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Chapter 10

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When I got home I went in Gerard's room to wait for him. I assume he went to the comic book store considering it's the first week of the new month. I waited and waited for what seemed like forever when I finally heard the door downstairs open and shut. I quickly adjusted myself on his bed to make it look like I was cool, or something along those lines. I grabbed a book and just opened it to a random page pretending to read. He came in and threw his bag on the floor.
"ahh, I see your reading" he said in a tone I cant quite describe
"yes, as a matter of fact I am" I declared closing the book and crossing my arms
"really, sense your so far in the book what's it about?" he asked smugly
"FINE, I wasn't reading, must you torture me all the time" I waved my hands in the air
"no, you just set yourself up to these things" he replied walking to his dresser
"and you actually take advantages of them?"
"No Gerard, enough CRAP, I want to know what the fuck is going on NOW!" I demanded
"well isn't that just peachy for you, I wanted to have a girlfriend but no matter who I went out with I ended up getting crap about it"
"what are you talking about?"
"when I was going out with Sophie I got crap from you, when I went out with you, I got crap from Mikey, I'm just sick of it!" he was getting angry I could tell, but I wasn't walking out of this room with out all of my questions being answered
"what crap did you get from Mikey?" I asked unbelieving him
"he said I stole 'his girl'."
"Jackie, Mikey's liked you forever, but when I asked you out I assumed he was over it, and that night at the bowling alley when I went into the bathroom to talk to him, he told me that he still liked you. I had no idea what to do, so that's why I kissed her, I didn't mean to hurt you, or him, I just wanted for you guys to be happy, I mean it seemed like you liked him, so I figured hey they can both win, she gets a boyfriend and Mikey gets 'his girl'."
"but why'd you lie?"
"because you asked me, I wasn't prepared for it or anything, it's not like im going to say hey I don't want to go out because my little bro likes you, then I know youd say, 'I don't care I want you' so I figured, hey tell her that sophie and I are back together, and then I didn't think you were actually going to talk to her"
"yeah but Gerard, what were you going to do when Mikey and I broke up?"
"I was going to say 'oh how ironic Sophie and I just broke up to, and do you know how much I love you?' that's what I was going to say"
"I don't know what to do Gerard, do you still love me?"
"Jackie of coarse I still love you"
"what about Mikey, I feel terrible" I said as the door opened
"Jackie, it's okay, I see how much you really care about my brother, it's fine we don't have to go out"
"no no, don't worry, besides there's a girl in my Spanish class, she came up to me and asked me out, I told her I'd have to talk to you about it, but seeing as you two are completely in 'love' with each other, I'll call her up and tell her we can go"
"uh Jackie can I uh talk to my brother alone for a sec please?"
"yeah" I walked out of the room and put my ear to the door
"Mikey, are you sure you don't want to go out with her?" Gerard asked
"yeah, I actually thought that she was cute for a while now" I couldn't see it but I knew he smiled, and I thought to my self 'how cute'
"then why did you make such a big deal when I went out with Jackie?"
"because I still liked her, just because I thought Tara was cute didn't mean I was interested in her" I nodded with Mikey's logic
"so your sure your fine if I ask her out again, and you not just saying that?"
"yeah, totally" I moved my head away from the door, because unlike stupid people on TV I knew when a conversation was over. I put my back on the wall and covered my ears to make it look convincing that I wasn't listening. Gerard opened the door and was standing in front of me waiting for me to take my hands down, I did.
"uh, Jackie, I was wondering if you would give me a second chance"
"I don't know Gerard, I mean over the past couple days you've been acting like a dick"
"I know I have but if you say yes I promise I will stop"
"pinky promise" I said holding out my left pinky, my right one always gave me bad luck
"pinky promise" he confirmed and interlocked his right pinky with mine
"yeah I will, but no stupid dates this time" I said and he kissed my nose "oh and I get to call you Rardy-kins"
"please Rardy-kins?" I said swaying back and forth with my hands holding each other and my best puppy dog face
" how about, not in public"
"only if I get to call you..." he stopped to think of a name "uhh...crap I cant think of one"
"Pa-lease" I begged
"okay, don't worry I wont, I was just wondering if you would mind" I laughed and we hugged for what seemed like forever but it didn't matter now that I had Gerard all to my self
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