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Chapter 6 Prt. 2

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"oh boy"
"we dont have to go, we could still go to the movies Jackie" he said reasuringly
"no, i really wanted to go bowling with you, even if skank pants is here" i whispered kissing him on the cheek and getting out
"whats the worst that could happen?" he asked me
"alot of things" i said and he made a face "im just kidding, dont worry" we walked in hand in hand, i was ecstatic.
"what size shoe do you wear?" he asked walking over to the counter, i followed.
"uh a 9 or 91/2 im not sure"
"lets try a 9 first" then he turned and talked to the lady behind the counter. she looked about 40, i felt bad for her. it must suck being that old and working in a bowling alley. Finally Gerard got the shoes and we walked over to an open lane. no sign of little ms. pink thong yet, thank God. I told myself not to worry and to have a good time. i sat down and put on my shoes as Gerard got everything set up. i just stared at him and thought 'how lucky am i to have him' i couldnt stop smiling.
"Jacks, do you want to go first?" he asked breaking my trance
"uh i dont care, it's up to you"
"okay then, i guess lady's first then" CRAP i didnt want to go first "your all set" he said motioning me towards the lane. i stepped up, got a ball, and rolled. i didnt do too bad either, i got 7 down. Then i bowled again and got two down, YES 9 on my first one, maybe i wont do too bad. then Gerard went, he got 9 down on the first shot, then he got the other one. I ran up and hugged him. Then from behind came a voice that was the equivelant to fingernails on a chalkboard.
"Oh My God! Gerard is that you"
"Sophie" he sarcasticaly said
"what are the odd's both of us here on the same night"
"i dont know, who are you here with?"
"oh just Ray, and frank,...oh and mikey" both mine and Gerards jaws dropped "what you didnt know?" she laughed
"uh no." Gerard said getting angry "where is he"
"he's in the bathroom, and ray and frank are in the arcade"
"I'll be back Jackie" he said kissing me on the cheek and running off
"so...jackie, your the new meat?" she asked, her nasally voice was giving me a headache
"uh yeah" i said annoyed
"oh, i hope you dont get your feelings hurt, being the rebound girl and all"
"whats that suppose to mean?"
"well we just broke up today, he said that he was in love with another girl, and i didnt want to get cought up in a love triangle, so i said it was over. so just to let you know, he's in LOVE with an other girl" my jaw dropped from her stupidity.
"Oh my gosh, really?" i said humoring her
"yeah, he told me him self"
"do you know who?"
"no, he wouldnt tell me"
"wow, thanks for telling me" i was now mocking her tone, i dont think she noticed at all though, what an air head.

"Mikey" Gerard yelled
"why the hell are you here with Sophie?"
"why not?"
"i thought you hated her?"
"i did, but now i dont" he said being a smart ass
"oh really what changed your mind?"
"she called today while you were gone, i picked up the phone and she asked me out"
"and how did that change your mind?"
"let me finish, i told her no at first and she asked why not, i told her because she was with you only two hours before, thats when she told me she was using you to get to me"
"you are so gullible, she didnt use me, shes using you to get back at me"
"your wrong Gerard, you just think your the only one who can get girls, and your upset that you were used" Mikey yelled at his older brother
"Mikey calm down!" Gerard yelled back "can you just think for a minute for mer, what are the odds that the same day we broke up she calls to ask you out, and what are the odds that she wanted to come to the same place Jackie and i came to?"
"You know what Gerard why cant you just be happy for me?" Mikey asked as he left the rest room. Gerard followed after him
X........................................................BACK WITH THE GIRLS
"hey Mikey" Sophie said as she saw him. she ran up and started kissing him, hard.
"Gerard whats going on?" i whispered into his ear in shock
"Sophie called and asked Mikey out" he whispered back
"i cant beleive it, i thought he hated her?"
"thats what i thought too."
"im going to talk to him okay?"
"yeah okay"
"Hey Mikey, Uh can i talk to you?" i asked walking over to him
"can it wait, i'm kind of on a date?"
"so am i and no it cant" i stated grabbing his arm and dragging him out side
"Jackie, whats this about?" he asked shivering
"why are you here with her, seriously?"
"i dont want to say"
"please Mikey, you can trust me. Just tell me" i begged
"well...she's the first girl thats ever asked me out, and when she said she was using him to get to me, i was so happy..."he stopped
"come on Mikey please finish"
"i dont want to" he said and walked away. Boy was he moody. i walked in a few seconds later only to see Gerard and Sophie Kissing in front of every one. i had hoped that it was one of the movie situations, where the X-tries to break them up by kissing their X while the current girlfriend is out, and when they walk in and see it run away crying and break up. thats why i didnt run or cry. but after a minute i realized that it wasnt like that. i walked aver to Mikey, who looked so hurt, if only he knew how i felt.
"Hey, let me drive you home" i said walking out with him following.
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