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Chapter 4 Prt. 1

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It's not that I wanted to get away from him necessarily, it was the fact that I couldn't go back to the way it was before. Only friends and nothing more, I cant live with that, now realizing the "feelings with in" (gay I know), but its true. If I go back to being his friend I would have to deal with "Soph" and any other girl friend in the future. He would MAKE me be nice to them, how cruel of him. And he would never actually be mine and only mine. But if I was a bitch towards him (some what) then he would try and push himself onto me, to talk to him,about anything. Not that it would take a big effort, but it's a nice feeling. If you can stomach the guilt afterward.
Then my phone rang, it was a recording of Gerard screaming "pick up your fucking phone". Don't ask, we had three mountain dews and a cell phone with a voice recorder. It was his idea, that he would make a recording for his ring tone so I knew right then that it was him calling me. In away I do miss doing stuff like that but now its hard to go back. Finally I answered the phone.
"why'd you storm off like that? I wasn't done talking to you."
"I know, but I was done talking to you"
"please don't be like that. What happened to the old you?"
"the old me? The old me, the person who wasn't told something important, like um I don't know 'Soph'. The old me who always had to push her self onto you and force you most of the time to fricken talk to me. The old me, the one who was a friend and only a friend. Is that the one your talking about?"
"no, I mean the funny, nice, understanding, caring, lovable, cheery old you"
"I don't know, I have to go" and that was that. Though my heart fluttered with joy that that was what he thought of me, I was still so broken on the inside. If only he knew how much he had hurt me, then maybe things would be different. But how am I suppose to tell him. 'I'm pissed because you dating that whore-ible person, your suppose to be mine. So call me when you feel the same'. hey that actually didn't sound that bad. I have decided to go to his house after school and tell him. Thank God only two classes left.
For the first time I can ever remember I was actually excited for school to end. Usually I have to go home and get beaten by a drunken step father. This day just gets better and better, in a way. Finally, when I bell rang I was the first person out. I bolted down the hall to my locker. I didn't want to seem too eager though so I went to the park first. I sat for a while just watching the ducks, when my phone screamed again. Oh boy, what is it this time.
"hello?" I ask some what annoyed, about what I have no idea
"hey, do you have any where to go, or can we talk for a while?"
"I guess"
"okay, so your mad at me for not telling you about Sophie?"
"yes, wait no, Gerard...its soo much more than that you have no idea."
"well could you at least give me a chance?"
"what do you mean" I didn't get my hopes up seeing as every time I did I was just set down lower and lower
"give me a chance to understand"
"you know, I just remembered I have some place to go" I said, intending on going to his house to talk face to face
"are you fucking kidding me?"
"I'm sorry but I'll talk to you soo, I promise" 'sooner than you think' was all I could think to myself
"what ever bye" and he hung up. I zipped up my sweat shirt and made my way to his house. It was really relaxing, walking alone, I was actually happy to be alive.
When I got to his house I debated ringing the door bell or just barging in. I rang the door bell, didn't want to be rude, though I always just walked in. Mikey answered the door.
"hey-a there Mikey"
"hi Jackie"
"is your brother occupied?"
"just a little" he said, his face was getting red and he looked embarrassed
"doing what?" I asked suspecting something
"im not quite sure, but he locked himself in his room"
"well was he mad?"
"he didn't look to mad to me, actually looked pretty happy"
"well when was the last time you saw him?" I felt like a police officer
"about 5 minutes ago, when he came down to answer the door. He told me not to, that he could. Which mad no sense to me considering he was upstairs and I was right there in the kitchen"
"who was it?"
"I don't know, but I know they came in"
"male, female, what?"
"female definitely, her voice almost made my ears bleed"
"yep that's Sophie, hmm great"
"nothing, hey do you mind if I stick around for while?"
"not at all, I was just watching a movie in my room, I came down to get some thing to eat. You want to watch it with me?"
"yeah sure"
We walked up to his room, and just as I suspected it was as messy as Gerard's. I didn't mind though. He made some space for me on his bed. Throwing his back pack, clothes, magazines ect. On the floor. I laid down and forced my self to watch the movie, I don't know what it was called but it was scary. Typical. Then Gerard walked in, with no shirt on, and his hair a mess. Oblivious to me, he asked Mikey something I couldn't quite understand, he was mumbling, but Mikey understood him crystal clearly walked over to his dresser opened the top droor and pulled something out, like it was a secret.
"uh Gee, Jackie's here, so maybe you could hurry up" Mikey said looking at me
"Holy fuck" he said startled, I just waved in a thanks for not noticing me sooner manner.
"awkward" I hear Mikey say under his breath
"um...yeah I'll try and hurry So..." he was cut off by Sophie walking up behind him in her braw and a skirt. Ah Ha I knew she was a whore!
"Gerard are you coming" she said almost more oblivious that Gerard. What the fuck am I fucking invisible. If I was, that would be pretty kick ass. I could do so much shit, and my first victim would be little miss pink bra. Apparently I was making an evil face because the next thing I heard was "Jack you okay?" from Mikey
"Oh my gosh, I didn't see you there, hi Jackie" she said, I now know what Mikey means by his ears bleeding
"Hi, um we were kind of in the middle of a movie, and I can clearly see you two were in the middle of some thing" I said my eyes going from her bra to her face. She looked down
"Crap" was all she said before she walked away, being followed by Gerard. Mikey shut is door again
"I cant believe my brother is dating a prostitute" He said rubbing his eyes and walked back to the bed.
"hey Mikey, if I tell you something in secrecy do you promise not to tell your brother?"
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