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Gimme A Tour To Remember

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MCR and another band on tour. What could go wrong? Only way to find out is to read

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Hey there.
If you're looking at this, think it's familiar, then it probably is.
I've already posted some of this, but Ficwad's locked me out of my old account.
So I'm putting the stuff I had there on here now, and I'll be adding stuff here from now on.
This is my first fiction up here, and of course, it's a typical idea.
Though you can't tell if it's cliche or not before you read it.
And reviews and ratings are always appreciated, positive or negative. [=


"COZ IT'S WHAT YOU ASKED FOR!", Lexi, Sean and I screamed in perfect sync. Looking down at my bass guitar, I let the notes wash over me. Raw, powerful music gave me more of a buzz than any illegal substances known to man. The strong, certin rhythms and melody overpowered almost all of my other feelings. Pure happiness and content was all I felt.

I glanced around at my bandmates for a moment and I knew they were giving it their all. Lexi was bent over yelling into her mic with incredible energy. Her guitar was hanging loosely from her small frame. Her black locks hid her face from view but I could almost see the smirk on her face. To my left, Sean had a look of pure concentration on his face as he rocked his solo. His fingers flew over the guitar strings at dizzying speeds. The sound was so complex and intricately woven that it sounded more like two guitars than one. Behind me I could hear Matt beating his drums insanely like his life depended on it. I screamed into the mic as the song reached its climax. I'd never felt so alive.

I smiled when I looked up at the crowd. They were totally into it and yelling, thrashing around wildly. Their screams echoed off the walls of the dark and shadowy hall. I'd never seen people act so enthusiastic about our music before . As the music got louder and louder, so did the screaming fans. It felt strange to think that so many kids had showed up just to see us, but the usual stage fright that I felt had disappeared. I was zoned out, letting the song soak through me again. All I was aware of was the pounding of drums, passionate yells, heavy guitar and what I was playing. I knew Lexi, Sean and Matt felt the same. This was it, our state of bliss. This was all we ever wished for, and we were living the dream.

Gradually, Matt slowed down on the drums to a soft beat. Sean's guitar faded away and I played softly as Lexi sang the last line of the last song of our set."But I wish you all the best", She sang sweetly, brushing her bangs out of her eyes and beaming at the crowd. I stopped playing and gazed at the huge mass of screaming people in front of us. Lexi straightened up as the crowd burst into earsplitting screams. "Thank you! You've all been wonderful, good night!," She yelled into the mic and waved at the crowd, smiling and blowing kisses. I flashed a grin one final time as I headed towards the stage exit to a thunderous applause. Another night, another show over. But I was already looking forward to the next performance. This was my perfect life as I knew it.


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