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Chapte 13: The plan

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I sat on the living room floor playing with Emmy, she sipped her tea cup and I smiled at her. She was growing to look like a model and It startled me to know that she had a crush on a boy in her class named Seth. I looked at her, she had long brow hair and piercing blue eyes that she got from her mother. She had my facial structure and nose.

"Daddy, when will mommy be back?" She asked me and I smiled at her innocence.
"In about 3 weeks, why honey?" I asked her and she smiled at me.

"Cause I miss you..."She said softly and my smile fell.
"Whats wrong honey?" I asked her gently.

"I don't get to see you that much, and I miss you..."She said tears stinging her bright blue eyes, I got up and wrapped my arms around her. She reached up to me and I picked her up wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Baby, you know you can come see me anytime you want right?" I told her and she shrugged, I kissed the top of her head. She clinged to me desperately..almost like I was going to disappear.

"Baby, why dont you go take a shower and get ready for bed, kay?" I said to her and she nodded heading up the stairs. I sat down on the couch, this had been the finale for me, I had to get Rachel back and this was how I was going to do it.
1.) Take her to dinner. Just as friends.
2.)Be as inconspicuous as possible.
3.)Slow dancing
5.)talk...about anything...topics :
6.)Make a move:
Kiss on the cheek
7.) Tell her to call you the next day, if she does it....your in.
8.)Improvise from there.

I sighed, that was as good as I could come up with it would have to do for now. I needed Rachel back and to be honest. Brendon shouldn't have even made a move on her, what about that rule that guys have...Don't date your best friends Ex-...anything...or the girls rule don't date your ex's friend..wait never mind its the other way.

Don't date your friends ex.

Nevermind bad example.
What was I going to do if this didn't work?
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