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Come Crashing Down

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Caitlin looks back

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Just wanted to say, I wrote this a while back and haven't edited it much.
But enjoy [=


"That was amazing!", Lexi declared as she jumped up and down in the middle of the room. I smiled at her from where I sat on the couch. We were backstage after the show and were all still on an adrenaline high. Even the small grotty lounge with cheap fluorescent lights wasn't bringing down our high spirits. It was the same after every gig. No matter what our previous mood had been, as soon as we were onstage, we forgot about it. We just became different people and sparked with energy. Lexi's hair was a mess, her dark eyeliner was slightly smudged and her normally pale face was rather flushed. Sean was sprawled on the couch next to me. His jet black hair resembled a mop even more than usual but he looked completely zoned out. Matt was sitting across from and grinning at Lexi's buoyant nature.

I stretched and lay back against the tatty upholstery, remembering that faithful night 2 years ago where this had all started.


"Caitlin,come on!", Meghan hollered impatiently over the noise of traffic as she rounded on me. Her dark hair fluttered in the breeze and her brown cheeks had taken on a pink tint. She was shivering slighly in the sharp wind even though her Parka was a lot warmer than my hoodie. The people walking briskly past us on the shady street looked even more windswept, but it didn't bother me. I sighed and stared at her in annoyance. Even though she was one of my best mates, she could get pretty annoying at times. One of the guys at college was throwing a house party that night. I'd agreed to bring Meghan along even though she didn't know him. I never was very social and thought it might be a good idea to bring my roommate along, but I was beginning to regret it.
"Look,it's not like we're gonna be late, just slow down" I replied. Meghan shrugged and started to walk at the same pace as me.
"Still", she continued, "I want to meet this Sean guy before he's totally plastered or stoned, or both..".
"Megs, he's not like that" I said calmly. In all of the years that I'd known her, Meghan had always been very anti-drugs. "I know you wouldn't want to get involved with any of that shit, and neither would I. He said it's just a party for his friends that're in town for a while, that's all. Some drinks, some people, no crap, okay?". Meghan nodded slightly, but still seemed like she was reserving judgement.

Sean's apartment was pretty near us, so it didn't take us long to get there. At the door, we were greeted with loud music and warm, heavy air. The dark front room of the apartment was crammed with people drinking, Sean and some other guys right in the centre. Meghan and I started to shove through the crowd and tried to avoid being knocked sideways by the heaving mass of bodies. When Sean saw us making our way towards him, he said something to his friends and raced over. With his athletic build and energetic attitude, he had no trouble pushing through the human barricade between us.

"And he is . .?", Meghan said into my ear as he waved and walked closer. I caught her looking at him specualtively and smiled. The party had suddenly became a lot more interesting. "Sean, the single, possibly drunken stoner!",I shouted and tried to get Meghan's attention. At that moment Sean got through the last few people and was standing in front of us. He grinned at me ."Hey Cait!", he yelled over the pumping stereo. I gave a nod in respose. Then he really noticed Meghan for the first time. She smiled at him sweetly and batted her eyelashes. I snicked at her cheesy flirting. But Sean returned her smile and seemed intrigued. I rolled my eyes; Meghan's skills with guys were nothing new. Here we go again..., I thought.

I muttered something about going to find a beer but I don't think either of them heard me. I grabbed a beverage and sat down on the couch, watching Meghan and Sean flirting with each other. I'd seen both of them hitting on other people before, but their past antics were nothing compared to the crazy flirting they were doing. They sure would make one hell of a couple, I thought and smiled to myself.

Leaving them, I grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch next to some strangers. I watched Meghan and Sean talking to each other and laughed inwardly. Sean was well-known around campus for being a ladies man, and Meghan was quite a flirt. It was amusing to see drunk people making fools of themselves, but after a while the whole atmosphere got to me and I needed some fresh air. Pushing my way through random people, I headed for the door and walk straight into somebody.

"Hey,sorry...", He said, looming above me as I realised that he seemed familiar. Taking in his appearance, I tried think of where I'd seen him before. He had brown floppy hair, bright blue eyes, and a kind smile. Hadn't I seen him around college? Wasn't his name . . Micheal? Mark?No,it was. . Matt! Yes, that was it.

"Are you okay?"Matt asked,interrupting my thoughts. He seemed genuinely concerned.
"Erm, yeah, I just need some air...",I mumbled. He nodded and walked outside with me. If I hadn't known him distantly, I would've sworn he was just being overly polite or a creep. But at college, most people seemed to think that he was a geniunely nice guy, even if he was a bit strange.

