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Just Sleep

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"Wait, how did you know I was here?" I asked jogging up to his side as he was too fast of a walker for me.

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I woke up the next morning in my bed. I didn't even know how I got here, but I was here. I couldn't remember anything from last night, but I didn't care right now. I sat up slowly and realized there was a note on my nightstand. I picked it up and read: Phoenix, don't worry I put you in your bed once you were asleep. I'll come and check up on you in the afternoon after work. Sincerely, Mikey Who the hell is Mikey? Okay, I'm officially scared about what happened last night. I need a shower. I feel all gross and dirty. So I got up and went to the bathroom out in the hall. Just stepping in the bathroom I closed the door and locked it behind me. I got undressed and jumped in the shower feeling the warm water spray down my body. Steam rose from the water and it swirled around me fogging up the mirror as I got out and wrapped myself in a clean towel that was hanging from the towel rack.
Heading to my room just wrapped in a towel I went to my walk-in-closet and found a nice pair of tight jeans that were ripped from the knees, finding one of my ripped Iron Maiden tees and my black high top Converse. I was satisfied with my choice of style today. It was Saturday and I had no job to attend, so I dug out my old friend from the storage closet. My checkered skateboard was coming with me to the skate park I discovered when I first moved here.
Riding the whole way to the skate park with my iPod full blast I realized 'Mikey' was probably a nickname for Michael. Once I got to the skate park I saw it was full with shirtless guys glistening in the sun with their sweaty tan bodies. All these types smelt so good. But I kept to myself and just skated towards the ramps and pools made of concrete. I just got right into it, with all my tricks. I was enjoying skating in the hot sun on the weekend with no one to bother me. Or so I thought. I smelt Michael from where he stood. It caught me off guard and I fell from my board. I hit the concrete hard, hitting my head slightly. I just lay there holding my head. All the skaters stopped and came to gather around. I had my iPod still on so I couldn't hear what they were saying as I saw their mouths moving, but nothing sounded. Then I saw Michael puch through the crowd and kneel down next to me. He pulled the headphones from my ears and giggled, "Are you okay, dude?" I saw everyone of the skaters eyes on me.
"Yeah, I just lost my balance. Evey skater falls every once in a while. I'm still a little rusty as I haven't skated forever." I smiled and he helped me up. "Thanks." I dusted off my pants and shirt. All the guys scattered and went back about their business.
"You're weird. I told you I was gonna check up on you." He smiled. "Or did you not get the note I left on your nightstand?" He asked.
"No, I did. I just wanted to get out and bring back some old feelings I forgot I could feel." I picked up my board and held it to my side.
"Sure, let's go." He started walking to the exit. I just followed him. He was wearing his shades and a Black Flag tee with some dark skinny jeans.
"Wait, how did you know where I was?" I asked jogging up to his side as he was too fast a walker for me.
"I just guessed. You seem like the skater type. When I went to your apartment and found that you weren't there I just guessed." He smiled.
"Good guess, dude." I giggled. "Where are we going?" I asked unaware of our destination he had in mind.
"We are gonna go to a noce comic store down the block. The new Hellboy issue came out and I need to read it." He kept walking.
"Nerd," I just laughed.
"Whatever, dude. I love comics, and if you have a problem with that you can just leave." He frowned.
"I was just kidding. I love comics too." I nudged him. He seemed down about something, but I wasn't sure what it was. And I wasn't about to ask, but maybe it would make him feel better to tell someone. So, I ignored the little voices saying no and just blurted, "What's wrong, dude?" He kept his eyes down at his shoes as we walked to the comic store.
"It's just the wife." He giggled.
"You can tell me, dude. I have told you so many things, just tell me." I said. I knew there was more to be said.
"She's driving me carzy. She thinks I'm having an...affair." He choked. I knew it had something to do with me. I just knew it. Wives never really like their men to hang out with chicks they don't know. They really get annoyed if it's often they hang out, and for a really long time.
"It's about me, isn't it?" I asked. I saw him nod and just sighed. "I knew it. Dude, if I'm gonna interfere with your marriage then it's not worth it to still be my friend." I was okay with him leaving me to save his marriage. I don't want to be the cause of a nasty divorce.
