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Was it a dream?

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flashbacks it may not be exactly what it seems yet.

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When Harry woke up he was gazing into the eyes of his best friend, this was something that he was never used to no matter how many times he saw her or felt about her. he always remembered the first time he laid eyes on her.

Flashback 1

it was two months after harry arrived at Stark Enterprise, and he was lonely, sure he had his father who loved to play with him when he had time but that was the problem, he was usually busy, that's when he met the only other person that had ever been nice to him. Miss Pepper was his fathers assistant, and loved to help his father in any way needed. Heck she was his reminder, if anything was missed she was ready with the appropriate things needed for example, it was his Fi... Financiael director, no no the word was financial it had to do with money a four year old harry remembered, and the ladies birthday came up. dad being dad had forgot about it while working in his lab. Well long story short Pepper without needing any reminder had a wrapped gift and card all ready to go. she was amazing. slowly harry opened up and welcomed her into his life.

well getting on with the flashback that should have happened last paragraph two months after he came home and began to settle into a lifestyle filled with books, technology, and music, he got his first big surprise. He was startled to see Pepper bounce into the house with soo much joy he thought she must have eaten the cake that she was avoiding because of something regarding her weight or figure. After she calmed down she ran to his fathers office still in giggles. Forgetting about this strange behavior harry fell back into listening to Linkin park and trying to put back together the house phone which was laying in a hundred little pieces all around his room.

A week after Peppers uncharacteristic outburst, harry was inside his room trying to build a robot out of computer parts and a telephone when he heard laughter in the house. He made hi way out to the living room and saw an interesting sight, Pepper was actually laughing and tickling a bushy haired girl. Deep inside rage filled young Harry's heart seeing his "mother" play with another child pulled his veary core being. As tears cascaded down his cheeks he turned and ran back into hi room, shutting the door jumping on his bed and crying into his pillow.

After an hour of banging on the door Peper decided to simply override the locking sequence on the panel. As his door opened,she made her way into his room, the only time he ever came into his room was when he first moved in an couldn't sleep because of his nightmares, she came in to sooth him. finally after finding a way through all the random computer parts she reached the bed and saw the reason she fell in love with this kid. Harry was rolled up into a ball whimpering, and holding his knees to his chest. Modesty aside she laid down beside him on his queen sized bed and gathered him in her arms brushing the hair from his face and holding him tight against her. She heard his breathing return to normal and slowly felt him relax from against her. She wasn't Tony's assistant for nothing and saw his reaction to her playing with the girl from the corner of her eye and concluded that Harry had cried himself to sleep.

About twenty minutes later Harry woke and felt like he was against something warm. The last thing that he remembered was his heart tearing to pieces when he saw what had happened on the living room couch, His mom His mom was playing with another child but he saw her holding him. Was he dreaming, no he wasn't it didn't make sense, and if it didn't make sense it didn't happen thats what he always believed. Sort of like that time when he supposedly kept shrinking the shirt his “aunt” tried putting over his head, to Harry if he couldn't rationalize out s situation it couldn't occur.

He then looked at his Mom again and saw that she was awake, and he looked into her eyes praying that she wouldn't leave him, praying that she wouldn't go become that girls mom. Suddenly he spoke in a whisper that anyone could have missed but not Pepper “why” the question hung in the air for a whole drawn out minute and he saw her smile at him. Why was she smiling did she not care for what happened to him, did she want to leave him. This is what went through his head, and he felt her quickly hug him tight. “Its not what it looks like”, she explained. She then went into how her brother and his wife wanted to go to Las Vegas to spend their vacation and she volunteered to take care of their six year old daughter for two weeks. She explained how her brother told her that their daughter Hermione, wasn't very social and very into books just like him. She explained that if you got to know her she would be a really good friend, and Harry seeing the honest expression on his moms face looked up to her and felt guilty for being so jealous, “Okay Mom”, she smiled at the name, “For you I will go and talk to her okay” she agreed and got up from the bed and left after kissing his forehead and telling him that Hermione was waiting for him in the library.

