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Chapter 9

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I grabbed my cell phone and immediately dialed Gerard's number. It rang once, twice, and a third time, he finally picked up
"hi" he said happily
"Gerard what the hell"
"what the hell what?" he sounded so confused
"I just talked to Sophie" I said trying to give him a hint
"Why" he asked with a panic
"uh I don't know, is there something you'd like to tell me?"
"not really, I gotta go" he said hanging up the phone. I tried to call him again, but he turned his phone off. Ass hole! I ran to the lunch room for study hall as the bell rang, I hoped he would be there, no such luck. I sat at a table in the back by myself. Suddenly I felt someone tap my shoulder I turned quickly hoping it was Gerard, yet again no such luck, it was Ray.
"Hey Jackie, see I don't hate you" he smiled, he had really strait teeth.
"yeah" I answered unenthusiastically
"what wrong?" he sounded like a broken record, seems like every one's been asking me that
"oh, nothing, what's up?" I tried to smile to show him nothing was wrong
"uh I see your sitting by yourself and was wondering if you wanted to come sit with me, Frankie, and some other people?" How Sweet!
"Uh sure, why not?" I grabbed my bag and got up
"so where's Gerard?"
"I don't know" I growled back
"whoa, that was scary" he laughed
"oh sorry" I followed him to the table, and sat down next to Frankie.
"hi, Jackie"
"hi Frankie, what up?" I tried to sound cheery
"oh nothing, I heard you and Mikey are going out" he smirked, what is it with guys smirking?
"who'd you hear that from?"
"him" he said plainly
"what? How?"
"he's in my home room" he said plainly
"oh I forgot, I didn't know you guys were friends"
"well kind of"
"that makes no sense"
"yeah well, neither does your face..." he stuck his tongue out at me, how was really funny though
"yeah, well neither does...your face" I mocked him, this was going to be fun
"neither does your mom...ohh...beat that"
"Nooo!!!! Fine you win" I gave up, every one was just staring at us. I didn't know we were that entertaining...ha ha ha.
"what happened between you and Gerard?" Ray asked butting in
"it's okay, I know about what happened at the bowling alley"
"okay, uh well he wouldn't tell me why he did it, then I told him to go talk to Mikey, next thing I know he came back telling me he's got all this shit on his mind, that Mikey would make a better boyfriend, and he broke up with me"
"okay? Im surprised you didn't break up with Him" hi lifted an eyebrow
"I know"
"so what that's it, he broke up with you and you turned around to go out with his little brother" he was making me sound evil, but that's not how it went down
"NO! then this morning he tells me he doesn't want things to be awkward and he wants to be friends again, so I asked why just friends and he told me he was going back out with Sophie, that's when I asked Mikey out"
"so where is he?" Ray looked so confused and every one else was just listening barely
"I don't know, all I know is I called him, he wouldn't tell me the truth about him and 'Soph'." I paused to make air quotations "not actually getting back together, then he hung up and turned off his phone"
"uh okay?"
"yeah, but I'll talk to him later, when we get home"
"what do you mean we?"
"uh I kinda live with them I guess, I was kicked out" I sighed
"oww you live with your boyfriend" Frankie scream
"Frankie shut up" I said putting my hand over his mouth, I was really hoping he wouldn't lick and or bite me, he did though I was so grossed out. I got up and ran to the bathroom to wash my hands. When I walked out I saw Gerard so I decided to follow him, like a spy, fun fun. He was just walking down the hall absentmindedly, I wondered where he was going. I continues to follow him ontill finally he said
"Jackie, stop following me" with out turning around
"not on till you tell me what the hell is going on"
"uh because I deserve to know"
"so, I DESERVE to not be followed"
"that makes no sense"
"so" he was still walking
"can you at least tell me where your going?"
"because I want to know"
"I'm going to my locker" he said now turning
"why did you lie about you and Sophie?" I asked a little quieter catching up to him
"I don't want to talk about it" his voice was very stern
"Gerard please" GREAT now I sound like him fuck!
"Jackie, leave it alone" he said turning around grabbing my arm
"are you fucking kidding me?"
"uh no"
"Jackie what does it matter to you, your going out with Mikey now, leave it alone"
"it matters because you lied to me, and I just want to know why" I cried
"why, because that's who I am" he said and walked away
"No its not Gerard. You use to be different. It's like you said to me, what happened to the old you?" I shouted after him. He didn't answer he just continued walking, the Wrong way to his locker, on less that's not where he was going...
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