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Chapter 13..

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Frank's POV
It was the day of the party, and I had woken up before Gee. I watched him sleep, he looked too peacefully adorable to wake.. but I was sooo fucking bored. I walked to the other side of my room for a run start. Then, I ran towards the bed. Then I jumped dived onto Gee. He woke up and almost screamed, then saw it was only me.

"MOOORNING!" I giggled.

"Night." He moaned, then tried to get back to sleep.

"I think you misheard me.. I said.. MORNINGGG!" I repeated. He smiled, but still tried to sleep."Fine. I shall have to run and dive again." I shrugged, getting up,

"No!" Gee sighed, grabbing me and pulling me into a hug. "It hurts." He whined. I giggled.

"Well you need to get up. It's 3pm, and the party is soon." I shrugged. His eyes opened straight away.

"3PM? YOU LET ME SLEEP?" He exploded. He got up and ran to the bathroom in his underwear, grabbing his eyeliner on the way. I laughed, and wonored when I was going to tell him it was actually 12. I walked into the bathroom after him and watched him rush, and make a mess of his eyeliner. I held back a giggle. I thought I better tell him before he colours his face in with eyeliner.

"Geeeeeee." I smiled, walking behind him and hugging him, looking into his eyes in the mirror. He smiled, but continued trying to tidy up his makeup.

"Yeah?" He said,

"It's not really 3." I giggled. He looked annoyed.

"What's the real time, Frankie?" He said, sounding irritated. And stopped torturing his eyes.

"12." I giggled. He put a hand to his head and took a deep breath. "Silly." I laughed. He turned to me and hugged me back.

"Okay. I think I need coffee now." He laughed.

"I'm on it." I giggled, and skipped off to make him one. He walked after me. I began makeing him a coffee and then he gently stopped my hands, and lifted me to sit on the table top next to the kettle.

"You shall sit there and cause no more trouble." He smiled. I giggled and crossed my legs, and put a finger to my mouth like a kindergarden kid. Gee giggled. Then began drinking his coffee. As soon as he finished, I jumped off the counter and landed into his arms, I pressed my lips to his. He granted access and we made out., there, in our underwear in the kitchen. Once we had finished flying. We landed and I realised we had a party to go to in a few hours.

"Let's go get dressed?" Gee suggested, I nodded and giggled as he had read my mind. We walked hand in hand upstairs.

"Choose my clothes!" I ordered Gee, pushing him into my wardrobe. He fell into it, literally.

"Sorrry!" I gasped, helping him out.

"Narnia's awesome. You should try it out sometime." He joked. Then he turned and looked through my wardrobe. I walked over to his bag that Mikey had given him, and looked through it to decide what Gee should wear. I chose a black shirt and black skinnies, and a black jacket for him to wear ontop of it. I placed them on the bed for him, then I went to see what he had chosen for me. I stood close beside him, and saw he had chosen my favourite Black Flag tee, and my favourite black, baggy-ish skinnies with the ripped knees. "Like it?" He asked me, I squeeled and clapped my hands,

"FUCKING PERFECTT!" I grinned, and kissed his cheek, then took the clothes and changed into them. Gee went and changed into the clothes I had chosen for him. He looked AMAZING.

"Wow Frankie. You should be a fucking stylist." He chuckled,

"Thankyouu!" I smiled, then I took his hand and walked him to the bathroom.

"Bit early to be doing our makeup and hair?" He smiled, motioning the time. It was only half 1.

"Awwwwh okay." I nodded. "What should we do instead?" I asked, raising my eyebrows suggestingly. He blushed a little, and smiled, I pushed my body up against his.

"Frankiee. Not now." He laughed.

"Awwh why?" I whined, pressing closer to him, grinding our hips together a little.

"No Frankie, I don't want to mess up my clothes." He giggled.

"Okaay!" I pouted, moveing away from him a little. "What then?" I asked, he shrugged. "Let's bake brownies?" I suggested, pretty randomly.

"Uhh.. sure?" He laughed. Then I skipped back down to the kitchen, and went into the almost empty cuboard and took out the brownie mix I had been saving. "You were serious?" He laughed, I nodded, unashamed.

"So, you wanna??" I asked him.

"Hell yeah!" He grinned. Then he went looking through cuboards and easily found the brownie makeing bowl. As most of the other stuff had been smashed. I took out the milk and put it on the surface. Then I empty the brownie mix in the bowl, a little too fast. And I almost got me and Gee covered in the brown powder.

"Ohhh shit!" I giggled.

"Lucky." Gee glared, then his face lightened to a smile. We continued makeing the brownies, and then Gee put them in the oven. "Ahh."

Gerard's POV
Makeing brownies had never been that funny. Frankie had put the wrong amounts of everything in. Which was really cute, not to mention I had to work the oven for him. But what happened next, was completly unexpected.

"Frank? Darling?" A woman's voice called.

"Mum?" He said, his face was screwed up, like he didn't know what was going on.

"You in the kichen? I need to talk." She said, and walked in, and looked from Frank to me, and back. "Hello?" She said to me.

"This is Gerard mam. He's a friend of mine." Frank introduced me, for the second time, to his mother. She looked confused,

Frank's POV
"Hello Gerard." She smiled. He shook her hand. I realised something, she was.. sober?

"Frank, darling, we need to talk." Gerard shot me a questioning look. I guessed he had noticed too.

"I'll be back soon Gee." I smiled, then followed my mother into the living room.

"I noticed dad has gone." She said to me, her eyes were tearing up, "Frank. What did I do?" She asked me.

