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Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

by thegayestgoth 17 Reviews

A so-called friend of mine said that if you are a "true fan of MCR, then you would ignore the fan fictions." Let's have you say so in the matter. For ALL fanfic writers, not just those those of MCR.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2009/05/22 - Updated: 2009/05/22 - 1826 words - Complete


  • Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

    (#) disturbedangel6 2009-05-23 06:28:01 AM

    Yo, I agree with killing your friend xD
    The only friend in person that knows I write is my bestie haha
    Coz im afraid of what people might think of it =/
    Anywho, aboutt he obsession part
    Whenever I discover something new, eg a band, book, movie, celebrity or whatever, I get majorly obsessed over it to a point that its not funny
    Probs have a disorder idk
    But after a weird amount of time I'm cool
    So right now I aint obsessed to anything atm including mcr
    And even tho I write about them, its not coz of the obsession (and believe me I'd rather not make up a story about em if im obsessed to em) its pretty much a hobby of mine
    I love writing stories and lately writing about celebrities I love is way cool for me
    Its my secret passion
    I may look weird, dorky or whatevers to anyone
    But yea...
    Its not an obsession.
    Its different
  • Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

    (#) canustakemyheart 2009-05-23 03:09:55 PM

    Hey thanks for the equally lengthy response. I'm glad you didn't take any of that the wrong way. I know it might have sounded like I make judgments about people based on appearances, but that's not true. I respect anyone who decides to walk their own path and make their own decisions no matter what people may say.
  • Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

    (#) thegayestgoth 2009-05-23 09:06:53 PM

    man. i'm loving hearing everyone's responses. this is fantastic. i LOVE hearing everyone's words and why everyone writes their fanfics. it's so beautiful. i'm so glad everyone is here for one another. i'm so glad mcr and god have a lot to do with this (no offense to those who do not believe in god. i respect you all as well. me personally, i say my god loves you all anyway. we're all children of the same universe, i cannot stop saying this enough. it's the best quote ever!)

    everyone, please keep reviewing. i love hearing from writers in general.

    especially those older than myself.

    i'm learning so much from them through this.

    wow. you guys rule.

    thanks be to god.

    ~mr gayestgoth.
  • Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

    (#) -AnotherGuessWho- 2009-06-03 03:10:39 PM

    There probably isn't much I can add to everyone else's lengthy and incredibly deep responses. But I can add my own views and experiences.

    Your 'friend' sounds like they really don't understand you at all. Yeah, maybe MCR don't want to read it themselves. Like other people have said, I myself wouldn't want to read stuff written about me. But fanfiction isn't really for the people it's about. Sometimes, yes, granted, emotional pieces aren't so bad. But slash, and that kind of thing? It's for the fans.

    I'm a teenage girl. Nope, haven't had an awful life. Yeah, battled some demons, depression and the usual adolescent things. But I'll admit, I'm pretty much a kid. I won't write the best stuff, or the most original stories, or the most moving pieces. My main story is just an idea that a few friends and I were messing around with, and I was left to write it. Then I started emailing it to them, and then figured that I should post it somewhere. Yep, it's kinda cliched. Probably pretty transparent, too. Not the best stuff I'll ever write.

    Don't get me wrong. I love writing any kind of short story, and yes, I take it seriously. But why do I write fanfiction? To exercise my imagination, to let some ideas loose, and try different styles. My parents, and a lot of friends, don't know about fanfiction that I've written. All they can see is my writing changing gradually in the things they do read.

    There's also the element that fanfiction is great, character-wise. You can base your fanfic characters on what you know of somebody; their experiences, their past, their attitudes. Or you can just start from scratch, using them however you like. It's easier for images, too, if you know what the people in your story look like. That's part of the reason I've written fanfiction before getting involved in more serious writing challenges. It gave me a bit more of a place to start without, instead of starting an entire story from the base up.

    It's not just writing about celebrities or well known people that was being insulted by your friend, either. Anyone who writes knows that, to make a convincingly realistic character, you should try and base them on real people. The short story that I've written that I'm most proud of wasn't fanfiction, really, but it was based on the relationship between two people I know. It was a dedication, a present to one of them. And I know they really liked it. Just because I wrote it as I admired them, does that mean I'm not really their friend? I think not. Same thing with fanfics.

    MCR's music really helped me through some of my darker phases. I'm not too religious. But whatever justice, whatever supreme force there is, it's defnitely being chanelled through their lyrics and melody. Is it so wrong that we want to give this back, and show it?

    It's kind of late her right now and I really should be getting some sleep. There's probably a lot of typos in this, too. But I just had to comment before I left [=

  • Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

    (#) Harlequingurl95 2009-06-27 01:46:19 PM

    Wow...tht was soooooo touchin... i'm nrly in tearz over here... lyk u writin is wot i do 2 get away frm all the shit in my lyf (Nd there's ALOT of it) and I agree with Moonshyne coz fanfiction lets us show our appreciation, i think it also show's your talents to other people, all my m8z say i'm a "True" MCR fan and that i'm too obbsessed with them, but is it my fault that their muzik is one of the only reasons i'm not in a fucking nut house ryt now?
    thnx for posting this it's rly spoke 2 me in a way and i think that you've made me finally understand ALOT of thingz
  • Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

    (#) XxSystemOfADownXx 2011-02-24 07:06:06 PM

    k dude calm down n smoke a j, its jus his opinion my gurls always say thiings like that to me but instead of getting hurt by it we jus catfight until we start laughing ahahahah, so theres alot of worse shiit in the world mmk?
  • Congratulations! Fanfic Authors Are Stupid After All

    (#) MCR-99 2012-12-24 02:30:56 PM

    Your "friemd" needs to re evaluate his/her life.
    They grew up with the Way bros so really shouldn't go all
    'MCR fanfics are bad and worthless'
    Hold up.
    Where's this review going again?
    Anyways,as Gerard says in a quote
    'It makes you happy if it's real to you'
    Did I get that right?
    Anyways,loved your message.
    gold star for you!
    major applause

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