We made conversation outside for a while and I found out a lot about him. I could've just hung out with him for ages, but it was getting rather cold. With a resigned sigh, I headed back inside with Matt to find somebody else that I knew. Sean was sitting on the couch talking to a few people with his arm around Meghan. A very bored looking girl with dark hair was sitting on his other side. From the disgruntled expression on her face, she looked like she wanted to be anywhere other than there. As Matt and I walked by Sean stopped us. "Guys, could you hang with my sis Lexi for a while?". He gave me a stare that indicated that I didn't have an say in the matter.

I smiled politely at her, but Matt exclaimed "Oh hey!Lexi!!How are you lately?" She looked at us blankly and then her face broke into a smile."Matt!" She exclaimed and jumped up to hug him. She seemed pretty familiar, but maybe it was just her striking resemblance to Sean.
Her and Matt started talking and sat down on the other couch and got a few more beers, even though she seemed a bit drunk already. I collapsed down next to them and joined in some of their conversation.I learned that she was 21, the same age as me, she'd known Matt for a few years and was studying technical art and french.

After a while,the conversation turned to music."I play rhythm guitar...",Lexi slurred.
"Great!", Matt beamed. He was pretty merry by that point. I'd given up counting his drinks after he'd had 5 beers. "I play drums!", he smiled like a child announcing that they'd just written their name. I grinned. "Bass...", I said. I hadn't had as much to drink as them. Soon the conversation moved onto another topic, and before long, it was 4am ."Woah", I said as I returned from getting something to eat in the kitchen. I realised that almost everyone else had left. The only people who remained were resting on random furniture and asleep the floor. Meghan and Sean were nowhere to be seen. "Guys, we've been talking for hours...", I looked up and saw that Lexi and Matt had fallen asleep together. Lexi's head was on Matt's chest and Matt had his arm dreaped around her. I smiled and decided to leave them in piece. I stretched and fell into the nearest chair, fallig asleep soon after I closed my eyes.


That night had a lot of consequences. Sean and Meghan starting going out, and Lexi and I had become pretty close. At the start of the year, Meghan had moved in with Sean and Lexi moved in with me when she broke up with her boyfiend. Things had been awkward between Matt and Lexi after they woke up the morning after the party, but they were still friends.

Most importantly, we tried playing some music together. Sean's band, a 5-piece metal group, had decided that they didn't need him anymore, and while he was still incredibly pissed off about it, he'd got us together and tried us playing some songs. Lexi sang and played guitar, Matt played drums, Sean played on lead guitar and I played bass. We sounded good. More than good, actually, when we played something just connected. It felt like we were all just made to be in a band together.

Sean was over the moon and insisted that we officially became a band. Somehow, his energetic attitude and persistant nature won Lexi and I around, even though we were serious about college. Matt had played with a few bands before, and had no trouble accepting the offer to be our drummer. We called ourselves Vampire Crash because we'd all always loved gothic horror stories. Lexi had a way with lyrics and Sean and I were pretty good at coming up with riffs. Although we were all into different types of music, we used the best of the different styles and wove it into songs. We mainly just played some small gigs in bars and clubs but we enjoyed it. We played for the fun of it but never really saw ourselves getting anywhere.

Sean still insisted that we could make it big and wanted us to try harder. He really just wanted to prove to his old band that he coud make be successful. Meghan's brother was pretty high up at Reprise records and he got a rep to go to one of our shows. When they offered to sign us, we were ecstatic. Myself and Lexi quit college, and despite our parents shocked reactions, they were happy for us. We recorded an album, did a few promotion gigs, and we were having the time of our life. We'd just played the last of our promo shows and were looking forward to what was coming next.

"Caitlin!", somebody said, and something collided with the side of my head.
"What?!", I yelled and looked up to see what had pulled out of my reverie. Matt was grinning down at me, his blue eyes sparkling. Sean was holding a cushion and laughing his head off, looking like he was about to collapse. Lexi was standing next to a blond, professional woman at the other side of the room. Lex gave me a slightly irritated look and I quickly jumped up, eyeing the stranger. Her outift was a bit too dressy for the backstage area of a rock show. I walked over to her and she held out her hand. I was too puzzled to do anything else so I just gave her a handshake.

"Hey, you must be Caitlin. I'm Catherine, I work at Reprise", she said brightly. I nodded, not sure where this was going."You guys did a great show tonight", she smiled "And you're really going places,so we were wondering if you'd like to go on tour with another band".I stood there, gobsmacked. Sean, Lexi and Matt looked the same and didn't speak for a few seconds. Matt somehow managed to snap out of his trance "So who would we be touring with?" he asked, as if I was still considering it. Knowing Matt, he'd probably only agre if it were somebody that he liked.
The woman smiled again and said "My Chemical Romance,have you ever heard of them?"
"Woah!" I muttered, Lexi squealed and clapped her hands over her mouth in deisbelief. I could hear Matt giving a low whistle and Sean exclaiming "Hell yes!".
I beamed at the rep. "Of course we'd like to tour with them"


Opinions anyone?I really don't know if I should continue to write this . .
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