"No, I promised I was gonna help you and I'm kepping it. Even if it means little arguments with my wife about me hanging with you." He sounded determined.
"I just don't want to be a cause of a divorce all to help me because I can't help myself. I'd rather you leave than have that happen over me." I sighed looking down at the ground.
"I was thinking you could come and meet my wife. She's really nice, and it would probably make things lighter for me to carry. Just so she knows we're just friends and that you won't do anything. Just to get to know you and stuff." He suggested.
"Yeah, I will. I think that would definitely help." I agreed, nodding my head.
"Good, beacuase that's where we're going." He smiled.
"You sneaky, bitch!" I hit him on the arm. He just gasped and I saw his face light up.
"Dude, that hurt!" He rubbed his arm. I just shrugged and kept following him to wherever we were going.
We walked a few more minutes, until we reached a bar. It looked okay. It had tinted windows, above hung a light up sign saying OPEN. Michael pulled back the door and went in, holdong it open for me. I thanked him and followed him to a table where a woman with dark hair sat sipping at her brown glass bottle of Budweiser. Once she saw Michael she got up and kissed him. I just stood there like an idiot, staring at them. "Babe, this is Phoenix. Phoenix, this is my wife, Alicia." He wrapped his arm around her waist and held her close.
"Hi, Alicia. Michael has told me so much about you." I outstretched my hand for her to shake. She shook it firmly and slowly let go.
"Hi, Phoenix, and Mikey has told me a lot about you." She smiled. I knew Mikey was his nickname. We just stood there in an awkward silence. Then 'Mikey' spoke up.
"Do you want anything to drink, Phoenix?" He asked.
"Just a Budweiser." I nodded.
"Okay, be right back." He left after he kissed Alicia on her head. As soon as he was gone Alicia dropped her nice girl act and stalked up to me.
"I know your game, and I really don't like it. I suggest you leave before things get out of hand." She growled. She looked very intimidating, but I knew I could take her. She had broad sholders, muscles and tattoos. I just had tattoos, so maybe she thought I was weak as my muscles didn't really show as much as her's did. But I was a little confused at what she said. "I've seen bitches like you, and they don't last very long. I'm just saying."
"I have no fucking idea what you're talking about, dude. I work Monday thru Friday from seven a.m. to five p.m. and have a million other things to do than fuck around with your husband. He's helping me out with my problems, as I do have many." I smirked as I saw her face in shock.
"Here you go, Phoenix." Michael came up with my beer.
"Michael, I'm just gonna go. I forgot I have some things to do." I said as I headed out and made my way back to the skate park. Now I really needed a fucking drink of blood. But I know I can't, that would be against my rules I built the first decade of my new being. I can't break them now. I think they do me some good. They keep me disciplined and strong knowing I can follow something so strict.
After another hour and a half of skating I just headed to another pub. It was already getting dark and I just wanted a night to myself. I don't have work tomorrow anyway.
I entered the pub I found a few minutes from the skate park and saw teh lights flashing in the dark bar. There was a band and booths. Just the way I like it. Heading towards the bar I took a seat on one of the open barstools and was met by a smiled. "What would you like?" The bartender asked.
"Um, just to start off the night, a glass of Jose Quervo." I smiled.
"Okay." He nodded getting out a glass and pouring from the bottle he got from the shelf in the back. "Here you go." He put it in front of me.
"Thanks." I mumbled. I just sipped the piss yellow drink and swallowed hard. After three I had finished the whole glass. "Hey," I called to the bartender. When he turned around I held up my glass and he headed towards me. "Can you get me something strong? I don't really have anything particular in mind, just, anything." I handed him my glass. He just put it under the counter and got a new glass. This was for sanitary reasons. You couldn't use the same glass, and that went for everyone. If you were sick and the tip of the bottle hit the rim of your glass where you put your germs of sickness it would stay on the bottle and be transferred to another glass being poured for someone else. Easy way to get mono or herpes.
"Here you go. Strongest we have is Jim Beam Whiskey." He handed me the glass of golden liquid. I just chugged it down as the bartender watched. After I gulped the last of it down someone came and sat down next to me.