After making sure he was washed up and awake he slowly make his way through the grand halls of his fathers house he saw the simple but elegant paintings and pictures of his father and his family. The one thing he noticed was his father looked young in all of these photos, he put that in the back of his head and headed down to the library which was the entire second floor. His father had a love for books but since Harry moved in his father saw him look at books in such a longing way he went out of his way to find a library that lacked funding because of “stupid government misplacement of funds” and bought all the books there. To fit it he had his entire attic cleaned out and furnished with bookshelves and seats, than moved in the books.

Making his way up the stairs he saw a faint glow coming form the area by his favorite chair. There seated on the chair was a girl... well a girl who was biting her lip from what he assumed was trying to work out what a word meant. She looked his age but was a little taller, heck everyone around him was a little taller, and he felt a pull towards her, before he walked up to her he went to a shelf in the center of the library and pulled out a book that was about two inches thick, and made his way to her. As he walked up he was lost in what to say, when his mom told him she was antisocial she must of forgot that he was too, no wait she would never forget something like that she did it on purpose, that woman, gosh, he looked at her and at the moment he was fifteen feet from her, he saw her sitting in HIS favorite chair reading his FAVORITE story, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling, and he saw her engrossed somewhere in the middle, wow she read just as fast as he did. He finally gathered the courage and made it the final ten steps that separated her from him and she finally took her eyes off the ridiculously long book and looked at him. He stared into her eyes stuck in place, he didn't have any experience in these sort of things, why him, he looked at her and said “Hi I'm Harry Stark, how are you doing....

End Flashback 1

from that moment on he found his best friend, they did everything together when she was over, which was a lot after learning that her parents were gone a lot on Dental Seminars, which were surprisingly frequent and nagged at the back of his head for some reason, but because he got to see his best friend Mi he didn't really care. With his best friend he saw movies, showed her all his toys, which she wasn't interested in as much as the book and books she just had to read, so most of his time was spent in the library with her, he used this time to devour all the books he possibly could on science, technology, and math whereas Mi spent all her time reading history, and literary works of art.

Flashback. Number 2

it was snowing on the week before Christmas eve and he knew Mi for about a year now and they were inseparable, business was slow for her parents so they saw each other less now than they did originally, and both were saddened at the loss of contact between each other. They sent emails, back and forth to each other and talked on the phone for hours on end, it was a good thing scype was free talk from computer to computer or else they would have racked up quite a phone bill. Well on with the story, the week before Christmas they found a book The Rabbits Wedding, by Garth Williams and they both read that book together in front of the fireplace where Harry's favorite seat sat, well the seat was more like a mini sofa and could fit Harry laying down with his book, so the both comfortably sat down and red about a happily ever after story, and after the book Mi sighed and said “wouldn't it be nice if we could live happily ever after with each other, we wouldn't have to fly across the world to see each other”, Harry inheriting the do without thinking attitude from his BIOLOGICAL father looked down at the book than back at Mi and said, “you know what we should get married” she was confused, didnt you have to be older to be married? Yea well we could get married here, now, it would be fun right....

So both of them after hours of bickering and deciding they agreed that they should have a wedding for fun, what could hurt right. So for the next week leading up to christmas they researched everything they had to about the words they had to say and what they had to do, they had to kiss... ewwwwwww that grossed both of them out and they were both red in the face until Mi exasperatingly said its only one kiss how bad can it be. They were almost done and they found out they needed rings, Mi thought they could make paper rings to use but Harry remembered the only possession that he was found with, the only thing that was from his biological family, two rings that he found in his baby basket that was stashed in his cupboard taking a third of it up. Two sparkly rings that glittered in the light, the smaller one he was guessing was for the girl had a row of smaller diamonds and in the middle it had a bigger one that was still small but looked beautiful the bigger ring, the one that was probably for the man, it was a silver signet ring with a black stone which seemed to be glossy on top of it, on the black stone was an engraving of snake entwined around a dragon, and the eyes of the snake and dragon were emerald green and glinted in the light.

