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Card 06

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Duel Deck

Card 06: Angelic Darkness

The darkness... What became at one point my only fear, for all other fears of a mortal are nothing compared to it. The darkness, the thing I hated the most at one point of my life. Are you still here darkness? Are you still haunting every corner of my mind? Or have you left forever? Have I finally been set free from you?

"I'm here light," I don't fear, I'm relieved. The darkness is still with me, terrifying my soul and protecting it at the same time. The one thing I hated the most and the one thing I care for the most. The only thing I had, the only thing I have that understands me.

My friends don't like the darkness, I don't blame them, they don't know him like I do and they don't know me like they think they do. Everyday comes and goes and ends the same way. The darkness is still here and I no longer expect him to leave. I have accepted that such a day will never come and I no longer want it to come.

Don't ever leave me, my darkness, "only if you stay my light."

I sometimes used wonder how the world around me is. What things are like, what faces look like, but I only used to get a small glimpse from afar because the darkness is always in control, keeping me alive. Don't you know? I already died but the darkness keeps me alive with energy from the Shadow Realm and the power of the Millennium Ring. The darkness knew I would die and saved me. I like to think that was his goal all along, I don't always believe it, but I like to think that way.

I remember the day of my death, so sudden and unexplainable, but he knew. He felt my heart grow weaker by the day and kept me away from the pain. Was this your goal all along or did it become your goal somewhere along the way? You don't tell me, but that's okay.

That night, that lonely night, all was dark as the sun set and the day ended. I sat alone in my Soul Room and the darkness was all around. Then he came to my room. I was scared at first, but then I noticed that look in his face.

The darkness looked sad as he came closer. He said it was time and I did not understand. He let me take over and then I suddenly knew. I felt life slipping away from me inevitably. When death was about to claim me, the Millennium Ring glowed and the darkness gave me energy. My life is no more, but my vessel still stands, even if my heart doesn't beat and my blood doesn't flow.

Don't get me wrong I'm not a walking dead nor am I a living zombie, my vessel is preserved exactly as it was when I was alive or maybe better. I look the same and time is endless for me now. I'm a sprit with a vessel, not a human being. I was human once, but now I'm more like him. Even so, I'm still the light and he is still the darkness, we complete each other.

My room is so dark, much like his Soul Room, nothing like mine. I've been there, I go there when I wish I was alive and I talk to my darkness. He's nicer to me now. Was he just preparing me for what was to come before? Oh, yes, this situation of my staying here when I'm not alive upsets destiny itself.

The Reaper hunts for me every day but the darkness sends him away. Even the Ripper fears him, but if I am to feel fear when the Reaper comes I will fall. Was my darkness just preparing me so that I could escape death itself and stay here in this world? Is this the way it's meant to be? Tell me, my darkness, is this what you want things to be like?

"Yes," I smile in the darkness of my room. I didn't think he would answer that and I'm glad he did.

I stand up from my bed where I have been laying and look out my room's window. I feel pain that only mortals feel but I'm not a mortal anymore. This can only mean the Reaper is back. I see him standing outside my door, a black shadow with a scythe. The Millennium Ring glows and the darkness, my darkness, scares him away with just a deathly glare.

The Reaper can't come into this house. He fears the one I learned not to fear. I'm safe here and as long as he's with me, I'm safe out there as well. I let my energy flow freely letting my true form show. My vessel becomes a spirit and I'm surrounded by a golden glow. White wings are on my back and a halo on my head. I hear the skies call with a beautiful song but I'm not ready to leave yet. Not until he can come with me, for I will not leave him here.

You are my darkness and I am your light and we need each other to survive. One day I'll follow that beautiful music into the skies, one day when he can come.

End of Card 06

For those who are still confused: Ryou died of a genetic heart disease (I don't know if there is such a thing I just randomly made that up). Bakura used the energy of the Millennium Ring and the Millennium Puzzle (Remember when he put a portion of his spirit into it during Battle City?) to give Ryou the ability to preserve his vessel so that he didn't turn into a zombie after he died and stayed in his vessel. Ryou is now angel but he doesn't want to leave this world because of Bakura, who is still in the Millennium Ring, can't go with him. Disclaimer, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!
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