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Chapter 12

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Sorry this took so long.
I might finish this story off soon.
But I wanna make it last a bit longer.
I love you Jade, thankyou for reviewing,
Here it is..

Frank's POV
Gee and I couldn't touch eachother.. for five minutes. AAGH! Okay okay, so mabye five minutes isn't much for a normal, couple, but this isn't a normal couple. Gee is perfect. How could I keep my hands and, the rest of me for that matter, off him for five minutes? I glared at Pete. He just grinned and winked. Then he moved a little closer to Patrick. I almost growled at him. But then I felt something tap my ankle. I flinched a bit, then I smiled at Gee, Pete coughed.
"Oh? So we can't look at eachother either?" I said, bitterly. Pete laughed at my bitterness,
"No," He smiled. Looking pleased with himself.
"That was NOT part of the deal." Gee stated, wrapping his ankle around mine secretly under the table.
"Is now." Pete laughed, Patrick laughed really quietly and Brendy looked at me sympathetically. But he also looked a little bit amused.
"No it's not." Gee said really calmy, "I'de rather pay a fiver." Pete thought about it.
"Okay. You can look at eachother." He eventually decided, I knew he loved winning a good proper fight, he would cheat probably, but us giving up was no fun for him.
"yaaay!" I smiled. Then me and Gee's eye's locked, like our ankles were. Pete tuted and I giggled.
Then, there was a knock at the door. Brendy got up to answer it, and by his girlish screech I guessed it was Ryan. Brendy walked into the room, holding hands with the quiet boy known as Ryan.
"Hey Ryan," Patrick waved.
"Hey Patrick." He smiled nervously back,
"HEEEY BABY FACE!" Pete yelled, Ryan was a little taken back at the loudness. But he waved at Pete.
"Mineee. All mine Petey. You dare try and take my RyRy away." He hugged Ryan and kissed his forehead. It was so so sweet, but it made me long for Gee's touch even more. Brendy walked back over to his seat, on the way Ryan tried takeing a seat.
"Noooo!" Pete said, giving me a sly side glance. "Go and sit on Bree's lap. I'm sure he'd love it, right Bree?" He grinned and Brendy nodded. Then Ryan blushed, but walked towards Brendy. I knew exactly was Pete was planning. He was gonna try the jelous thing. Ryan got to Brendy and then Brendy pulled Ryan onto his lap and hugged him close. And kissed his lips briefly. I knew Brendy wasn't doing it to make me want Gee more, but it was haveing that effect on me. And I hated it. I looked to Gee and he smiled longingly at me. I smiled back.
"It's been two minutes. Three left." Patrick said, and smiled at us. I smiled as best as I could back, but there was also a little glare in there for him letting this happen. I sighed. Atleast Gee's ankle was touching mine. Then, Gee's phone started to ring. He picked it up.

