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Chapter 1

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(This is a story that I wrote before but my account got messed up =[ So here it is again w/ updates.) Gerard and Jackie are best friends, but when emotions run high things get messy.

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I stand there in front of the school waiting for him to show up. I swear we said to meet at the front entrance at 7:30. And it was now 7:55 "aww screw it" I murmured to myself and opened the door. As I walked in I took a deep breathe of the hall way. It brought back so many memories, some good, some bad. Lost in my head I ran right into some one. Well im off to a great start for the year, wait outside for some one for 25 minutes, then I run into some one a knock the right to there ass, real smooth I think to my self. Suddenly I feel some what less bad realizing who I had knocked down. It was little Mikey, though he dreaded it when I called him that I still did.
"Sorry" I say helping him up
"no problem"
"Hey you got knew glasses, I like them"
"really thanks, I just got them for school"
"nice, have you seen your brother?" I ask rushing things along
"uh, yeah. He's at the back entrance waiting for you"
"oh shit, and the bells about to ring" I start to run to the back hall way to get him, hoping he was still there. I finally get there and with two minutes to spare. As I open the door I do a little happy dance, feeling accomplished.
"What the fuck are you doing?" he asks
"Well hello to you too, best buddy"
"No seriously where have you been I've been waiting here for a half hour"
"I thought we agreed to wait at the front entrance"
"No we said that was stupid and that we should wait for each other at the back entrance so we could get to our lockers faster"
"oh yeah, well im here now and we have like a minute to get to our lockers and get to class, so prisa para arriba"
"What the Fuck does that mean?" he asked as i pulled him off the step and into the building
"Don't ask we don't have time"
We got to their lockers and into class with no trouble, thank god. Though there was no real rush considering we both had study hall first.
"Soo...I ran into little Mikey this morning" I whispered as we walked into the room
"oh really?"
"yeah, like litterally ran into him" i giggled
"i see your off to a nice start"
"hey, dont make fun of me"
"fine, let me see you schedual" he demanded
"Gerard!!!" i whined "i dont want to get it out"
"come on, give it to me"
"fine, i've got nothing else to do" i say as i lift my bag onto the table
"cool, we have first, second and third period together, and luch"
"really, thank god, i didnt want to have to make knew friends"
"how could you make knew friends after being friends with me" he asked cocking his head to the side and smirked. How i hate that smirk!
"stop being arrogant"
"im not, im just stating a fact" he mocked
"oh shut up" i said throwing a peice of paper at him "oh and the thing i said earlier meant hurry up, looks like some one didnt pay attention in spanish"
"i took french" Gerard said matter of factly
"yeah well...what ever" she joked "oow oow, im bleaching my hair tomorrow, i cant wait"
"your moms going to let you?"
"no, who cares though"
"she will" he laughed throwing the paper back at me
"yeah, but it's the only way to stand out in this school" she said getting angry, not at any one in particular, just society.
"no because the black hoodie, black nail polish, side bangs, black sceene hair, and nose peircing make you blend right in"
"fine, i wont do it"
"good" he said opeing up his sketch book
"no dont start drawing, then i wont have any one to talk to"
"talk to toro, hes right over there"
"no he hates me"
"what are you talking about?"
"its true"
"really, lets see" he said putting his pencil down "hey toro, come here"
"gerard!" i whispered as he walked over
"what?" ray asked
"do you hate Jackie?"
"what?" Ray asked confused
"jackie here" he paused to point to her "thinks you hate her"
"uh no, why would i hate her?" Ray questioned, still confused
"well because you never talk to me" i butted in
"i didnt know i was supposed to"
"well its not like you have to, but it would be nice"
"okay from now on i guess i'll talk to you then"
"okay" i said and smiled
"can i draw now?" Gerard asked getting some what agitated
"well, that depends, will you talk to me for the rest of study hall?" i asked Ray
"sure i guess so"
"then cary on Gerard"
Study hall wasn't anything special after that. Ray and I talked about music, and how we both play the guitar. What bads we liked, we both like metallica, which is kind of cool. How he wanted to get contacts, stuff like that. Then the bell rang and it was time for American history, thats my favorite class.
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