guys." Mikey said, while he still played the game. Frank opened the door and walked out, waiting on the landing for me. I followed him then shut the door behind me.

"You're brother seems really friendly." Frank grinned at me, "You guys get along?"

"Very much. We've always been really close." I answered proudly.

"That's awesome! I'de kill to have a brother like Mikey. How did he take finding out, uh," Frank said then looked at his feet uncomfortably.

"Really well. He is very supportive of me." I answered cheerfully, this loosened Frank up a bit.

"Good." He replied.

"Let's go find out if our garden's are neighbours?" I suggested. Frank looked up at me, smiled and nodded. Then I walked to my room, which was at the back of the house and opened the door. I turned and smiled at Frank, "Guests first."

"Okay." He said. Then walked past me into my room, he admired the posters on my walls, then his eyes searched all the over-flowing box's that were on my floor which I hadn't unpacked yet. "Wow. This rooms awesome." He murmered quietly.

"Thanks." I said calmly back, "I've been collecting things." I followed his gaze which was on my pile of books on the floor. On top of the piles was one of my drawings, it was a dragon standing tall over a princess. "I drew it myself, it's not that good." I said to Frank.

"It's.. amazing." He breathed. Not takeing his eyes off the drawing.

"Let's go check out the garden then, eh?" I said happily, and walked to my window. Frank joined me at my side. "Any luck?" I asked him.

"Yeah! That's my room there!" He marvelled. And pointed to the window right oposite my own window. "That's so cool!" He added.

"That's so wierd! I could see you from here if you stood in there!" I added, and smiled at him, he smiled back. The gardens were very small so Frank's room was pretty clear from here. "Well then, when you gotta be home?"

"Uh, whenever. My mother'll be leaving really soon. And my dad doesn't get in until very late." Frank smiled at me.

"Awesome! Stay here until later then?" I asked.

"Yeah! I'de love to!" He replied and grinned at me. Just then, my front door opened and closed.
"My mom is home! Come and meet her!" I suggested. Frank nodded and then he followed me out of my room and down the stairs. "Mom! I have a friend here!"

"Gerard? Oh hi!" My mother said, smiling at me and Frank.

"Hi, I'm Frank." Frankie said then held his hand out for my mom to shake.

"Hey Frank!" She replied. Shook his hand, then added, "Call me Donna honey."

"Okay, hey Donna." Frank said politly.

"Gerard, how was school?" She asked, turning to me.

"Fine mom. I like it here." I replied.

"Oh yay! The first one! Mabye we'll stick with this one then." She grinned at me then hugged me, how embarrassing. I pulled a face at Frank over her shoulder and he put a hand to his mouth to hold back a giggle.

"Can Frank stay for tea mom? His parent's aren't in." I asked her.

"Sure! You're welcome here anytime Frank." She smiled. Then walked into the kitchen, "I'll call you guys when tea's ready!" She called over her shoulder.

"Cool mom! Thanks!" I called after her.

"And thanks Donna!" Frank called out.

"Anytime!" She yelled from the kitchen.

"Well then, what shall we do until tea's ready?" I turned to Frank. He was smiling and looking around thoughtfully. "What if we go up to my room and talk? We still barely know eachother." I suggested. He looked at me, his expression was no less than delighted.

"Great idea!" He answered. Then I lead him back up to my room, sat on my bed and tapped the bed next to me. He came over and sat next to me. "Well. You know all about my family. Let me know about yours." He said looking into my eyes and smiling. He was so, so beautiful when he smiled.

"Sure, we are all pretty close. It's just me, my mom, dad and Mikey. But my grandma, Elena, is also very close to us. She lives just near the school." I said, smiling back into his eyes.

"So, happy family?" He asked, he could tell that wasn't the whole story.

"Well, my father finds it hard, to deal with my sexuality." I said back. My smile dropping slightly.

"He does? Do tell." Frank said to me, in a very interested tone.

"When I told him, he freaked. He doesn't know how to react. So he ignores me a lot of the time."

"Oh." Frank replied quietly.

"Yeah," I said trying to smile again, and soon after I forced a smile Frankie returned my smile with sparkling eyes.

"Are you okay with your dad ignoring you?" He asked me.

"I suppose. At first I was crushed. I looked up to my dad and it hurt that he didn't accept me for who I am. But now I'm starting to get better at coping with it now."

"Oh." He sighed. I couldn't keep a smile anymore, I couldn't lie to Frank. I knew his problems. He should know mine.

"I had another brother once." I said looking down at the ground.

"Did you?" He asked then saw I was upset. "You can talk to me Gerard. I'm here." He added in a concerned tone. I really could truely trust him.

"He, passed away." I tried to hold back tears.

"Gerard," He said shocked. "You can cry if you need to." I let a tear run down my cheek. He reached out and wiped it away with his sleeve. "I'm here for you always." he whispered.

"Thank you very much Frank." I sniffed, then another tear fell down my cheek.

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