"You, uh, you hit him. Hard, with a glass bottle. He's fine now though. Gerard helped him. He's fine." I stuttered, my mother was crying. I didn't think she'd care. But she's sober. And home. And crying over dad.

"Oh." She gasped. "Frank I am so sorry you had to go through what I've put you through. Did, did I hit you?" She asked, eyeing the scars of years of abuse from her and my father, and abuse from myself.

"No mum. You haven't in a long time." I replied, keeping my eyes in hers.

"Oh. I'm sorry Frank! It's all going to change! When I left the other night, I ran into Grace. Brendon is moving in next door. Grace could tell I was stoned, and dressed in.. THIS!" She motioned to the revealing prostitute clothing she was wearing. "And she took me to the hospital. And they sent me to rehab. Rehab is really good. They knew exactly how to help.. And Frank! I haven't taken anything in about 24 hours. I'm, I'm sober darling!" She grinned, this is the only time I have ever seen her happy. I hugged her, "Oh Frank, I love you! I always have. I am so sorry!" She cried. I cried onto her shoulder too. She was pretty short herself, so resting my head on her shoulder was no problem for a short guy like me.

"I love you too mum. I forgive you. I'll help you with this." I said back, sobbing onto her shoulder, my eyeliner messing up. She pulled from the hug.

"Thank you Frank." She smiled. Then I walked back to the kitchen next to her. Gee noticed I had been crying. His eyes filled with concern. But he held back his questions and said,

"The brownies are almost done." He smiled.

"Ohh brownies." My mum smiled. I remembered how she used to love brownies. Mabye, the real mum was back. I smiled too.

"They should be done now actually." Gerard giggled.

"Let me go get them out." I smiled, and walked to the oven.

"I don't think so." My mum said sternly. Then she walked ahead of me, and took them out with the oven gloves. She hadn't worn them in years. "Remember before." She laughed. I did. Gee looked at me for the story..

"Once. I was makeing brownies, I just licked the bowl. I was so so little. And I went to take them out, and I burnt all of my arm." I explained giggling. We all laughed.

"Frank I really did mean this. This is for forever." My mum smiled as she put the brownies on the side.

"I know mum. I believe you." I smiled.

"Honey, did Gerard spend the night?" She asked, smiling at Gee too.

"Yeah. You don't mind do you?" I asked her,

"Not atall dear! NOT ATALL!" She smiled.

"Thank you Mrs.Iero." Gerard smiled politly. His politless makes me giggle.

"Call me mum." My mother laughed. I was shocked at how relevant this actually was.

"Okay mum." Gerard chuckled, and we all laughed a little more.

"I'm going to a party tonight mum." I smiled. "And I will be over Gee's for the weekend probably. Is that okay?" I asked, worrying about how her and dad home alone would be.

"That's fine! I'm going to stay in this over night centre at the rehab clinic anyway. I was going to ask if you could move in with Brendon until we can get dad tidied up too." She smiled, worringly.

"Really? Awesome!" I smiled widely.

"Boyd and Grace don't mind, infact they think it's best Brendon doesn't live alone anyway." She laughed. "When's the party?" She asked.

"Uh, we are meeting the others at about 4:30." I explained.

"You better get going soon. It's 4 now." She pointed out, looking at the kitchen clock.

"OHH FUCK!" I yelled.

"Language!" She said.

"Sorry mum.. I meant.. OHH FUDGGEE!" Then I ran upstairs to fix my eyeliner. Gee followed me up. "I cried with happyness. My mum goes to rehad. Brendy's mum Grace took her, Gee. My mum will be okay now. She's going to be OKAY!" I jumped with joy, and then dived into Gee's awaiting arms, and cryed again.

"We have ten minutes." Gee reminded me,

"Ohhhh sugaar!" I giggled, then turned and fixed my eyeliner as best I could. Then Gee and I walked out. I kissed my mums cheek before I left.

"I'm here for you." I smiled, then Gee and I left, and headed to the ice cream parlour. As we opened the door and walked in, we heard,


"Jersey's here." Me and Gee said at the same time, and laughed. We saw the little booth in the corner, which was completly full.

"Come over!" Pete called, we walked over and I mentally named everyone sitting there. Pete, who was next to Patrick, who was next to Ryan, who was next to Brendon, who was next to Cassadee, then Jersey, then Ray, and then Mikey and Alicia.

"Hey guys." I smiled, and when Cassadee glared at me, I added, "And girls." I giggled as she smiled. Me and Gee grabbed chairs and pulled them next to the table. We all talked.

"Right, we can go over there at about 5ish." Mikey said to us,

"I shall go get some stuff for the party?" Pete suggested.

"Yeah okay." I smiled.

"Right, any of you sexy sausages comeing?" He laughed.

"I'll come if you never, ever say sexy sausages again." Patrick said. We all laughed,

"Any of you other.. sexy SANDWICHES comeing?" Pete winked at Patrick and he shook his head. We laughed again,

"I'll come. Jersey and I need to go fetch the others anyway." Cassadee grinned.

"I'll come so I can show you all the way back to my house. And Alicia's comeing with me." Mikey said, and then they all got up. "See ya." Mikey smiled, and then they all waved and left. It was only me, Gee, Brendy, Ryan and Ray left.

"Anyone gonna actually eat any ice-cream?" Brendy asked, resting his head on his hand. We all shook our heads.

"Then let's go wait over at Gerard and Mikey's house?" Ray suggested. We all agreed, then headed for Gee's house..

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