After getting ready it was finally the night before Christmas and the entire house was asleep, not a creature was stirring expert two children who were in the library, the lights which were simulated to look like torches were lit and the shadow of two children could be seen through the door way. The children were beside Harry's favorite chair and had a book laid out between them, it told of the legend of the ancient druid marrage ceremony, it consisted of them drawing a pentagram on the floor which was a seven pointed star surrounded by a thick circle, the used chalk to make sure that they didn't ruin the flooring, and at each point of the four foot in diameter pentagram was a candle lit giving off a basking low glow to the area. Finally they had everything finished, they had memorized the lines they needed and steeped into the pentagram, being intelligent geniuses they wanted everything just right in their play marriage. Finally the looked at each other, they both wore their best clothes, which was a dress pant and a polo shirt for Harry and a sundress with pretty lilies on it for Mi, the both stood and looked into each others eyes and began. Suddenly the candles grew in flame and illuminated their faces, and six voices spoke up...

Let the four directions be honored that power and radiance might enter our circle for the good of all beings.

With the blessing of the great bear of the starry heavens and the deep and fruitful earth, we call upon the powers of the North.

With the blessing of the great stag in the heat of the chase and the inner fire of the sun, we call upon the powers of the South.

With the blessing of the salmon of wisdom who dwells within the sacred waters of the pool, we call upon the powers of the West.

With the blessing of the hawk of dawn soaring in the clear pure air, we call upon the powers of the East.

May the harmony of our circle be complete.

We stand upon this Holy Earth and in the Face of Heaven to witness the Sacred Rite of Marriage between Harry Stark and Hermione Jane Granger. Just as we come together as family and friends so we ask for the Greater Powers to be present here within our Circle. May this Sacred Union be filled with their Holy Presence.

By the power vested in me I invoke the God of Love whose name is Aengus mac Og to be present in this Sacred Place. In his name is Love declared.

By the power vested in me I invoke the Goddess of the Bright Flame whose name is Brigid to be present in this Sacred Place. In Her name is Peace declared.

In the name of the Ancestors whose Traditions we honor,

DRUIDESS: In the name of those who gave us Life,

BOTH: May we all unite in Love.

DRUIDESS: The joining together of Man and Woman in the Sacred Rite of Marriage brings together great forces from which may flow the seeds of future generations to be nurtured within the womb of Time. Within every Masculine nature lies the Feminine, within every Feminine nature lies the Masculine. The interplay of Masculine and Feminine forces when flowing freely in a union based upon true Love finds many expressions. This union is truly Holy.

DRUID: Goddess to God,

North : God to Goddess,

South: Priestess to Priest,

East: Priest to Priestess,

West: Woman to Man,

North: Man to Woman,

South: Mother to Son,

East: Son to Mother,

West: Daughter to Father,

North: Father to Daughter,

South: Sister to Brother.

DRUIDESS: Brother to Sister.

Who walks the Path of the Moon to stand before Heaven and declare her Sacred Vows? (Mi steps forward) Do you Hermione Jane Granger come to this place of your own free will?

Mi: I do.

Who walks the Path of the Sun to stand upon this Holy Earth and declare his Sacred Vows? (Harry steps forward) Do you Harry Stark come to this place of your own free will?

I do.

(Both Harry and Mi walk the paths of the sun and moon [clockwise and anti-clockwise] around the circle, returning to the East)

Harry Stark and Hermionie Jane Granger you have walked the Circles of the Sun and Moon, will you now walk together the Circle of Time, travelling through the Elements and the Seasons?

Harry and Mi: We will.

(They Walk hand in hand to South)

Will your love survive the harsh fires of change?

Harry and Mi: It will.

Then accept the Blessing of the Element of Fire in this the place of Summer. May your home be filled with warmth.
(Walk together to West)

Will your love survive the ebb and flow of feeling?

Harry and Mi: It will.

Then accept the Blessing of the Element of Water in this the place of Autumn. May your life together be filled with love.

(Walk together to North)

CALLER OF THE NORTH: Will your love survive the times of stillness and restriction?

Harry and Mi: It will.

Then accept the Blessing of the Element of Earth in this the place of Winter. May your union be strong and fruitful.
(Walk together to East)

Will your love survive the clear light of Day?

Harry and Mi: It will.

Then accept the Blessing of the Element of Air in this the Place of Spring. May your marriage be blessed by the Light of every new Dawn.