Gerard's POV
Mikey was calling me, I wondored if it was something to do with my father being out to kill me. I pressed the accept call button.
"Hey Mikes." I said,
"Hey Gee." He said back, he sounded happy. So this was going to be a pleasent call! "I miss you Gee, are you staying over Frank's?" He asked, fake whining the I miss you bit.
"Yeah. Don't tell dad." I said, I imagined Mikey smiling,
"I'm not stupid, ya'know." Then he laughed, I laughed too.
"So why are you calling?" I asked,
"I was wondoring if you wanted some clothes to stay over Frank's?" He asked, I almost screamed with delight.
"YES!" I said.
"Oh, and mam and dad are away from tomorrow until Monday. Parties?" He suggested.
"HELL YEAH!" I shouted. Mikey laughed.
"Okay. Invite some people. First one's tomorrow. Mum and dad are leaving at fourish, be here at about five?" He said. I nodded, then remembered he couldn't see me. Frankie giggled at me.
"Sure." I said. Grinning at Frankie.
"Where shall I bring the clothes Gee?" Mikey asked.
"The street behind mine'll be fine Mikes." I smiled,
"Okay.. see ya." He said, then hung up.
"What was THAT about?" Brendon asked, raising his eyebrows.
"There shall be a party tomorrow." I smiled.
"Ohhh PARTEEEEEY!" Pete yelled, and started danceing.
"Yes. Pete, party." Patrick said, shakeing his head.
"Well I'll be there!" Pete laughed.
"I didn't even say if you were invited." I pointed out, laughing, and Frankie giggled too.
"Dude. I am invited to EVERY party. Like it or not hotstuff." He said matter-of-factly. We all laughed at his seriousness.
"I'll come along too, if you don't mind?" Brendon smiled,
"You're SOOO welcome to come." I grinned. "Frankie?" I asked.
"I'll be there sugar." He replied. Smiling.
"Patrick sweety? Are you comeing?" Pete asked Patrick, pushing his body EXTREMLY close to Patrick's. Patrick blushed, but smiled.
"Nah. I don't really like parties." He shrugged, as best as he could with Pete attached to him.
"So it's a yes? Good." Pete smiled, and kissed Patrick's cheek. Patrick laughed nervously.
"Right. So I'll meet you all, and anyone you wanna invite, at about, 4:30ish, in the ice-cream parlour?" I asked. They all nodded. "Right, let's go wait outside for Mikey?" I asked, and we all got up. I went to take Frankie's hand. But then remembered I couldn't and pulled my hand away.
"How long?" Frankie asked Patrick.
"Uh," He said, checking his watch. "One minute." He smiled. Pete looked really bothered, and at the same time, really excited.
"We can't let, Mr.Petey here win." Frankie smiled. "He will never let it rest." He giggled, me and Brendon laughed too. I really wanted to beat Pete. We all walked out, Pete takeing special care to seperate me and Frankie.
"Thirty seconds." Patrick nodded, as we walked out. I counted in my head. Finally,
"Ten, nine," Frankie joined in, and Mikey began walking towards us. "Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two... ONE!" We yelled. I went to hug Frankie but he pounced me and my back hit the hard road.
"FUCKITT!" Pete yelled. I laughed. Then I noticed Frankie was ontop of me, his lips crushed mine.
"What the fuck?" Mikey laughed. Frankie pulled from me and got up. I got up after him.
"Hey Mikes. Long story." I smiled. He shrugged, I saw the girl beside him, she looked, uncomfortable with me and Frankie. But smiled anyway. I grabbed Frankie's hand.
"This is Alicia." Mikey said, smiling. I waved at Alicia with my spare hand.
"I'm Gerard." I smiled. She waved back. "Get in there." I mouthed to Mikey. He hit me.
"Right. We're off." He smiled, then he walked away with Alicia. After passing Gee the big bag of clothes.
"Ryaan?" Brendon said as we sat down.
"Yeah hun?" He replied shyly.
"Why are you so quiet?" He asked him.
"No reason. Just, am." He laughed, and Brendon hugged him and pulled him to his lap again. Just then Pete got a text.
"Who's it from?" Brendon asked.
"You're mum." He grinned. "Ohhh she's horneey aggaaaain!" He laughed, and winked at Brendon. Brendon laughed.
"Seriously?" He asked Pete.
"It's from Patrick's mum." Pete said.
"Fuck off Pete!" Patrick said, punching him.
"No no no!" Pete shouted."NO SHIT! IT REALLY IS!" He yelled, laughing, and showed Patrick the screen.
"Oh." Patrick giggled.
"What's it say?" Frankie asked him.
"I need to be home, now." He sighed.
"I'll take you baaaabe!" Pete grinned.
"Okay." Patrick shook his head. "Bye guys." He waved. and Pete poked his tongue out to us. Then they both left. There was a painfull silence once they had left.
"Okaaay!" Brendon broke the silence. "Film?" He offered.
"I better be going home to keep an eye out for mum." Frankie sighed, I stroked the back of his hand.
"Awh okay Franklin." Brendon nodded.
"Thanks Brendy. Love you," They hugged and then me and Frankie left, and walked the miles, to Frankie's house. It was all the way next door! He opened the door and we walked into the kitchen, we sat down at the dining table.

Frankie's POV
"Frankiiieeeeeee." He smiled.
"Geeeeeee." I giggled. Then yawned.
"Tired?" He asked. I nodded, then he carried me to bed, his bag in his other hand,
"Honneeeyyymooon!" I giggled, then he plopped me onto the bed, stripped me to my undies, then stripped himself. Then we fell asleep. I couldn't wait for the party tomorrow.

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