"Smire Noff." A hoarse voice demanded. The bartender nodded and went to retrieve his drink. I just sat there inspecting my glass just waiting for the bartender to come back and get me another drink. As I inhaled I smelled the human's blood running through his veins. This scent was all too familiar.
"What do you want, Vlad?" I asked.
"Nothing much. I'm just visiting old friends. You really haven't changed, Phoenix. Your scent is all too familiar to me." He said removing his leather jacket and putting it on the counter. "Now, tell me, what are you doing in New York?" He asked too curiously. He was always too curious for his own good. Almost died wondering what our master did with new comers behind closed doors. As if he already didn't know.
"On some business in the AP industry. What about you? Because we both know you aren't visiting some friends here." I smirked.
"Just fnishing up some business for Satan. A few suicides here and there, murders, rapes. You know, the usual." He glanced at me. This asshole was my old lover. As we were both new comers to this new life we helped each other. He was always there for me, and vise versa. We were real buddies. We were passionately in love, but our love faded as he was chosen to work for the devil himself. I haven't talked, or even seen him, in a while. "It's been, what, a century since we last seen each other? I've really missed you." He put his hand over mine that was resting on the bar.
"Well, I don't miss you." I said harshly as I pulled my hand from under his.
"C'mon, Phoenix? We both know that's a lie just to cover up how you really feel about me." He started playing with my hair. I didn't really miss him actually. After out little break up I found Jim. But that wan't much better. "Why don't we go back to my hotel room and have a nice night?" He suggested, bit I wasn't in the mood for a quick fuck.
"I think not, Vladimir. I'm not in the mood for some one night stand." I said. Sudddenly, his hand trailed down to my thigh. His fingers rubbing little circles on my knee caps. I could feel his rough smooth skin on mine as the knees were ripped in my jeans. But I was surprised I didn't feel anything when he touched me. I was truly over him.
The bartender finally came back with a glass of clear liquid. "Refill please." I held up my glass as he took it and it under the bar and got another glass filling it with my drink. He placed the glass in front of me again. "Thanks." He nodded and helped other customers after he poured Vladimir his drink of vodka. I could still feel Vlad's hands on my thighs. I just pushed his hands away and glared at him.
"C'mon, Phoenix?" He whined.
"No, I'm not in the mood." I grumbled. He just pushed hus hands roughly up my shirt. I jumped back off the stool and spilling my drink I held in my hand. "Stop!" I yelled, attracting curious eyes of drinkers in the bar. "Keep your slimy hands off me! You don't get to touch me!" The alcohol started to speak. He was always great to me. He didn't have a choice in saying no to the offer Satan placed upon him. Saying no was punishable by death. In my mind I was talking to Jim. As I was talking I saw Jim's face, his eyes narrowed and his lips pressed together making them a nice pale white.
"Calm down, Phoenix." I saw Vladimir walk up to me, but ashe touched me I saw Jim.
"NO! I will not calm down! Stay away from me!" Now I saw Nathaniel. Another lover of mine. I was utterly confused to whom I was talking to. I needed out. I put a hundred dollars on the counter and ran out the bar. Bright lights hit my eyes and police sirens rang in my ears. I stumbled to a nearby waste basket and spewed all the liquior. I needed to get home.
"Phoenix?" I heard a voice call. I turned and saw Michael again. Now, I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating or what, but I saw him talking to an officer.
"Michael?" I asked. I walked towards him and the officer.
"Are you okay?" He asked. I shook my head. "Where were you? I looked everywhere for you. Thank you, officer. I found her." He caught me as my knees gave in.
"Okay, do you need a ride?" The officer asked in his deep voice.
"Yes." Michael carried me to the car and put me in, after he got in. The officer drove us home, the whole way I just saw lights of various colours. With my vision blurred I couldn't make out anything in front of me. I took one step and fell onto the pavement. I heard rushing feet and mumbling. I wasn't sure whom it was I was speaking to, but whoever it was was really angry with me.
"I'm sorry." I frowned. And I heard more mumbling. "I'm sorry." I repeated, and I kept repeating it until I felt my soft bed sheets under me.
"Shh...Just sleep. I'll be here when you get up. I'll take care of you." The voice faded as I fell unconcious.
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