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Chapter 12

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Rachel's POV

The day we brought Liam home was a good day, he had Brendon's hair and eyes, but my facial structure. He had one gift though, his fathers lips. We'd have to chase girls off him constantly now. I walked into the house with him cradled in my arms. I turned gasped getting the surprise of a life time. Seeing Micheal in the arms of his 'Friend' Shawn. they both pulled away quickly confirming my thoughts.

"Sis, I- " He started but I held a hands up.

"Chill out, its okay. It doesn't bother me." I said to him and he sigh lacing his fingers with Shawn's Happily. I was happy for him, it was a choice he had made, and to tell you the truth. I hadn't seen him so happy in years.

"Hey babe." I said when Brendon wrapped his arms around my torso as I watched Liam sleep in his crib. He kissed my neck softly and sighed a bit.

"I love you."He said to me and I smiled back.
"I love you too..." I said to him and I turned to face him when he dropped to one knee.

"Rachel will you marry me?"He asked softly.

I pulled him off his knees and pressed my lips to his, how could I say no to this man.

"Yes! Yes I'll Marry you!" I squealed happily and kissed him repeatedly. His hands tangled into my hair, Jesus i loved this man. I loved him so much.

5 months later

I looked in the mirror at my reflection, the dress I had bought for today. My wedding, I was going to marry Brendon, I was so nervous it wasn't funny. I heard a knock on the door and it opened, it was Ryan.

"You look beautiful."He said to me walking up to me and I smiled.
"You don't look half bad your self. "I smiled and he touched my face.
"I still love you Rachel...."He said softly and I sighed.

"Can we not do this now." I said to him grabbing my flowers, as Brendon's father entered the room with a smile. I had asked him to walk me down the isle. I linked arms with the elderly man and he smiled a bit.

"You look beautiful."He told me and I smiled at him.
"Thank you Mr.Urie..." I said softly.

"Its dad now sweetheart, your family."He said and I closed my eyes trying to hold back the tears. I had no father but no I kinda did. He was the sweetest man I'd ever met, I nodded.

"Thanks.Dad." I said to him and he nodding approvingly as the music started I gulped nervously.

"You ready for the rest of your life sweetheart?"He asked me and I nodded as the double doors opened and I saw Brendon standing by the alter grinning like the fool he was.

The march down to the alter was a long one I thought I'd never get there. His father place my hand in Brendon's giving me to him as a blessing I suppose. The Priest began about how time started and how man and woman were destined to fall for each other. Then he talked about love and how it effected everyone, even the littlest person. I heard Emmy giggling at the end of the ceremony when Brendon and I kissed passionate consummating our marriage.

We walked down the Isle and to the limo waiting out side for us, we climbed in after kissing both of the kids on the forehead. As soon as the door was shut Brendon pulled out his camera and kissed me snapping several pictures of us together.

"I love you,Mrs. Urie." He said and I smiled.
"I love you too, Mr. Urie." I said to him grinning.

Ryan POV
What about second chances? I asked my self as the limo drove off into the sun set. They were going to spend three weeks in cancun and I was stuck at home with no one. Why did my life have to suck so bad.

"Hey man, you going out to eat?" Jon asked as him and Spencer walked over casually.
"Nah, I'm gonna head home." I told them softly and they nodded.

"Call us tomorrow, maybe we could hang out, like old times..." Spencer said hugging me then leaving to go to their car.

I would have Rachel back, I just had to my very life depended on it....
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