DRUIDESS: All things in Nature are circular - night becomes day, day becomes night and night becomes day again. The moon waxes and wanes and waxes again. There is Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and then the Spring returns. These things are part of the Great Mysteries. Harry Stark and Hermione Jane Granger, do you bring your symbols of these Great Mysteries of Life?

Harry and Mi: We do.

Then before all present repeat these words.

Mi: (facing Harry, and handing him the ring):
Accept in freedom this circle of gold as a token of my vows. With it I pledge my love, my strength and my friendship. I bring thee joy now and for ever. I vow upon this Holy Earth that through you I will honour all men.

Harry (facing Mi and handing her the ring):
Accept in freedom this circle of gold as a token of my vows. With it I pledge my love, my strength and my friendship. I bring thee joy now and for ever. I vow in the face of Heaven that through you I will honour all women.

In the name of Brighid I bring you the warmth of my heart.

Harry: In the name of Aengus mac Og I bring you the light of my love.

Harry and Mi: both take a candle each and light a single candle in the middle together.

May the warmth and the light of your union be blessed.

Do you swear upon the Sword of Justice to keep sacred your vows?

Harry and Mi: We swear.

Then seal your promise with a kiss.

Beneficent Spirits and Souls of our Ancestors, accept the union of your children. Help them, guide them, protect and bless their home and the children born of their union. May their life together reflect the harmony of all life in its perfect union. May they work together in times of ease and times of hardship, knowing that they are truly blessed. From this time forth you walk together along Life's Path; may your way be Blessed.

Harry and Mi: walk together sunwise around the circle, then stand together west of centre)

DRUID: It is the hour of recall. As the fire dies down let it be re-lit in your hearts. May your memories hold what the eye and ear have gained.

We thank the Powers of Love and Peace for their presence within this Sacred Place. Let us offer the words that unite all Druids:
Grant, O God/dess, thy Protection
And in Protection, Strength
And in Strength, Understanding
And in Understanding, Knowledge
And in Knowledge, The Knowledge of Justice
And in the Knowledge of Justice, the Love of it
And in the Love of it, The Love of all Existences
And in the Love of all Existences, the Love of the God/ess and all

Let the spirits of the Four Directions be thanked for their blessings.

In the name of the hawk of dawn and of the element air, we thank the powers of the East.

In the name of the salmon of wisdom and the element of water we thank the powers of the West.

In the name of the great stag and of the element of fire, we thank the powers of the South.

In the name of the great bear of the starry heavens and of the element of earth, we thank the powers of the North.

May the blessing of the Uncreated One, of her Daughter/his Son The Created Word and of the Spirit that is the Inspirer be always with us. May the world be filled with Harmony and Light.

Let us now form the Three Circles of Existence.

(Harry and Mi: hold hands,

We swear by peace and love to stand
Heart to heart and hand in hand
Mark O Spirit and hear us now
Confirming this our Sacred Vow.

This Sacred Rite of Marriage ends in peace, as in peace it began. Let us withdraw, holding peace and love in our hearts until we meet again.

As the flames die out, a simple chaste kiss is shared, knocking both unconcious, they both fail to see a beam of light slam down into the rings or the wave of magic sweep them into Harry's chair where they were found the next morning cuddled together, evidence from nights activities washed away. They wake up the next morning and gasp was it a dream?

End Flashback 2,

He looks into her eyes and grins “hey Mi, fancy seeing you here”
She replies “shut-up” and wraps him in a hug, they both exhale deeply content in each others arms not aware of the trouble brewing... TBC

the wedding isn't that impractical, ive played marriage when i was five with a girl that was a daughter of a business partner, my play marriage was underneath a conference table.

they are not in a relationship at this point, more will be explained later, and harry has many flaws that will be exploited, it will be how he overcomes them that will make him stronger.

Tony will be introduced in a little bit, their relationship is not what it seems.

calling them his parents isnt too far of a strech, my parents were killed when i was three in a car accident, i called my adopted parents mom and dad because they cared for me and treated me as their son.

please review it would be appreciated i was amazed with how many gave feedback on my flimsy first chapter, this one has a little more. this is my first story ever so please give me any sort of help, it would definatley be appreciated. enjoy

the ceremony is an actual transcript from a druid marriage and is altered where i deemed appropriate, can you guess the voices...
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